How to Recharge Your MoMo Agent Account 2024

How to Recharge Your MoMo Agent Account: A Complete Guide

Mobile money (MoMo) agents provide essential financial services to millions across Africa by facilitating cash-in, cash-out, and other transactions through mobile money platforms.

As an agent, having a sufficiently funded MoMo account is crucial for seamless operations and providing services to customers. There are several ways to recharge or top-up your agent account balance when running low.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various methods available for recharging your MoMo agent account with different providers across Africa.

How to Recharge Your MoMo Agent Account


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Overview of MoMo Agent Account Recharge Options

There are four main options for recharging your MoMo agent account:

  • Cash deposit with another agent
  • Transfer from personal MoMo wallet
  • Bank account transfer
  • USSD code top-up

The specific method available depends on your country and mobile network provider. Let’s look at how each option works in more detail:

1. Cash Deposit with Another Agent

This is the most convenient and instant option in most countries. Here is the process:

  • Locate your nearest MoMo agent outlet, kiosk, or hotspot. Avoid informal vendors.
  • Provide the agent with your registered MoMo agent account phone number.
  • Specify the recharge amount you want to deposit. Share any promo codes or special instructions.
  • The agent will process the transaction on their end using their MoMo system.
  • Your MoMo agent account balance will be credited instantly with the deposited amount.
  • Collect your receipt confirming the successful transaction.
  • Double check that the deposited amount reflects correctly in your account.

2. Transfer from Personal MoMo Wallet

If you have your own personal MoMo wallet account, you can easily transfer funds to your agent account:

  • Open your personal MoMo app and log in.
  • Go to the “Send Money” or “Transfer” option.
  • Select the recipient as “MoMo Agent” or similar label.
  • Enter your registered MoMo agent account phone number.
  • Specify the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Carefully review and confirm the transfer details.
  • Authorize the transaction using your personal MoMo PIN.
  • The transferred amount will reflect in your agent account within a few minutes.
  • Check your transfer history to confirm the transaction was completed.

3. Bank Account Transfer

You can also recharge your MoMo agent account directly from your bank account using your bank’s mobile app or online banking platform:

  • Log into your bank account through the mobile app or web portal.
  • Go to the funds transfer, mobile wallet, or P2P payments section.
  • Select the option to transfer funds to a MoMo agent account.
  • Enter your registered MoMo agent account phone number.
  • Specify the amount you want to recharge your account with.
  • Carefully review the transfer details before confirming.
  • Authorize the payment using your bank’s authentication methods.
  • The amount will reflect in your MoMo agent account as per your bank’s processing time. This may take a few hours.
  • Check your bank transfer history to confirm its completion.

4. USSD Code Top-Up

Some mobile network operators provide a USSD code for directly recharging a MoMo agent account:

  • Dial the USSD code specific to your country and network on your phone’s keypad.
  • Follow the menu prompts to enter your registered MoMo agent number.
  • Specify the amount you wish to recharge.
  • Carefully review the confirmation message before proceeding.
  • Authorize the payment by entering your MoMo PIN when prompted.
  • Your MoMo agent account balance will be updated shortly after completing the USSD transaction.
  • Note that additional transaction fees may apply when using USSD recharge.

Step-by-Step Guide for Major Providers

The specific recharge methods and procedures vary slightly between different mobile network operators across Africa. Here are some step-by-step examples for major providers:


Cash Deposit:

  • Locate an MTN MoMo agent near you. Confirm they service business accounts.
  • Provide your registered MTN MoMo agent phone number.
  • Specify your desired recharge amount and pay cash.
  • Agent processes deposit and prints receipt.

MoMo App Transfer:

  • Login to your personal MTN MoMo app.
  • Go to Move Money > Transfer to Another Number.
  • Enter your agent number and amount. Confirm details.
  • Enter your personal MoMo PIN to complete transfer.

USSD Recharge:

  • Dial *170# on your phone.
  • Select Option 2 “My Business”
  • Choose Option 1 “Deposit Cash to My Business”
  • Follow prompts to enter number and amount. Confirm with PIN.


Cash Deposit:

  • Find an Airtel Money agent location near you.
  • Provide agent with your registered Airtel Money agent number.
  • Specify amount to deposit and complete cash payment.
  • Agent processes deposit and provides confirmation slip.

Wallet Transfer:

  • Open Airtel Money app and log in to your personal wallet.
  • Choose Pay Bill > Pay Business.
  • Enter your agent number and amount. Review and confirm.
  • Authorize using your personal Airtel Money PIN.

USSD Recharge:

  • Dial 1264# on your Airtel phone.
  • Select Option 4 “Deposit Cash to Wallet”
  • Enter your Airtel Money agent number when prompted.
  • Specify amount and complete transaction with your agent PIN.

Vodafone Ghana

Agent Deposit:

  • Find the nearest Vodafone Cash agent location.
  • Provide your registered agent mobile number.
  • Confirm amount to deposit and complete payment.
  • Agent will process the deposit into your account.

Mobile Wallet Transfer:

  • Log into your personal Vodafone Cash app.
  • Go to Payments > Cash2Business Wallet.
  • Enter your agent number and amount. Review and confirm.
  • Use your personal wallet PIN to authorize transfer.

USSD Recharge:

  • Dial *110# from your Vodafone number.
  • Select Option 3 “Business Wallet”
  • Choose Option 1 “Deposit Money”
  • Enter your agent number and deposit amount when prompted.

Other Providers

Most mobile operators across Africa offer similar recharge options. Locate a branded agent, transfer from your personal wallet, use bank transfer services, or check for a USSD deposit code specific to your network.

Tips for Seamless Account Recharge

Follow these tips for smooth, convenient recharging of your MoMo agent account:

  • Clearly understand recharge methods available to you before needing to top-up urgently.
  • Locate the nearest authorized MoMo agents to use for cash deposits when required.
  • Confirm transaction amounts and fees before completing a recharge.
  • Save your registered MoMo agent account number as a contact for easy access.
  • Set reminders to recharge your account before the balance runs too low.
  • Avoid waiting until you have completely run out of float before recharging.
  • Keep your PINs and account details confidential when transacting.
  • Verify each recharge transaction is completed successfully before resuming service.
  • Maintain transaction receipts and statements for account reconciliation.

Common Questions about Recharging

Here are some frequent questions about the process of recharging a MoMo agent account:

How long does it take for recharged amounts to reflect in my account?

  • Cash deposits and wallet transfers credit instantly. Bank transfers may take a few hours. USSD is immediate but depends on network.

Is there a minimum or maximum recharge amount?

  • Limits vary per provider. Typically minimum is $1-5. Maximum daily amount may be $500-2000.

Can I recharge from a mobile wallet on a different network?

  • Yes, inter-network wallet transfers are allowed. But additional fees may apply.

Do I need to provide any verification when depositing cash?

  • Agents may request your government ID, agent ID card, or PIN for security purposes.

What happens if my recharge transaction fails or is delayed?

  • Contact your mobile operator’s customer support for assistance in such cases. Do not attempt the same recharge repeatedly.

How do I confirm my account is recharged after completing a transaction?

  • Check your account balance in your MoMo system. Also check for SMS or receipt confirmations.


Recharging your MoMo agent account is essential for uninterrupted operations. By understanding the various recharge methods available and following the step-by-step processes outlined above, you can easily top-up your account as needed.

Always follow security best practices, confirm transaction details, and retain receipts.


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