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An In-Depth Look at 9mobile Data Plans in Nigeria

9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, is one of the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria offering a wide range of voice, text and mobile internet services. With headquarters in Lagos, 9mobile has steadily grown its subscriber base to over 20 million since launching operations in Nigeria in 2008.

One of the core services offered by 9mobile is mobile data plans for internet access on smartphones, tablets and other devices. 9mobile data plans come in different subscription durations – daily, weekly, monthly and annual packages to suit the needs of different customers. The data bundles provide allotted data volumes at fixed rates which are renewed automatically upon expiration.

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Below we take an in-depth look at the various 9mobile data bundle plans available to subscribers:

Daily 9mobile Data Plans

9mobile offers a variety of data bundles for daily internet access. The daily plans offer data allotments that renew automatically every 24 hours until deactivated. Some of the top daily 9mobile data plans include:

50MB for ₦50 – This plan offers 50MB of data valid for use within 24 hours. To activate, subscribers can dial *312# or send START50 to 229.

100MB + 100MB Social Media Access for ₦100 – This plan bundles 100MB of general data plus 100MB specifically for accessing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. It is activated by dialing *312# or sending START100 to 229.

300MB + 300 Mins for Calls at ₦150 – For just ₦150, this plan offers a data bundle of 300MB plus 300 minutes of call time to any network. Dial *312# or send START150 to 229 to activate.

650MB at ₦200 – A larger data allotment of 650MB valid for 24 hours can be purchased by subscribers for ₦200. Activation is via *312# or by sending START200 to 229.

1GB Daily Plan + Social Media Access for ₦300 – For heavy data users, 9mobile offers 1GB of general data plus unlimited social media access valid for 24 hours at ₦300. Subscribers can activate by dialing *312# or texting START300 to 229.

2.5GB for ₦500 – This is the highest daily data plan from 9mobile, offering 2.5GB data volume for just ₦500. Activation is through *312# or by sending START500 to 229.

The daily 9mobile data plans are great for occasional use or light internet users who only require data for limited periods. They provide affordable access with auto-renewal convenience.

Weekly 9mobile Data Plans

For subscribers who want internet bundles over longer durations, 9mobile offers weekly data plans valid for 7 days upon activation. Some popular weekly data plans include:

500MB for ₦500 – Providing 500MB of data, this weekly plan costs ₦500 and is activated by dialing 22912#.

1.5GB for ₦1,000 – For longer weekly use, this plan offers a larger 1.5GB data for ₦1,000 when activated through 2297#.

2GB for ₦1,200 – An even bigger 2GB data allotment usable for one week can be purchased at just ₦1,200. Activation is via dialing 22925# or texting AND1 to 229.

3GB for ₦1,500 – For heavy internet users, 9mobile has a 3GB weekly plan providing ample data for ₦1,500 when activated through 2293#.

The weekly plans appeal to users seeking longer validity periods than daily plans. They offer more data volume options at relatively affordable rates.

Monthly 9mobile Data Plans

9mobile also provides data bundles with monthly validity of 30 days. The monthly data plans appeal to frequent internet users by providing larger allotments at value prices. Below are some top monthly 9mobile data plans:

4.5GB for ₦2,000 – Costing just ₦2,000, this plan offers 4.5GB data volume valid for 30 days. Activation is by dialing 2298# or texting AND2 to 229.

11GB for ₦4,000 – For ₦4,000 per month, a higher 11GB data can be enjoyed by subscribers. Dial 22936# to activate the bundle.

12GB for ₦3,000 – A special package, this plan offers 12GB data every month for just ₦3,000. Subscribers can activate by dialing 2295#.

15GB for ₦5,000 – For more heavy usage, a 15GB monthly data bundle is available at ₦5,000. Activation is via 22937#.

40GB for ₦10,000 – This plan offers a whopping 40GB data volume every month for ₦10,000. Dial 2291# to activate.

75GB for ₦15,000 – 9mobile’s highest monthly data plan offers 75GB at ₦15,000 monthly. Activation is by dialing 2294#.

The monthly bundles offer great value for frequent internet users with generous non-expiring data allotments and relatively affordable rates.

Annual 9mobile Data Plans

For subscribers seeking data plans with longer validity of 1 year, 9mobile offers a 25GB annual data plan costing ₦24,000. It can be activated by dialing 22916# and has a validity of 365 days.

The annual plan appeals to users who want an upfront data allotment to use throughout the year. It is relatively affordable for long term internet access.

SmartData Plans

An innovative offering by 9mobile is SmartData, which enables prepaid subscribers to borrow data and pay later. When activated and an active data plan expires, SmartData kicks in to provide continued access. The data used is deducted from the next recharge.

To activate SmartData, subscribers dial 4405#. They can dial 4402# to check borrowed data balances and repayment will be made from next airtime recharge automatically.

More 9mobile Data Plan Options

Beyond the standard plans highlighted above, 9mobile provides a few more data bundle options:

Time-based plans – These allow internet access for set periods like 20 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours at fixed rates between ₦50-₦100.

Night plans – Special discounted plans with data valid between 12 midnight to 5am.

Weekend plans – Data allotments valid from Friday night to Sunday at pocket-friendly rates.

Loyalty plans – Special data offers and discounts for existing loyal subscribers.

Emergency data – Special emergency data grants of up to 100MB activated when a subscriber’s data expires.

Borrowed data – Option to borrow data and pay later from next recharge through SmartData service.

Activating and Managing 9mobile Data Plans

Activation of 9mobile data plans is easy via dialing designated USSD codes or sending SMS as outlined above. Other ways to activate include;

  • 9mobile website – Log in online and activate desired data bundle.
  • 9mobile app – Download the 9mobile self-service app and choose your plan.
  • Physical recharge cards – Scratch cards are available for certain data plans.
  • 9mobile shops – Visit an outlet and request for data bundle activation.

To manage active data plans, subscribers can:

  • Dial *229# to access 9mobile USSD portal and check balance, renew or deactivate plans.
  • Use 9mobile app to monitor usage and renew plans.
  • Dial 4403# to check available data balance.
  • Visit nearest 9mobile shop for assistance on plan management.

Benefits of 9mobile Data Plans

Choosing 9mobile for your mobile internet needs has several advantages including:

  • Affordable rates – 9mobile data plans are pocket-friendly and offer great value.
  • Flexibility – Various durations and amounts cater to diverse usage needs.
  • Convenience – Easy activation via USSD, SMS, app, or website portal.
  • Auto-renewal – Data plans renew automatically until deactivated.
  • No expiration -Unused data rolls over with monthly & annual plans.
  • Wide coverage – Strong 3G/4G coverage across Nigeria.
  • Free access – Free midnight data and SmartData services.
  • Great speed – Fast and reliable mobile internet speeds.

Common Questions about 9mobile Data Plans

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about 9mobile data bundles that will help enlighten subscribers:

How do I check my 9mobile data balance?

To check remaining data balance, dial 2293# on your 9mobile line or text BAL to 229. Alternatively use 9mobile USSD portal by dialing 4403#.

Can I purchase data plans for someone else’s 9mobile line?

Yes, you can buy 9mobile data for another person as long as you have their registered phone number. Simply dial the activation code or send SMS using the number you want to recharge.

Do 9mobile data plans work on all devices?

9mobile data bundles work seamlessly on all smartphones, tablets and mobile WiFi routers. The data SIM can also be inserted into any internet-enabled device.

Can I use my 9mobile data when roaming abroad?

Yes, but additional roaming rates apply for internet use when abroad. Contact 9mobile customer service to activate international roaming before travelling.

What happens to my unused data when my plan expires?

For daily and weekly plans, unused data is forfeited upon expiration. However, for monthly and annual plans, unused data rolls over even after validity period lapses.

How do I share my 9mobile data with others?

You can share your 9mobile data within same network by purchasing a shareable data plan and using the Share Data service. Dial 2291*PhoneNumber# to share data.

Are there any 9mobile data plans for Blackberry users?

Yes, 9mobile offers data bundles for Blackberry subscription plans like BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). Dial 22916# to activate 2GB monthly Blackberry plan.

Can I use my 9mobile data for hotspot and tethering?

Yes, 9mobile data plans can be utilized for tethering other devices and turning your phone into a personal WiFi hotspot at no extra cost.

What is the maximum data speed on 9mobile network?

9mobile provides data connectivity speeds up to 90Mbps on 4G LTE, 21Mbps on 3G HSPA+ and 150Mbps on 5G for supported devices. Actual speeds depend on coverage area.

How do I unsubscribe from autorenewal of my data plan?

Simply dial 4405# on your 9mobile line, choose option 7 on the menu to disable autorenewal and stop automatic subscription renewal.


In summary, 9mobile data plans offer a versatile range of bundles tailored to diverse needs and budgets. The variety of daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans provide great value with generous allotments, auto-renewal convenience plus data rollover. For internet users in Nigeria, choosing 9mobile for mobile data is an excellent option for reliable connectivity.


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