Global Polytechnic, Benin Courses And Requirements.


Global Polytechnic is a leading higher education institution located in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Founded in 2002, the polytechnic has grown tremendously over the years and now offers a wide range of academic programs across various fields. Global Polytechnic is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), meaning its programs meet the board’s high standards for technical and vocational education.

Global Polytechnic, Benin Courses And Requirements.


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With a mission to provide high quality technical education relevant to Nigeria’s economic development, Global Polytechnic runs courses at the foundation, diploma, and degree levels. Programs are available in diverse disciplines including engineering, technology, business, public administration, mass communication, computer science, statistics, estate management, and more.

Foundation Diploma Programs

Global Polytechnic offers foundation diploma programs to prepare students for further education in technical fields. Foundation programs take 1-2 years and provide a strong base of theoretical and practical knowledge before students advance to national diploma studies. The available foundation diploma courses include:

  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: This 2-year program covers basics of electrical and electronics engineering including electric circuits, digital electronics, analog electronics, microprocessors, and more. With a good mix of theory and hands-on practice, the course equips students with skills to install, operate, maintain electrical systems and equipment.
  • Computer Engineering Technology: Providing fundamentals of computer hardware and networking, this 1-year program allows students to learn computer architecture, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Graduates can find careers as computer technicians, PC support professionals etc.
  • Computer Science: In this 2-year course, students gain programming knowledge and skills in languages like Java, SQL, C++, HTML, JavaScript etc. They understand concepts like data structures, algorithms, software development, database management and more. It prepares students for further diploma or degree programs in computer science.
  • Statistic/Computer: Combining statistics and computer education, this 1-year program covers statistical analysis, data collection, sampling, forecasting, analytical tools as well as basics of computer applications. Graduates are equipped for careers involving statistical analysis and data management.
  • Public Administration: The 1-year program provides an overview of public administration, government processes, civil service structure, public policy and more. Students gain a foundation to pursue a national diploma in public administration.
  • Business Administration and Management: With a focus on business concepts, organizational behavior, accounting, economics and more, this 1-year course forms a basis for higher national diploma programs in business, accounting, marketing, human resources etc.

Certificate Courses

For those interested in quick vocational training, Global Polytechnic offers certificate courses that can be completed in 6 months or 1 year. The certificate programs include:

  • Office Technology: Covering secretarial skills like shorthand, typing, word processing, office management software etc. this course prepares students for roles like office assistant, secretary, data entry operator etc.
  • Computer Technology (Maintenance & Repair): Students learn to assemble, maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware like motherboard, RAM, power supply, printers etc. in this 1-year program. Graduates can work as computer technicians, service engineers etc.

Ordinary National Diploma Programs

The polytechnic offers various 2 to 3-year national diploma programs that provide in-depth technical knowledge and practical training for specific occupations. OND courses available are:

  • Accountancy: Combining accounting principles, financial reporting, cost accounting, taxation, auditing and more, this program equips students with skills for accountancy practice and financial services roles.
  • **Business Administration:**Students gain well-rounded business education covering marketing, human resources, operations, economics, accounting, communications and more in this broad management program.
  • Computer Science: With courses in programming, software development, database systems, operating systems, data structures, algorithms etc. this program trains computer programmers and systems analysts.
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Students undertake intensive study of electrical machines, power systems, control systems, microprocessors, instrumentation, communications and more. Graduates can become technicians, technologists etc.
  • Estate Management: Blending principles of real estate, construction engineering, land economics and more, this program develops professionals equipped to manage real estate development projects.
  • Mass Communication: Encompassing courses in media history, writing and reporting, advertising, PR, broadcasting, publishing, photography etc. this program trains graduates for diverse media and communication roles.
  • Public Administration: Students gain knowledge of government structure, public policy, civil service, development administration that prepares them for careers in public service and governance roles.
  • Statistics: This data-focused program covers statistical methods, data analysis tools, survey techniques, demography, econometrics and more. Graduates are equipped for statistical research and analysis jobs.

Higher National Diploma Programs

Lasting 4-5 years in total, these programs start with OND coursework followed by HND level study. HND programs available at Global Polytechnic include:

  • Accountancy: Progressing from OND foundations, the HND in accountancy covers advanced financial reporting, corporate governance, management accounting, auditing and taxation matters. Graduates can become professional accountants.
  • Business Administration: Students undertake higher level study of business management, strategy, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing, economics, accounting and more. It develops competent managers.
  • Computer Science: Building on OND skills, students learn advanced programming languages, software project management, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, app development and more in this program.
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Progressing from electronics basics, this advanced program covers control engineering, communications, industrial electronics, power systems etc. Graduates are fully equipped for engineering practice.
  • Estate Management: Students gain deeper knowledge of property and facility management, valuation, real estate investment, planning and development regulations etc. at the HND level.
  • Mass Communication: Students specialize through courses in advanced reporting, business journalism, public relations planning, advertising campaigns, broadcasting, publishing and more during the HND program.
  • Public Administration: The HND program enhances public administration knowledge through study of development economics, policy analysis, organizational theory and behavior and more.
  • Statistics: Building on OND statistics, students cover advanced statistical modeling, actuarial science, demographic methods, econometric analysis and more during HND.

Professional Diploma in Security Management

Global Polytechnic offers a unique professional diploma program in security management to equip graduates for careers in Nigeria’s growing private security industry. This 1 to 2-year diploma covers diverse subjects like criminology, loss prevention, physical security, cybersecurity intelligence, risk assessment, security technology, forensic investigation and more. Students gain well-rounded expertise to take on security leadership or advisory roles.

Collaborative Degree Programs

To enable students achieve a bachelor’s degree, Global Polytechnic has partnered with Nigeria’s Lead City University to run collaborative degree programs. Students can enroll for direct entry into year 3 of the relevant Lead City degree program after completing their HND at Global Polytechnic. The collaborative degree courses are:

  • B.Sc. Accounting
  • B.Sc. Business Administration
  • B.Sc. Computer Science

This progression arrangement provides a seamless pathway for Global Polytechnic students to earn a full bachelor’s degree from Lead City University, a nationally accredited institution.

Global Polytechnic, Benin Requirements.

As a prospective student interested in pursuing higher education at Global Polytechnic, it is essential to understand the admission requirements. This article provides a detailed overview of the general and program-specific requirements, how to apply, application deadlines, and answers to frequently asked questions.

General Admission Requirements

All applicants seeking admission into any program at Global Polytechnic must satisfy the following general requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 credit passes at not more than 2 sittings in relevant subjects depending on the chosen program.
  • Credit pass in English Language is compulsory for all courses.
  • Credit pass in Mathematics is required for science and technology programs.
  • Credit pass in Economics is required for business and management programs.
  • Credit pass in Government is required for social science programs.

Program Specific Requirements

In addition to the general requirements, applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements for their desired program:

Foundation Diploma

  • Minimum of 4 credit passes in relevant subjects.

Ordinary National Diploma (OND)

  • Minimum of 5 credit passes including English Language, Mathematics and subject relevant to program.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

  • Must possess OND in a relevant field from an accredited institution.

Professional Diploma

  • Minimum of 5 credit passes including English, Mathematics and relevant subjects.

Collaborative Degree Programs

  • Must meet Lead City University admission requirements of 5 credit passes including English and Mathematics.

Additional Requirements

  • All applicants must take and pass Global Polytechnic’s entrance examinations.
  • International students may be required to provide proof of English proficiency.

How to Apply

  1. Visit Global Polytechnic’s website –
  2. Click on Apply Now button
  3. Create an account and fill out the online application form
  4. Upload required documents – transcripts, passport, birth certificate etc.
  5. Pay non-refundable application fee
  6. Submit the completed application

Application Deadlines

  • Deadline for 2024/2025 academic year is likely in June or July 2024.
  • Consult Global Polytechnic’s website for exact deadline.
  • Apply early as admission is competitive.

Application Process and Requirements

Applications are open annually for admission into Global Polytechnic’s programs. Here are key details about the admission process:

  • Application deadline is typically in June/July for entry into next academic year starting September. Exact dates are announced on the polytechnic’s website.
  • Applicants must have 5 credits including English and Maths in WAEC/NECO/GCE O Levels for national diploma programs. Foundation and certificate programs have lower requirements.
  • Application is online through the polytechnic’s portal. Applicants must create a profile, fill details and upload documents.
  • After application, candidates undergo pre-admission screening before final admission lists are released. This includes written test and interview.
  • Admitted students must pay necessary fees before resumption and registration for commencement of classes.

The polytechnic has detailed requirements published on its website for each program including subjects taken, minimum scores etc. Entry requirements also differ slightly for HND direct entry students. Interested applicants should check the official admission guidelines.

Facilities at Global Polytechnic

Global Polytechnic is located in a serene environment favorable for learning within Benin City. It offers students a range of facilities and resources to enrich their educational experience:

  • Spacious lecture halls fitted with multimedia resources for interactive learning.
  • Well-equipped science and computer laboratories to facilitate practical sessions.
  • A library with extensive collection of books, periodicals, e-resources to support learning and research.
  • Comfortable hostel accommodation within campus for out-of-state students.
  • Cafeteria providing affordable meals and snacks within the polytechnic.
  • Sports and recreational facilities like football field, basketball court, gymnasium etc.
  • Medical centre with resident doctor and nurses to care for students’ health needs.
  • Regular transport services for daily commute of students and staff.
  • Campus-wide WiFi connectivity for internet access.

The polytechnic management continuously upgrades infrastructure and resources to create an enabling academic environment. Students have access to facilities that aid their learning and skills acquisition.


Global Polytechnic stands out as one of the best-equipped polytechnics in Nigeria’s technical education sector. With its diverse academic programs spanning foundation, diploma and degree levels, the institution is well-positioned to produce competent graduates ready for the modern job market. Students have a chance to build skills and capacity in fields critical to Nigeria’s growth like technology, engineering, business, media and more. Backed by qualified faculty and staff, Global Polytechnic combines academic excellence and practical training to fulfill its vision of developing technical manpower for national development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for HND programs at Global Polytechnic?

For direct entry into HND, applicants require OND with a minimum of lower credit plus at least one year work experience in a related field. Those without experience can enroll for the OND program first before progressing to HND.

Does Global Polytechnic provide hostel accommodation?

Yes, the polytechnic has male and female hostels within the campus to provide accommodation for students. However, places are limited so early application is advised.

What facilities are available for engineering students?

The polytechnic has dedicated engineering laboratories for electrical, electronics and computer engineering equipped with instruments, tools, software, simulation systems and machinery for practical sessions.

Does Global Polytechnic only offer technical programs?

No, while the polytechnic has a special focus on technology, engineering, computers and applied sciences, it also runs diverse programs in business, arts, social sciences like Mass Communication, Accountancy, Estate Management, Public Administration etc.

Can I get direct entry into Higher National Diploma?

Yes, applicants with OND plus minimum of lower credit from recognized polytechnics can apply for direct entry into year one of relevant HND programs instead of starting from OND level.

How do I pay school fees?

Global Polytechnic allows school fees payment online via Interswitch/Paydirect, bank transfer or direct bank deposit into the polytechnic’s accounts. Cash payment can also be made on campus at the designated banks.

Are diploma certificates awarded by Global Polytechnic accredited?

Yes, all national diploma and higher national diploma certificates awarded are fully accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), allowing graduates to proceed for further education or seek employment anywhere in Nigeria.

Does Global Polytechnic offer part-time programs?

Currently, the polytechnic only offers full-time programs. However, plans are underway to start weekends part-time programs in popular courses to benefit working professionals or employees seeking career improvement.


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