Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo Courses And Requirements.

Courses Offered at Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo;

Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo is one of the leading tertiary institutions in southeast Nigeria. Founded in 1978, the polytechnic aims to provide quality technological education and produce skilled manpower. Imo State Polytechnic offers a wide range of National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) and certificate programs across diverse fields.

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Overview of Imo State Polytechnic

Imo State Polytechnic is located in Umuagwo, Ohaji Egbema LGA of Imo State. The institution has full accreditation from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). With a student population of over 15,000, the polytechnic has adequate facilities to support teaching and learning.

Some of the facilities at Imo State Polytechnic include:

  • Well-equipped workshops, studios and laboratories
  • Library with over 50,000 volumes of books and digital resources
  • Standard lecture halls with capacity of 150-300 students
  • Sports complex with football field, basketball courts etc.
  • Medical center, cafeteria and on-campus accommodation

The polytechnic currently runs over 60 academic programs at ND and HND levels spread across 6 schools which include:

  • School of Business Studies
  • School of Engineering Technology
  • School of Environmental Sciences
  • School of General Studies
  • School of Industrial Sciences
  • School of Information Technology

In addition, Imo State Polytechnic offers vocational and skills acquisition programs leading to the award of certificates and trade test qualifications.

ND and HND Programs Available

Here are some of the popular ND and HND programs offered at Imo State Polytechnic:


  • ND Accounting
  • HND Accounting

This department equips students with knowledge and skills in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing and accounting information systems. It enables students to pursue professional qualifications with accounting bodies.

Agricultural Engineering/Technology

  • ND Agricultural Engineering/Technology
  • HND Agricultural Engineering/Technology

The curriculum covers areas like farm machinery, irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, farm structures design, energy in agriculture and agricultural processing/storage.

Agricultural Technology

  • ND Agricultural Technology
  • HND Agricultural Technology

Students are trained in crop production, livestock production, soil science, farm management, pest management, food processing and storage, and agribusiness.

Animal Health and Production Technology

  • ND Animal Health and Production
  • HND Animal Health and Production Technology

The program equips students with knowledge and skills relating to animal breeding, nutrition, physiology, product processing, artificial insemination, animal health management and marketing of animal products.

Banking and Finance

  • ND Banking and Finance
  • HND Banking and Finance

Students undertake courses in banking operations, financial institutions and markets, investment analysis, financial accounting, corporate finance and bank lending operations.

Building Technology

  • ND Building Technology
  • HND Building Technology

This department teaches courses in surveying, construction materials, architecture, building drawing, quantity surveying, landscaping, interior decoration, project planning and construction management.

Business Administration and Management

  • ND Business Administration
  • HND Business Administration and Management

The curriculum covers business functions like accounting, marketing, human resource management, office management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and operations management.

Chemical Engineering Technology

  • ND Chemical Engineering Technology
  • HND Chemical Engineering Technology

Students take courses in chemistry, chemical process operations, environmental chemistry, chemical reactor design, petroleum and polymer technology, fluid mechanics, process control, and chemical plant management.

Computer Science

  • ND Computer Science
  • HND Computer Science

The program provides training in areas like programming, database management, software engineering, computer networking, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, computer architecture, cyber security and web development.

Cooperative Economics and Management

  • ND Cooperative Economics and Management
  • HND Cooperative Economics and Management

This department teaches the principles, practices, legislation and management of cooperative societies for agricultural and economic development. Students take courses in cooperative accounting, marketing, financing and auditing.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology

  • ND Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology

Students are equipped with skills in analysis and design of electrical machines, power systems, analog/digital electronics, communications systems, microprocessors, instrumentation, electric drives and control systems.

Estate Management and Valuation

  • ND Estate Management and Valuation
  • HND Estate Management and Valuation

The curriculum covers land economics, property valuation, real estate investment analysis and finance, property management, land law, feasibility and viability analysis, and resource economics.

Fisheries Technology

  • ND Fisheries Technology
  • HND Fisheries Technology

Students take courses on fish biology, water pollution, fish hatchery management, aquaculture systems, fishing vessel craft technology, fish processing technology, fish farm management and marketing.

Food Technology

  • ND Food Technology
  • HND Food Technology

This program covers the principles of food processing and preservation, food analysis, food chemistry, food packaging, food microbiology, industrial maintenance, food biotechnology and food quality management.

Forestry Technology

  • ND Forestry Technology
  • HND Forestry Technology

The curriculum includes courses in silviculture, forest mensuration, forest management, forest harvesting techniques, wildlife conservation, parks and recreation management, wood science technology and agroforestry.


  • ND Marketing
  • HND Marketing

Students are equipped with skills in consumer behavior analysis, sales management, marketing research, international marketing, services marketing, marketing strategies, brand management, digital marketing and marketing logistics.

Mass Communication

  • ND Mass Communication
  • HND Mass Communication

The program provides training in news reporting and writing skills, broadcast media operations, photojournalism, public relations, advertising, online journalism and media laws and ethics.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • ND Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • HND Mechanical Engineering Technology

Students study engineering design, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, industrial engineering, production technology, instrumentation and control, machine design, welding, hydraulics, and power plant technology.

Nutrition and Dietetics

  • ND Nutrition and Dietetics
  • HND Nutrition and Dietetics

The curriculum covers human nutrition, diet therapy, food service management, nutrition education, meal planning, community nutrition, food science, and nutrition research methods.

Office Technology Management

  • ND Office Technology Management
  • HND Office Technology Management

This department offers training in office management, secretarial duties, business communication, computer applications, record management, and secretarial administration.

Production Technology

  • ND Production Technology
  • HND Production Technology

Students are taught courses in welding and fabrication, foundry technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, machine shop technology, plastic processing, metrology and computer-aided design.

Public Administration

  • ND Public Administration
  • HND Public Administration

The program equips students with knowledge of government administration, development administration, public policy analysis, conflict resolution, financial management, human resource management and industrial relations.

Science Laboratory Technology

  • ND Science Laboratory Technology
  • HND Science Laboratory Technology

Students undertake courses in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, histology, parasitology, instrumentation, quality control, and laboratory management.

Certificate and Diploma Programs Available

Aside the ND and HND courses, Imo State Polytechnic offers shorter certificate and diploma programs, including:

  • Certificate in Automobile Mechanics
  • Certificate in Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation
  • Certificate in Painting and Decorating
  • Certificate in Plumbing and Pipefitting
  • Certificate in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • Certificate in Welding and Fabrication
  • Diploma in Accountancy
  • Diploma in Agricultural Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Estate Management
  • Diploma in Library and Information Science
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Public Administration
  • Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
  • Diploma in Statistics

The certificate programs take 6 months to 1 year while the diplomas take 2 years. These programs prepare students for craft jobs, self-employment and further studies.

Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo Requirements.

When applying to Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, it is essential to understand the admission requirements for your desired program and level of study. Meeting these requirements is crucial for gaining admission into the institution.

Admission Requirements for National Diploma Programs

To gain admission into a National Diploma (ND) program at Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, you are required to have:

  • Five Credits Passes in Relevant O’Level Subjects: You need to have credit passes (minimum of C6 grade) in at least five subjects relevant to the ND program you are applying for. These subjects typically include English Language, Mathematics, and three other subjects related to your field of study. For example, if you are applying for ND Civil Engineering, you may be required to have credits in Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, Technical Drawing and one other relevant subject.
  • Meeting the Minimum UTME Cut-Off Mark: In addition to your O’Level results, you need to meet the minimum cut-off mark set by the polytechnic for your program in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) organized by JAMB. The UTME cut-off marks vary depending on the program and competition. Generally, you require a minimum score of 120 to be considered for admission into most ND programs at the polytechnic.
  • Participation in Post-UTME Screening: For most programs, after meeting the UTME requirement, you will be invited for the post-UTME screening exercise. Here, your academic competencies and skills relevant to your chosen program are tested. You will need to pass the screening before being considered for admission.

Admission Requirements for Higher National Diploma Programs

To gain entry into any of the Higher National Diploma (HND) programs at Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, the requirements include:

  • National Diploma in Relevant Field: Firstly, you must have successfully completed the National Diploma program in a related field and from an accredited institution. For instance, to apply for HND Computer Science, you should have completed ND Computer Science. Your ND certificate will be required.
  • Meeting Minimum ND GPA: For most HND programs, you need to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in your ND program. However, some competitive programs may require up to a 3.50 GPA.
  • Work Experience: For some HND programs, relevant work experience of 6 months or 1 year may be mandatory. This is sometimes part of the SIWES industrial training requirement. Relevant experience certificates may be requested.

Additional Admission Requirements

Apart from the program-specific requirements highlighted above, there are some general requirements for all applicants:

  • JAMB Registration: You must have obtained the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) registration form, sat for the UTME exam and met the prescribed cut-off mark.
  • Application Form: Purchase and complete the Imo State Polytechnic application form within the stipulated application period.
  • Birth Certificate/Age Declaration: You are required to submit your birth certificate or statutory age declaration.
  • SSCE/GCE O’Level Certificate: Submit your statement of results and certificates showing credit level passes in the required subjects.
  • ND Statement of Results: For HND admission, submit the statement of results for your National Diploma program.
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate (for HND): If you have participated in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), submit your discharge certificate.
  • Good Conduct/Character Certificate: Obtain and submit a certificate endorsed by your institution or a reputable referee.
  • Photographs: Submit a specified number of recent passport photographs (usually 6 copies).
  • Screening Fee: Pay the prescribed screening fee. This is usually non-refundable.
  • International students need to meet additional requirements like obtaining JAMB clearance, legal residency status, equivalency certificate for foreign qualifications etc.

Programs and Their Specific Entry Requirements

Here is an overview of some popular ND and HND programs at Imo State Polytechnic and their respective admission requirements:

National Diploma in Civil Engineering

O’Level: Credits in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, English & any other science subject.

UTME Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English

National Diploma in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

O’Level: Credits in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing/Fine Arts, English Language & any other science subject.

UTME Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English

National Diploma in Computer Science

O’Level: Credits in Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology, English, and any other 2 science subjects

UTME Subjects: Mathematics, English, Physics & Chemistry

Higher National Diploma in Accountancy

O’Level: Credits in Mathematics, English, Economics, and any other 2 arts/social science subjects

ND: Minimum of Lower Credit in ND Accountancy plus 1-year work experience

Higher National Diploma in Statistics

O’Level: Credits in Mathematics, English Language, Economics/Commerce, & any other 2 relevant subjects

ND: Minimum of Lower Credit in ND Statistics

Higher National Diploma in Public Administration

O’Level: Five credits including English Language, Government/History, Mathematics/Economics, and any other 2 subjects

ND: Minimum of Lower Credit in ND Public Administration

Application Procedure

To apply for admission into any program at Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo, you need to follow this step-by-step procedure:

  • Purchase Admission Form: Firstly, purchase the admission form within the stipulated time either online or from a designated bank. Follow instructions to fill the form correctly.
  • Upload Documents: Attach and upload clear scanned copies of your credentials like SSCE/ND result slips, certificates, JAMB registration print out and other documents specified in the admission criteria.
  • Await Screening Notification: If eligible, you will be notified (via SMS and email) of the date for the post-UTME screening exercise. Participate in the screening as scheduled.
  • Admission Processing: If successful in the screening, your admission will be processed by the polytechnic. Check admission portals frequently for updates.
  • Acceptance Fee: If offered provisional admission, pay the prescribed acceptance fee within the given timeframe to confirm your admission.
  • Registration & Matriculation: Report for registration formalities as per schedule. Complete your registration and get matriculated into your program. Attend orientation activities.

Imo State Polytechnic website:

Tips for Successful Admission

To boost your chances of getting admission into Imo State Polytechnic for your desired program, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start your admission process early, at least 6 months before the admission deadline.
  • Ensure you have the mandatory 5 credits passes in relevant O’Level subjects at one sitting.
  • Sit for UTME and score above the cut-off mark for your program. You may need to retake UTME to improve your chances.
  • Obtain JAMB registration pin directly from JAMB to avoid complications.
  • Participate fully in the post-UTME screening exercise. Revise your O’Level topics well before the screening test.
  • If seeking HND admission, obtain the minimum ND grade and required industrial experience.
  • Apply for competitive programs with higher cut-off marks to increase your chances. Have backup programs.
  • Follow up promptly on all admission processing steps and requirements.
  • Seek guidance from admission officers and student advisors when in doubt.


Imo State Polytechnic offers a wide array of programs cutting across diverse fields of study. Students can find suitable ND, HND, diploma and certificate programs that align with their career interests at the polytechnic. The practical-oriented curriculum helps graduates gain professional skills which enhances their employment opportunities and career progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for ND programs?

The minimum entry requirement for ND programs is 5 O’level credits including English and Mathematics. Relevant subjects may be required for certain programs.

Does Imo State Polytechnic have part-time/evening programs?

Yes, the polytechnic runs weekend part-time programs for ND and HND. This allows working-class students obtain higher qualifications.

What is the duration of HND programs?

The HND program takes a minimum of 2 years to complete – 1 year after obtaining the ND.

What certificate programs are offered in engineering fields?

Certificate programs in engineering include Automobile Mechanics, Blocklaying & Concrete Works, Electrical Installation, Plumbing & Pipefitting, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning.

How do I get the polytechnic’s diploma admission form?

Diploma admission forms can be obtained from the polytechnic’s portal, admissions office or paid for online during application.

Can I do a part-time HND program?

Yes, the polytechnic offers some HND programs on part-time basis through the weekend and evening sessions.

Is there hostel accommodation in the polytechnic?

Yes, there are on-campus hostels that provide accommodation to students at subsidized rates on a first come, first served basis.

Which engineering ND programs are available?

ND engineering technology programs offered include Chemical, Electrical/Electronic, Agricultural, Mechanical and Production Engineering Technology.


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