KiaKia Loan Application Steps: How to Get a Loan from Kiakia in Nigeria

How to Get a Loan from Kiakia in Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting quick access to emergency funds between pay checks can be a challenge. However, digital lenders like Kiakia are changing the game by providing fast, convenient loans completely online to Nigerians.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore everything you need to know about getting a personal loan from Kiakia, including eligibility criteria, the application process, loan terms, repayment management and more.

How to Get a Loan from Kiakia in Nigeria

Overview of Kiakia Loans

Kiakia started operations in Nigeria in 2018 as an online lending platform with a goal of financial inclusion by providing affordable loans. Some key facts about Kiakia:

  • Borrowing Limits – Offers loans from N10,000 up to N200,000
  • Loan Duration – Flexible tenure from 7 days to 30 days
  • Interest Rates – Rates as low as 1.16% per month based on creditworthiness
  • Target Audience – Salaried individuals in need of quick financing
  • Loan Usage – Funds can be used for any personal needs
  • Repayment – Automatically deducted from linked bank account

By leveraging technology and data analytics, Kiakia provides customized loan products catering to young professionals. Let’s look at eligibility and application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Kiakia Loans

To qualify for a personal loan from Kiakia, you must fulfil these eligibility requirements:

  • Age – You must be at least 18 years old
  • Employment – Have a salaried job with a monthly income
  • BVN – Possess a valid Bank Verification Number
  • Bank Account – Operate an account with any major Nigerian bank
  • ID – Provide valid government-issued identity document like national ID card, driver’s license or voter’s card
  • Contact Info – Supply your active phone number and email address
  • Credit Rating – Have a satisfactory credit score demonstrating good repayment behavior

Meeting these parameters displays creditworthiness and ensures you have the capacity to repay the loan amount comfortably.

Step-by-Step Loan Application Process

Applying for a Kiakia loan is simple, convenient and 100% online. Just follow these steps:

Step 1) Go to Kiakia Website

  • Visit Kiakia’s website at
  • Click on “Apply for a Loan” button to begin the application

Step 2) Loan Application Form

  • On the loan application page, fill in all your personal details accurately
  • These include name, DOB, phone number, home address, employment details etc.

Step 3) Upload Required Documents

  • You need to upload digital copies of your identity document, pay slip, bank statement and a passport-sized photo
  • Valid ID proof, latest payslip and bank statement help verify your details

Step 4) Additional Information

  • Answer questions about your financial circumstances, income streams, recurring expenses etc. to determine affordability
  • Truthful responses allow Kiakia to make accurate assessments and offer suitable loan products

Step 5) Select Loan Amount & Tenure

  • Based on your profile, Kiakia will display eligible loan amounts and repayment durations
  • Choose your preferred loan amount and repayment period as per your requirements

Step 6) Provide Account Details

  • Enter your bank name, account number and BVN details
  • This allows seamless disbursal upon approval and automated repayment

Step 7) Accept Loan Terms

  • Read and understand Kiakia’s loan terms, interest rate, processing fees and repayment structure
  • Digitally accept the loan agreement only once you are satisfied

Step 8) Sign Loan Contract

  • Use your mouse cursor to provide a digital e-signature on the loan contract for final consent
  • This completes the online application process

Step 9) Receive Loan Approval

  • If approved, you will receive loan disbursal directly into your bank account within a few hours
  • Early or partial repayment can also be done hassle-free on the platform

The online application allows quick approval decisions and disbursal without paperwork.

Key Features and Benefits of Kiakia Loans

Some useful features that make Kiakia popular among digital-savvy borrowers:

  • Online Application – 100% paperless process done via website
  • Fast Processing – Decision in minutes and disbursal within hours
  • Flexible Limits – Can borrow suitable amounts as per need ranging from N10,000 to N200,000
  • Short Tenures – Repayment duration from just 1 week up to 1 month
  • Affordable Rates – Interest rates starting from 1.16% per month based on profile
  • No Hidden Charges – Only administrative fee of 1.5% deducted upfront
  • Account Linking – Seamless experience by connecting bank account
  • Early Repayment – Option to repay before deadline and save on interest
  • Credit Scoring – Responsible usage improves credit rating and unlocks larger loans

By harnessing technology, Kiakia delivers convenient and customizable loans at affordable costs.

Loan Terms and Conditions

Before taking a loan, have complete clarity on Kiakia’s terms:

  • Interest Rates – Typically 1.16% to 1.5% per month on reducing balance. It varies based on your credit score, income, loan amount and repayment history with Kiakia.
  • Loan Duration – Select flexible tenure from 7 days to 30 days. Longer duration has higher interest costs.
  • Processing Fee – One-time fee of 1.5% of loan amount deducted upfront before disbursal.
  • Early Repayment – Full or partial prepayment can be done without penalties to reduce interest cost.
  • Late Repayment – 5% penalty fee charged for every 7 days delay in repayment post loan due date.
  • Renewal – Existing customers in good standing can avail renewal upon repayment of current loan.
  • Credit Reporting – Positive and negative repayment behavior is updated to credit bureaus like CRC Credit Bureau.

Analyze the terms prudent to make an informed borrowing decision within your means.

Repayment and Loan Management

Monitor your loan carefully through the repayment phase:

  • Repayment is automatically deducted from the bank account on your repayment due date.
  • Track your repayment schedule and upcoming payment dates from your Kiakia account dashboard.
  • Paying before the deadline reduces interest burden. No pre-closure penalties.
  • Set payment reminders a few days before the auto-debit to ensure sufficient balance.
  • Avoid late repayments to prevent penalties and credit score impact. Inform Kiakia beforehand in case of delays.
  • Multiple repayment options – pay via bank transfer, cards, bank branch over-the-counter or online banking.
  • Raise queries and manage your loan directly by logging into your account on Kiakia website.

Responsible repayment contributes to a good credit profile that unlocks more benefits in future.

Kiakia Customer Reviews

Here’s what actual customers have to say about their experience with Kiakia based on online reviews:

“I took a loan of N50,000 from Kiakia for house renovations. The process was very smooth right from registration to disbursal and repayment. I even finished repaying before deadline which reduced my interest costs.” – Chidi O.

“Kiakia’s rates are quite affordable compared to other online lenders. I have taken small loans thrice already and repaid without issues. The repayment reminders also help avoid missing payment dates.” – Aisha K.

“Their customer service is very responsive and helpful in resolving any queries. The quick loan facility is useful in emergencies before payday to manage until month-end.”– Kayode T.

“Happy with my decision to take a loan from Kiakia. Everything from application to disbursal and repayment was seamless. Would recommend others to try them out.” – Folake S.

Positive user experiences and 5-star ratings vouch for Kiakia’s loan services.

Kiakia Loan App

While Kiakia currently does not have a dedicated mobile app, their mobile-optimized website allows easy access and management of your loan through your smartphone.

The key features available on the Kiakia website are:

  • Online loan application
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Loan tracking and repayment schedule
  • Credit profile and performance dashboard
  • Customer service via live chat and emails
  • Notification alerts for repayment reminders

So the website effectively provides easy access to Kiakia’s loan services digitally without needing to download any app.


In summary, Kiakia presents a smart option for digitally savvy Nigerians to get access to quick, short-term personal loans completely online.

Their fully digital process allows you to apply and obtain emergency funds conveniently within hours. Features like flexible loan tenures, affordable interest rates and e-repayments make the experience hassle-free for borrowers.

Just make sure to only borrow what you need and can repay comfortably without affecting other expenses. Read terms carefully and ensure responsible usage to maintain a good credit standing.

With responsive customer service and positive user feedback, consider Kiakia for your next emergency borrowing requirement in between pay cycles. The quick funds can provide timely relief but use such loans judiciously as part of your overall financial plan.


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