Young Lady Shows Off Her New Mansion On her Birthday In Akwa Ibom


A 27-year-old girl in Akwa Ibom, has shared a beautiful picture of her newly built mansion, while flaunting her new home, she called her the youngest landlady.

The young lady post the pictures on her Facebook account, with a caption of, “I present to you the youngest and latest landlady. She also posted the pictures of how the house was started and how it ended.

In her words she wrote, “

I present to you the youngest and latest landlady in Akwa Ibom state.

From photos below is the work progress of my premium birthday gift from me to me aka ’MY SWEAT’

Anticipate the finalllllllllllllll

Total shout-down”

She continued, “


Congratulations to me

LATEST LANDLADY …………….

It gladdens my heart to announce to my family and friends that today officially marks the beginning of a new era in my life as I reference the love of God upon my self and all that concerns me I owe God the gratitude for this.

Becoming a landlady at this age is not a mere feat but it takes all level of great determination and passion for service to get this rightly done.

Some of her friends and colleagues showered her with congratulations message in the comment section and also tapped blessing from her.

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Nwashala said, at the time of her rescue, she was battered by a heavy rainfall a day earlier while no one made attempts to help her.

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