How to Open Your MoMo Agent: Simple Steps to Start

How to Become a MoMo Agent: A Step-by-Step Process

Mobile money (MoMo) has become an essential financial service across Africa, allowing customers to complete transactions directly from their mobile phones. As a MoMo agent, you serve as the vital human touchpoint facilitating cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payments and more for countless customers.

However, before you can begin operating as an authorized MoMo agent, you must go through an application and approval process with your target mobile money provider. The exact steps can vary based on your country and specific provider.

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In this comprehensive guide, we break down the end-to-end process of becoming a registered MoMo agent including:

  • Eligibility criteria to meet
  • Documentation required
  • Application process overview
  • Approval and onboarding
  • Training requirements
  • Operational policies and standards

By understanding the complete flow, you can ensure your application is successful and avoid common pitfalls. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Determining If You’re Eligible

The first step is checking that you meet the core eligibility criteria set by the mobile money provider to become an agent. While specific requirements can vary, in general you must have:

  • A physical shop or outlet with good customer foot traffic
  • Steady source of income to fund liquidity and operations
  • Valid government ID documents
  • No history of fraud or financial malpractice
  • Willingness to undergo training
  • Alignment with provider’s terms and conditions

Additionally, providers like MTN, Airtel, Tigo or Vodafone may stipulate specific amounts of working capital you must maintain e.g. minimum $300.

Confirm you meet all the provider’s set eligibility criteria before proceeding further in the application process to avoid rejections.

Step 2: Preparing Required Documentation

MoMo providers require various documents from aspiring agents during the application process, including:

  • Application form – Filled out in detail with personal information, location, services offered etc.
  • ID proof – National ID, driver’s license, passport etc. Should be valid and clearly legible.
  • Residence proof – Recent utility bill, rental agreement etc. displaying your address.
  • Photographs – Passport-size photo as well as outlet photos. May require specific formats.
  • Capital proof – Bank statements or references demonstrating your working capital.
  • Business permit – License or registration documents if required in your area.

It is crucial to have clear, updated copies of each mandatory document ready before starting your application.

Step 3: Completing the Agent Application Process

There are a few methods to submit your MoMo agent application based on your provider:

USSD Registration

Some providers allow self-registration via USSD menus:

  • Dial the special agent registration USSD code
  • Follow prompts to input required personal and business details
  • Answer all mandatory questions to complete application
  • Receive reference number on successful submission via SMS

In-Person Application

The traditional approach is submitting forms and documents at a branch:

  • Visit nearest branch or agent center of your chosen provider
  • Request application form and fulfill eligibility checks
  • Carefully fill out all sections accurately and completely
  • Attach all required documentation with application form
  • Submit to representative and keep acknowledgement

Assisted Application

Some providers have dedicated agents to facilitate sign-ups:

  • Contact agent enrollment representative
  • Schedule meeting to assess your eligibility
  • Representative assists you through application process
  • Submit documents and forms on your behalf

Online/Mobile App

Rarely, providers may offer apps or web-based applications:

  • Download relevant mobile app or visit provider’s portal
  • Create profile and submit details via digital application form
  • Upload scans or images of required documents
  • Complete all sections and submit the application online

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully for the application method offered by your target provider.

Step 4: Awaiting Approval and Onboarding

Once your MoMo agent application is submitted via any mode, here is what happens next:

  • Thorough verification of all documents and details provided
  • Background check of your identity, credentials and location
  • Assessment of minimum capital requirements and viability
  • Interview or in-person evaluation may be required
  • If approved, account creation and POS device allocation
  • SMS/email with approval typically sent within 2-4 weeks
  • Contact provider for status after 4 weeks if pending

Ensure all information you shared is accurate to avoid delays or rejection.

Step 5: Activating Your MoMo Agent Account

Upon approval, you must complete activation formalities to begin operations:

Collect POS device

  • Receive and activate POS device provided
  • Set up, charge and configure device as per guidelines

Account set-up

  • SMS will be sent with account PIN, login details etc.
  • First-time login process on POS device and/or app
  • Change default PIN to personalized confidential PIN

Link bank account (optional but recommended)

  • Provide your business bank account details
  • Complete verification processes for account linking
  • Enables direct settlement of commissions

Branding and marketing

  • Use provided POS banners, uniforms, merchandising items
  • Promote activation via social media, leaflets etc.

You are now ready to serve customers as an authorized MoMo agent!

Step 6: Completing Compulsory Agent Training

To ensure you provide excellent and secure services, training is mandatory before commencing full operations:

  • Attend onboarding seminar organized by the provider.
  • Hands-on POS device usage training – menus, transactions, troubleshooting.
  • Customer service protocols when serving clients.
  • Cash handling procedures for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Security best practices for PINs, fraud prevention etc.
  • Tips for liquidity management and account reconciliation.
  • Overview of commissions, targets and compensation structure.
  • Q&A session to address queries.

Completing this training equips you to manage daily operations smoothly while protecting customers and your business. Make sure to retain your course completion certificate.

Step 7: Maintaining Standards as a MoMo Agent

Once activated, you must continue meeting the provider’s standards:

  • Maintain prescribed minimum working capital and liquidity
  • Ensure outlet branding and ID is clearly visible
  • Only charge approved fees transparently
  • Protect customer privacy and PIN confidentiality
  • Attend refresher training sessions as scheduled
  • Resolve customer complaints and issues promptly
  • Achieve monthly/annual targets if stipulated
  • Operate per terms of MoMo agent agreement
  • Stay up-to-date on new products, services and policies

Adhering to these operational standards will ensure your agency remains authorized and in good standing.


Becoming an authorized MoMo agent allows you to provide essential financial services to your community while earning attractive commissions. Make sure to learn and fulfill your target mobile money provider’s specific prerequisites and application process to successfully begin your journey as an agent.

Dedicate time upfront to prepare strong documentation, complete training, and continue operating to high standards.

By doing this, you can build a thriving outlet that benefits customers and your own earning potential in the world of mobile money.



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