Mtn Migration Codes

A Comprehensive Guide to MTN Migration Codes Across Africa

MTN Group is a leading African telecommunications company that operates in over 20 countries across the continent. With over 240 million subscribers, MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Africa.

One of the services MTN provides is the ability for subscribers to migrate between different tariff plans. This migration allows customers to switch to plans that better suit their needs in terms of data, voice minutes, SMS etc. The migration is done by entering shortcodes known as “migration codes” that activate the move to the new tariff plan.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of MTN migration codes for key countries where MTN operates including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Cameroon.

Mtn Migration Codes


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MTN Nigeria Migration Codes

MTN Nigeria is the largest subsidiary of MTN Group with over 76 million subscribers. Some of the popular tariff plans offered by MTN Nigeria include:

  • MTN Pulse – targeted at youth segment
  • MTN Yafun Yafun – economy prepaid package
  • MTN Xtra Special – prepaid package with data and voice bundles
  • MTN Beta Talk – prepaid package with high call rates
  • MTN Pay As You Go – standard prepaid package

To migrate between these plans, subscribers use the following migration codes:

  • 1314# – Migrate to MTN Pulse
  • 1315# – Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun
  • 1312# – Migrate to MTN Xtra Special
  • 1313# – Migrate to MTN Beta Talk
  • 1314# – Migrate to MTN Pay As You Go

So for example, if an MTN Nigeria customer wants to move from Pay As You Go plan to the Pulse plan, they would dial 1314# on their phone and the migration would be activated.

MTN releases new plans periodically and informs customers of the corresponding migration codes. So it’s advisable to keep updated on the latest MTN Nigeria plans and codes to enjoy the best tariffs.

MTN Ghana Migration Codes

MTN Ghana has over 14 million subscribers making it the largest telecom in Ghana. Below are some of the popular prepaid and postpaid plans offered:

Prepaid Plans

  • MTN Call Home – Affordable calls within Ghana
  • MTN Ultra Talk – Prepaid with data bundles
  • MTN Pulse – Youth oriented plan

Postpaid Plans

  • MTN Business Plan – For SMEs and corporates
  • MTN Private Individual Plan – For high usage individuals

To move between prepaid plans, subscribers dial the following migration codes:

  • *170# – Migrate to MTN Call Home
  • 13860# – Migrate to MTN Ultra Talk
  • *170# – Migrate to MTN Pulse

For postpaid, customers can migrate by dialling:

  • 17065# – Migrate to MTN Business Plan
  • 17062# – Migrate to MTN Private Individual Plan

MTN Ghana also offers specialised corporate packages like Machine2Machine plans that have their own migration procedures.

MTN Uganda Migration Codes

MTN Uganda has over 11 million subscribers. Some key plans include:

  • MTN Zone – Basic prepaid package
  • MTN Pulse – Youth focused package
  • MTN Supa Strikas – Prepaid package with bundled minutes
  • MTN My Paka Plus – Affordable prepaid with data

To move between packages, customers dial:

  • 1652# – Migrate to MTN Zone
  • 1655# – Migrate to MTN Pulse
  • 1656# – Migrate to MTN Supa Strikas
  • 1651# – Migrate to MTN My Paka Plus

MTN Uganda occasionally offers time-limited plans like the Mega Masappe promotion with its own migration code. It’s important to take advantage of short-term deals before they expire.

MTN South Africa Migration Codes

As the home country of MTN Group, MTN South Africa has over 30 million subscribers. Some top prepaid plans include:

  • MTN Supacharga – Standard prepaid package
  • MTN Sky – Prepaid plan with benefits for contract customers
  • MTN Made for Me – Customisable prepaid product

To move between the plans, subscribers dial:

  • 131325# – Migrate to MTN Supacharga
  • 131132# – Migrate to MTN Sky
  • 131665# – Migrate to MTN Made for Me

South Africa also has attractive postpaid plans like Smart Plans for data-centric customers. Migration codes are available on the MTN South Africa website for postpaid switches. Corporate clients can also migrate between business packages as needed by contacting their account manager.

MTN Cameroon Migration Codes

MTN Cameroon has over 6 million subscribers. Main prepaid plans include:

  • MTN Connection – Standard prepaid
  • MTN Switch – Package with call discounts
  • MTN Hello – Affordable prepaid product

To migrate between prepaid plans, subscribers dial:

  • 1440# – Migrate to MTN Connection
  • 1441# – Migrate to MTN Switch
  • 1442# – Migrate to MTN Hello

For postpaid plans like MTN Corporate and MTN Business, customers need to contact MTN Cameroon directly to request migrations.


MTN offers a wide selection of prepaid and postpaid plans across its African footprint. By using the appropriate migration codes, subscribers can switch between packages to find the best rates for their usage needs. Customers should check the latest plans and migration details regularly on each country’s MTN website to maximize savings on voice, text and data.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to pay to migrate between MTN plans?

Most MTN migrations between prepaid plans are free. However, some migrations between postpaid plans may incur fees – check with your country’s MTN for specifics.

2. How long does it take to migrate to a new MTN plan?

Prepaid migrations via migration codes are typically instantaneous. Postpaid migrations can take 24-48 hours once initiated.

3. Can I migrate back to my old MTN plan?

Yes, you can move back to your old prepaid plan by entering the migration code for that plan. For postpaid, you may need to contact MTN to request moving back.

4. Will I lose my phone number when I migrate?

No, your mobile number will remain the same when you migrate between MTN plans in the same country.

5. Do I need to inform MTN before migrating plans?

For prepaid plans, you can self-migrate by entering the codes. For postpaid, it is best to inform MTN beforehand.

6. How often can I change my MTN plan?

For prepaid plans, you can change as frequently as you want. For postpaid plans, MTN may limit how often you can migrate between plans within a certain time period.

7. What happens to my data or minutes when I migrate?

Typically any unused data or minutes will be transferred over to your new plan when migrating.

8. Will my services be disrupted when I migrate?

There may be a brief disruption of up to a few minutes when changing MTN plans. Ensure you migrate at a convenient time to avoid interruptions.

9. Can I migrate plans on my MTN mobile app?

Migration is currently only available by dialling the migration codes directly on your device in most countries.

10. Where can I find the latest MTN plans and migration codes?

Always check your country’s MTN website for up to date information on plans, prices and the codes needed to migrate between packages.


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