How To Purchase Data On MTN: Easy Steps to Buying Data

How to Buy MTN Data Bundles in Nigeria

Data bundles have become an essential part of everyday life for many Nigerians. We rely on mobile data to stay connected, access information, work, study, and entertain ourselves. With one of the largest subscriber bases in the country, MTN offers a variety of data bundle options to meet the needs of different users. This article provides a detailed guide on the various ways to purchase MTN data bundles in Nigeria.

How To Purchase Data On MTN


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Overview of MTN Data Bundles

MTN categorizes its data offerings based on validity periods – daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans. The bundles also vary based on the data volume they offer. Here is an overview of the major MTN data plans available:

Daily Plans

These are short-term bundles ideal for light users. Data allotments range from 25MB to 750MB valid for 24 hours. Prices start at ₦50 for 25MB and go up to ₦300 for 750MB.

Weekly Plans

Weekly bundles offer bigger data allotments than daily plans valid for 7 days. Options range from 250MB at ₦200 to 4GB at ₦1000. These plans are great if you need substantial data for a week.

Monthly Plans

MTN’s monthly data plans are the most popular and offer the best value. They come in allotments from 500MB to 120GB with validity of 30 days. Prices start from ₦500 for 1GB and go up to ₦18,000 for 120GB.

Annual Plans

These bundles offer huge allotments of up to 200GB valid for 365 days. They are ideal for heavy users who want to lock in a data plan for the long term. Options range from 6GB at ₦6,000 to 200GB at ₦100,000.

In addition to the regular plans, MTN runs periodic promos offering discounted data bundles, bonus data, and other incentives.

Ways to Buy MTN Data Bundles

There are several convenient channels to purchase MTN data bundles in Nigeria:

1. USSD Codes

USSD codes provide the fastest and most direct way to buy MTN data on your mobile phone. Simply dial the code, follow the prompts and confirm payment to instantly load a bundle. The main MTN USSD codes are:

  • *131#: MTN Mobile Money access code to purchase bundles directly with airtime credit.
  • *460#: Data plans menu organized by validity periods.
  • *131*2#: Night plan data bundles.
  • *904#: MTN Zone menu – contains options to buy data, airtime, etc.
  • *923#: Smart data bundle offers.

To buy a bundle, dial the USSD code, select Data/Bundle, choose your preferred plan, enter your PIN to confirm and the data will be activated.


  • Fast and convenient without needing internet.
  • Plans available instantly on your phone.
  • Can buy data directly with airtime credit.


  • Only regular data plans available. No promos or bonuses.
  • Limited bundle options on some codes.

2. MyMTN App

The MyMTN app allows you to manage your MTN account, top up airtime and buy any data bundle on your phone. Available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

To purchase data on MyMTN app:

  • Download, register and login to the app.
  • Go to ‘Buy Data’ and all available plans will be displayed.
  • Select your preferred bundle and make payment using your airtime balance, debit/credit card or bank transfer.


  • Access all MTN data plans including promos.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Manage all your MTN services in one app.


  • Requires internet access and app download.
  • Slightly more complex process than USSD.

3. MTN Website

You can buy data directly on the MTN Nigeria website by:

  • Visiting and signing into your account.
  • Going to ‘Data’ section and selecting your preferred bundle.
  • Choosing your payment method – airtime balance, card, bank transfer, mobile money.
  • Entering confirmation details to complete purchase.


  • Access all available MTN data plans.
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  • Can buy for others with mobile number.


  • Requires internet access on a computer.
  • More steps compared to app/USSD.

4. Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money is a convenient way to buy data bundles directly using your airtime credit. To purchase via Mobile Money:

  • Dial *131# to access the mobile money menu
  • Choose ‘Data’ and select your data plan
  • Confirm bundle details and enter your mobile money PIN to pay

You can also buy data bundles for others using Mobile Money if you know their number.


  • Uses airtime credit – no need for debit/credit card.
  • Fast and convenient.
  • Can purchase for other numbers.


  • Only regular data plans available. No promo offers.
  • Limited to airtime wallet balance.

5. Retail Outlets

You can purchase MTN data from authorized dealers around Nigeria such as phone stores, supermarkets, newsagents and roadside recharge agents.

Tell the retailer your data needs or preferred bundle. Pay cash and you will receive an instant SMS confirming activation.


  • Widely accessible offline payment option.
  • Instant activation.


  • Mostly regular bundles, limited promos.
  • Cash only payments in-store.

6. Recharge Cards

MTN recharge cards come in various denominations from ₦100 to ₦5,000. Scratch the card to reveal airtime and data bundle PINs. Load the airtime pin to get credit and dial 131PIN# to redeem the data bundle.


  • Available across many stores.
  • Can gift cards to others.


  • Only preset bundle options on each card.
  • Need to load airtime first before data.

7. Recharge Platforms

Online recharge platforms like Jumia, Konga and Quickteller allow you to buy specific MTN data plans through their websites or apps via various payment methods.


  • Wide range of bundles available.
  • Flexible payment options.


  • Additional platform fees may apply.
  • Delay getting bundle compared to direct options.

Tips for Getting the Best MTN Data Deals

Follow these tips to maximize savings when purchasing MTN data:

  • Compare bundles – Prices and value differ across plans, so review options to find the best fit.
  • Take advantage of promos – Regularly check for ongoing MTN data promotions and limited-time deals.
  • Buy monthly plans – Monthly bundles give you the most data for your money compared to shorter validity plans.
  • Use bonus and discount bundles – Special bundles like weekend plans, night plans and bonus offers can cut data costs.
  • Buy annual plan – If you are a heavy user, consider purchasing a 12-month package to lock in a rate.
  • Use airtime credit – If you have airtime wallet balance, use mobile money menus to buy data and save cash.
  • Recharge at night – MTN offers discounted data prices from 12 midnight to 5am under its Night Plan.
  • Buy bigger bundles – Unit data costs reduce significantly for large data allotments.
  • Share data – Split costs with family and friends by sharing a bigger bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when my data bundle expires?

A: You will no longer be able to browse or use mobile data. You will need to purchase a new bundle to continue using data.

Q: Can I use my MTN data bundle on other networks?

A: No, MTN data bundles only work on the MTN network within Nigeria. They cannot be used on other local networks or when roaming internationally.

Q: How do I check my data balance?

A: Dial *131# and select option 6 to check your available data balance and expiry. You can also dial *559# to see usage.

Q: Can I transfer or gift my unused data to someone else?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot transfer MTN data bundles directly to another person. You can gift it by purchasing a bundle for their number via mobile money or MTN website.

Q: What should I do if I’m not receiving data bundles purchased?

A: First, confirm your purchase by checking your SMS inbox for a confirmation message. If you don’t see the bundle, contact MTN customer care or visit an MTN service center to report the issue and get help activating the bundle.

Q: How can I monitor my data usage?

A: You can check your consumption by dialing *559# or 1314# to see data used so far, remaining balance and validity. The MyMTN app also has a data tracking tool. Set data limit alerts to avoid overspending.

Q: Can I use my MTN data plan when roaming abroad?

A: No, MTN data bundles are only valid for use within Nigeria. When roaming overseas, you will automatically be charged your network’s standard roaming rates unless you purchase a separate roaming data pack.

Q: What is the maximum data volume I can buy at once?

A: Currently the highest single data allotment is 200GB which retails for ₦100,000 with 1 year validity. You can also subscribe to monthly recurring bundles of up to 120GB.

Q: What should I do if I’m having issues with data connectivity?

A: First check that you have an active data bundle. Try manually selecting the MTN network on your phone settings. Move to a location with stronger signal. If issues persist, report to customer care for further checks on your data settings.

Q: How do MTN data rollover bundles work?

A: With rollover data, any unused data from your bundle will be added to the next month’s renewal allotment, thereby allowing you to accumulate and preserve unused data.

Q: Can I use my MTN data for hotspot or tethering?

A: Yes, MTN allows you to use your data for tethering and hotspot services so you can connect other devices. Note that bundles above 10GB may have fair use policies limiting hotspot usage.

Q: What is the difference between MTN PayAsYouGo and PayAsYouBrowse data?

A: PayAsYouGo uses airtime credit directly for data at ₦10 per MB. PayAsYouBrowse are data bundles allowing you to buy data allotments in advance at discounted bundle rates.


MTN offers a wide selection of data plans tailored for diverse needs and budgets. By understanding the available data bundle types, purchasing methods, and utilizing tips in this guide, you can save money and maximize your data experience on the MTN network.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Take advantage of bulk data deals, bonus offers, and unlimited night plans to reduce your data costs.
  • Monthly plans give you the best rates compared to shorter validity bundles.
  • Use MTN’s digital channels like USSD codes, mobile app, and website to conveniently buy plans.
  • Monitor your usage closely and disable auto-renewals to avoid unintended expenses.
  • Set data alerts, share bundles with family for discounts and always compare prices before purchasing.

With the exponential growth of mobile data in Nigeria, MTN is continuously expanding its data bundle selections and purchasing channels to deliver more value to subscribers. Stay updated on the latest deals and feel free to utilize the options highlighted in this guide to get the most out of your MTN data experience.


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