Swift Solutions: Quick Cash Loan Access with a Code

A Comprehensive Guide to Quick Cash Loan Codes in Nigeria

When facing an urgent need for money before your next paycheck, quick cash loans accessed via USSD codes provide a convenient solution. Major banks, mobile networks and fintech lenders in Nigeria offer such emergency loans.

However, educate yourself about the costs, terms and responsible usage before taking a loan. Here’s a detailed look at quick cash loan codes in Nigeria:

Quick Cash Loan Access with a Code

Overview of Quick Cash Loans

Quick cash loans allow you to borrow small amounts fast through dedicated short codes. Let’s understand them better:

  • Short Codes – Special 4-7 digit USSD codes to access mobile financial services.
  • Small Loans – Amounts from N1,000 up to N500,000.
  • Emergency Funds – Used mainly for pressing needs before salary.
  • Easy Access – Enter code, input details, receive funds in hours if approved.
  • Quick Repayment – Typically within 1 month before salary credit.
  • High-Cost – Attracts interest rates of 1.5-30% depending on lender.

When used judiciously, these emergency loans can provide timely relief. But frequent use can create a debt trap due to high costs.

Now let’s look at codes for leading providers.

Codes for Quick Loans from Banks

Major banks offer customers short-term, high-interest loans via dedicated codes within their mobile banking platforms.

GTBank Quick Credit – _737_51*51#

  • Code: _737_51*51#
  • Amount: Up to N5 million
  • Interest: 1.33% monthly
  • Repayment: Within 12 months

Wema Bank Quick Loan – _945_65#

  • Code: _945_65#
  • Amount: Up to N500,000
  • Interest: 9% annually
  • Repayment: Within 30 days

UBA Quick Loan – _919_28#

  • Code: _919_28#
  • Amount: N5,000 to N500,000
  • Interest: 5% monthly
  • Repayment: Within 30 days

Access Bank Quick Loan – _901_11#

  • Code: _901_11#
  • Amount: Up to N1 million
  • Interest: 1.16% monthly
  • Repayment: Within 12 months

First Bank Personal Loan – _894_11#

  • Code: _894_11#
  • Amount: Up to N300,000
  • Interest: 1.5% monthly
  • Repayment: Within 30 days

Zenith Bank Salary Advance – _966_6#

  • Code: _966_6#
  • Amount: Up to N1 million
  • Interest: 1.15% monthly
  • Repayment: Within 6 months

These banks offer existing customers fast loans at relatively affordable rates. Check eligibility criteria before applying.

Codes for Mobile Network Instant Loans

Aside from banks, mobile networks also provide customers with instant loan codes in partnership with fintech lenders.

MTN XtraCash – _606_4#

  • Code: _606_4#
  • Amount: N1,000 to N500,000
  • Interest: 6-30% annually
  • Repayment: 1-12 months

9mobile Quick Credit – _565_5#

  • Code: _565_5#
  • Amount: N1,000 to N500,000
  • Interest: 5-30% flat rate
  • Repayment: Within 61 days

Airtel SmartCash – *440#

  • Code: *440#
  • Amount: N1,500 to N50,000
  • Interest: 10-15% flat rate
  • Repayment: Within 90 days

These allow mobile subscribers to get emergency funds without requiring bank accounts.

Codes for Digital Lenders

In addition, fintech loan apps also offer quick loan codes for existing customers including:

Carbon – *1303#

  • Code: *1303#
  • Amount: N1,000 to N1 million
  • Interest: 2-6% monthly
  • Repayment: 1-12 months

QuickCheck – *561#

  • Code: *561#
  • Amount: N1,000 to N500,000
  • Interest: 10-25% flat rate
  • Repayment: 7-180 days

Aella Credit – *357#

  • Code: *357#
  • Amount: N1,500 to N500,000
  • Interest: 1.5-2.5% daily
  • Repayment: 7-30 days

FairMoney – *322#

  • Code: *322#
  • Amount: N1,500 to N250,000
  • Interest: 10-25% flat rate
  • Repayment: 4-12 weeks

Digital lenders use alternate data for assessing creditworthiness before disbursal.

Responsible Usage Tips

When using quick cash loans, exercise financial prudence by:

  • Borrowing only what you genuinely need and can repay comfortably without affecting other expenses.
  • Picking lenders with the lowest interest rate and fees to save on costs.
  • Checking eligibility criteria before initiating a loan request.
  • Reading terms and conditions carefully to know applicable charges.
  • Having a repayment plan ready before borrowing to avoid late fees.
  • Considering other options like borrowing from friends, family or cutting back on less essential expenditure.
  • Avoiding borrowing from too many lenders as it becomes difficult to track repayments.
  • Notifying your bank/lender immediately in case of any unauthorized loan deductions.
  • Maintaining a good credit score and financial reputation for better future access to credit.


Quick cash loans via short codes provide convenient access to emergency funds for pressing needs. However, the high interest rates make them suitable only for small amounts and short durations.

Compare your options across major banks, mobile networks and digital lenders in Nigeria to make an informed borrowing decision. Analyze your real need, repayment ability and costs before taking a loan.

Borrow responsibly within your means. Avoid debt traps by not treating quick loans as free money. The easiest loan to repay is the one you didn’t take in the first place.


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