How Transfer Airtime From Mtn To Mtn: Easy Steps for MTN Users

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN in Nigeria

Transferring airtime credit from one MTN number to another is a common activity for MTN subscribers in Nigeria. With over 60 million users, MTN is the largest mobile network operator in the country. Airtime transfer allows MTN customers to instantly send airtime to friends and family on the MTN network.

How Transfer Airtime From Mtn To Mtn


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There are two main methods for transferring airtime from MTN to MTN – using USSD codes and sending an SMS. Let’s explore both options in detail:

Using USSD Codes

USSD codes allow you to quickly access mobile banking and other services right from your phone’s dialer. MTN has dedicated USSD codes that make transferring airtime a breeze. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Dial *600#

To initiate an MTN to MTN airtime transfer, first dial *600# on your phone. This is the universal code for MTN airtime sharing across all plans.

After dialing *600#, you will get a prompt asking you to enter the details of the airtime transfer.

Step 2: Enter Recipient’s 11-digit MTN Number

Next, enter the 11-digit MTN mobile number of the recipient. Make sure to enter the number correctly with the proper country code and no extra zeroes.

For example, for a Nigerian MTN number like 080xxxxxxxx, enter 234080xxxxxxxx.

Once you enter the valid 11-digit MTN number, you will get confirmation of the recipient details.

Step 3: Enter Amount to Transfer

The third step is to enter the amount of airtime you wish to transfer. MTN allows you to transfer airtime in denominations from 50 Naira to 5000 Naira.

After entering the amount, you will get a message confirming the transfer amount. Make sure the amount is correct before proceeding.

Step 4: Input Your Transfer PIN

The final step is to input your unique MTN transfer PIN to authenticate the transaction.

Your transfer PIN is a 4-digit number that must be set up in advance before transferring airtime. If you haven’t already activated your transfer PIN, you’ll need to do that first (more details in the FAQ section below).

Once you enter the correct transfer PIN, you will receive a message confirming that the airtime transfer is successful. The specified amount will be instantly deducted from your airtime balance and credited to the recipient.

And that’s it! By following these four simple steps, you can quickly send airtime to any MTN number in Nigeria using USSD codes.

Transferring via SMS

In addition to USSD codes, MTN also allows airtime transfer via SMS. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Open Messaging App

From your phone’s home screen, open your preferred messaging or SMS app. This can be the default messaging application or a third-party app like WhatsApp.

Step 2: Compose New Message

Create a new message. Make sure the recipient field is blank for now.

Step 3: Enter Message Format

In the text field, enter the airtime transfer command using the following format:

Transfer [Recipient’s number] [Amount] [Transfer PIN]

For example:

Transfer 23408055555555 55 1234

Make sure there is a space between each parameter and no extra characters.

Step 4: Send to 321

Once you have entered the transfer command with all details, send it to 321. This is MTN’s official number for airtime sharing via SMS.

You will get an automated response confirming if the details you entered are valid.

Step 5: Reply YES to Confirm

Finally, MTN will send another message asking you to confirm the airtime transfer. Reply YES (in capital letters) to complete the process.

That’s all there is to it! With just a few simple text messages, you can transfer airtime from MTN to MTN using your phone’s messaging app.

Important Points to Remember

Now that you know how to transfer airtime via USSD and SMS, here are some useful tips and things to keep in mind:

  • Activate your transfer PIN first – You cannot transfer airtime without having a transfer PIN activated. Make sure to set this up in advance.
  • Recipients must be on MTN – You can only send airtime to other MTN numbers within Nigeria. Transfer to other networks is not allowed.
  • Minimum transfer amount is 50 Naira – The supported transfer denominations are from 50 Naira to 5000 Naira. You cannot send less than 50 Naira airtime.
  • There is a transfer fee – MTN charges a small fee for airtime transfers. This will be deducted from your balance along with the transfer amount. The fee varies based on the transfer value.
  • Confirm transfer details – Carefully check the recipient’s number, amount, and PIN before confirming any airtime transfer. An incorrect transfer cannot be reversed.
  • SMS method has expiry – The SMS transfer command is valid for only 48 hours. Make sure the recipient has enough balance to receive the airtime within this period.
  • You can check balance – To check your airtime balance before transferring, dial *556# for a mini-statement via USSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about transferring airtime on the MTN network:

How do I activate my MTN transfer PIN?

To activate your transfer PIN:

  1. Dial 6000000xxxxxxxx#
  2. Replace 0000 with default PIN (xxxx with your desired 4-digit PIN)
  3. Follow prompts to complete activation

What is the transfer limit on MTN?

You can transfer between 50 Naira to 5000 Naira in a single transaction. The daily transfer limit is 20,000 Naira.

Can I transfer airtime to other networks?

No, MTN only allows airtime transfers to recipients on the MTN Nigeria network. You cannot send airtime to other operators like Glo, Airtel, etc.

Is there a fee for transferring airtime?

Yes, MTN charges a small service fee for airtime transfers deducted from your balance. The fee varies from 1 Naira for 50 Naira transfer up to 100 Naira for 5000 Naira transfers.

How long does the airtime transfer take?

Airtime transfers via USSD and SMS are instant. The recipient gets the airtime in real-time as soon as you confirm the transfer.

What happens if I enter the wrong amount or number?

Unfortunately, wrong transfers due to incorrect recipient number or amount cannot be reversed or refunded. You have to be very careful when entering details.

Can I transfer airtime to my own number?

No, transferring airtime to your own number is not allowed on the MTN network. The recipient has to be another MTN number.

Is there any limit on SMS airtime transfers?

Yes, the SMS transfer command is only valid for 48 hours. The recipient must have enough balance to receive the airtime within this period, else the transfer will fail.


Transferring airtime is a convenient way for MTN subscribers in Nigeria to share airtime with friends and family instantly. By using either the USSD code *600# or sending SMS to 321, you can easily send airtime in a few simple steps.

However, it is critical to activate your transfer PIN in advance and be mindful of the transfer limits, fees, expiry times, and other conditions to avoid issues. With prudent use, airtime transfers can make staying in touch with your loved ones much more affordable.


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