When Does MTN Pay MoMo Agents?

Understanding MoMo Agent Payment Schedules and Methods from MTN

As an MTN MoMo agent in Nigeria, receiving your earned commissions and fees on time is crucial for smooth operations and maintaining adequate float balances. However, payment schedules and methods can vary based on several factors.

This comprehensive guide examines when and how MTN pays registered MoMo agents across different categories and locations.

When Does MTN Pay MoMo Agents?


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Overview of MTN MoMo Agent Roles

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) enables millions of Nigerians to transfer money, pay bills, save, borrow and more using only their mobile phones. As an authorized MTN agent, you play a vital role by providing cash-in and cash-out services to MoMo consumers through your registered retail store.

In exchange, MTN pays you attractive commissions and fees for facilitating customer transactions through your MoMo agent wallet. Commissions typically range from 0.25% to 2% of transaction values.

By maintaining a sufficiently funded wallet balance, you enable unbanked Nigerians to benefit from financial inclusion through MoMo while diversifying your income.

Key Factors Influencing MoMo Agent Payment Schedules

While all registered agents can earn commissions, your specific payment schedule and payout method depends on:

1. Transaction Volume

The higher your customer transaction volumes, the faster you typically receive payments. High-transacting agents may receive daily or weekly payments. Low-volume agents are often paid biweekly or monthly.

2. Agent Performance

Agents who consistently meet or exceed MoMo performance targets and KPIs set by MTN may receive expedited payment schedules as an incentive.

3. Agent Type/Tier

Your designated agent type – such as Basic, Super, Premium – determines your payment terms. Higher-tier agents enjoy faster payments.

4. Location Within MTN Network

Payment schedules can vary across different regions where MTN operates. Geographic factors affect liquidity management and cash availability.

5. Technical System Issues

Occasional downtimes and technical glitches within the MTN network can sometimes delay disbursements of agent payments.

Monitoring the above factors that influence your payment schedule enables better financial planning and liquidity management.

Understanding MoMo Agent Payment Methods

MTN leverages various disbursement methods to pay registered MoMo agents their owed commissions:

1. Direct Deposit into Wallet

Most agents receive funds directly deposited into their primary MoMo agent e-wallet tied to their registered mobile number.


  • Instant availability of funds for transactions
  • Seamless reconciliation and tracking
  • Avoids risks of handling cash


  • Dependent on maintaining active wallet account
  • Delays if technical issues with wallet account

2. Direct Deposit into Bank Account

Some agents may receive earnings credited directly to their registered bank account instead of the MoMo wallet.


  • Can withdraw cash anytime from bank
  • Funds earn interest in bank account
  • Avoid e-wallet technical issues


  • Experience bank transfer delays
  • Lose real-time liquidity in wallet
  • Additional step to move money into wallet

3. Physical Cash Collection

Agents in remote regions may receive payments as physical cash disbursements at designated MTN offices/locations.


  • Receive cash immediately in hand
  • Avoid need for bank account or wallet


  • Inconvenience of traveling to collect cash
  • Security risks handling cash
  • Lack of electronic payment records

The payment method depends on your tier, location, target liquidity, and MTN’s regional cash management needs.

Payment Schedule for MoMo Agents

While payment frequency varies, the general payment schedule for MoMo agents is:

High-Volume Agents

  • Daily – For extremely high transacting agents in key metro areas.
  • Weekly – Agents conducting over 500+ transactions per week, settled every 5-7 days.

Medium-Volume Agents

  • Biweekly – Twice per month payments for moderately active agents.
  • Monthly – Base payment month-end for agents with regular customer traffic.

Low-Volume Agents

  • 6 weeks – Entry-level agents with limited transactions paid 6-weekly.
  • Quarterly – Inactive/passive agents paid once per fiscal quarter.

Monitoring your transaction trends and growth is key to projecting your payment frequency. Consistently providing excellent service increases customer adoption and your transacting volumes over time.

Best Practices for MoMo Agents to Maximize Earnings

Follow these tips to grow your customer base, transaction volumes and maximize your commissions:

  • Promote MoMo services prominently in and around your shop.
  • Train staff to perform seamless MoMo transactions and troubleshoot issues.
  • Maintain optimal liquidity in your agent wallet for uninterrupted service.
  • Provide friendly, patient customer assistance with transactions.
  • Educate consumers in your community on using the MTN MoMo app and services.
  • Request marketing collateral like banners and posters from MTN periodically.
  • Capture customer data for ongoing sales and promotions.
  • Offer specials like reduced fees at low-traffic times to boost volumes.
  • Stay updated on new MTN products and services to provide full assistance.

With excellent customer experiences, you drive higher activation and repeat transaction rates over time.

Getting Started as a New MoMo Agent

As a newly onboarded MTN MoMo agent, here are steps to take:

  • Complete KYC verification and obtain MoMo agent sticker kits.
  • Fund your wallet account with the minimum 20,000 Naira float balance.
  • Familiarize yourself fully with the MoMo agent app features.
  • Set up record-keeping systems and train staff on transactions.
  • Promote your MoMo services in-store and via social media.
  • Provide limited-time discounts on fees to attract customers initially.
  • Capture consumer data for ongoing promotional messaging and loyalty programs.

With consistent execution and customer focus, new agents can build a thriving customer base and transaction volume over time.

Major Factors Impacting MoMo Agent Commissions

The primary drivers impacting your earned commissions as an MoMo agent include:

Transaction Type

  • Cash in vs. cash out transactions
  • Bill payments, bank transfers, purchases etc.

Transaction Size

  • Higher fees for larger cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Lower fees for smaller mobile payments

Transaction Frequency

  • Regular users provide the most consistent revenue
  • Irregular client activity varies commission stability


  • Discounts and specials reduce per-transaction commissions short term
  • But typically increase volumes and new clients longer term

Tracking these and other trends allows you to strategize how to maximize your commissions.

Frequently Asked Payment Questions

How do I inquire about my specific payment schedule?

Contact MTN customer support by phone, chat, email or visiting an office. Provide your registered mobile number, agent ID and tier type.

What do I do if I haven’t received a payment on schedule?

Confirm your payment method and account details are updated with MTN. Then inquire about the delay through customer service channels. Allow 3 days for payment investigations.

Can I change my payout method from cash to bank deposit?

Yes, contact MTN payments team to submit your registered bank account details. Allow 30 days for verification and switch to activate.

How do I withdraw funds from my MoMo agent wallet?

You can transfer e-wallet balances to your bank account registered with MTN using your MoMo app or visiting an MTN agent location.

How soon are commissions reflected in my account/wallet?

Commissions earned from customer transactions post to your wallet or bank account in real-time upon transaction completion.


In summary, MTN leverages a combination of payment methods, frequencies and schedules to disburse MoMo agent commissions based on tier, transaction volumes, location and other factors.

Maintaining good customer service, following MTN’s terms of service, checking payment statuses regularly and addressing any issues promptly enables agents to maximize their earnings. Consistent execution, performance monitoring and open communication are key to success.


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