Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi Courses And Requirements.


Novelty Polytechnic, located in Kishi, Oyo State, Nigeria, is a private tertiary institution that offers various National Diploma (ND) programs across diverse fields. The polytechnic has come under scrutiny lately over allegations about non-compliance to NBTE standards and underqualification of faculty. This article provides an overview of the major courses purportedly offered at Novelty Polytechnic and guidance on validating claims made by the institution.

Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi Courses And Requirements.


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Computer Science

The Computer Science program at Novelty Polytechnic supposedly covers foundation courses in programming languages like C++, Java, database management, web development, networking, data structures, operating systems, software engineering and more. Practical lab sessions focused on coding, debugging, system administration etc. are said to provide hands-on learning.

Science Laboratory Technology

This program purportedly offers training in principles of science and procedures used in science laboratories. Students are said to take courses in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and instrumentation.


The Statistics program supposedly covers principles of statistics, data analysis, sampling, forecasting, modeling, research methods and more.



Novelty Polytechnic allegedly offers ND training in financial accounting, cost accounting, taxation, auditing, business finance and accounting software like Peachtree, Tally, Sage etc. But some current students have complained of inadequate exposure to practical accounting practices. It is prudent for interested candidates to check if the institution is equipped with latest accounting lab facilities.

Business Administration and Management

This program supposedly covers business concepts, organizational behavior, marketing, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship and more. But there are reservations about the depth of knowledge and industry relevance of the management curriculum. A review of the course structure and faculty expertise in management studies is highly recommended.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Mass Communication

The Mass Communication program allegedly provides training in media concepts, writing, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, publishing and more. However, some students have raised concerns over lack of practical exposure and broadcasting facilities on campus. It is wise to independently ascertain the scope of practical training, media equipment and faculty qualifications offered for this program.


Electrical/Electronics Engineering

This ND program supposedly encompasses courses in electrical circuits, digital electronics, analog systems, microprocessors, control systems, communication, power systems and so on.

Important Considerations

When researching programs offered at Novelty Polytechnic, prospective students should take note of the following:

  • Independently verify course details, qualifications of faculty, status of labs/workshops etc. directly with NBTE and the polytechnic.
  • Check if the course curriculum sufficiently covers concepts and practical aspects as per industry standards.
  • Read recent student feedback on the quality of education and training facilities on forums and social media.
  • Ensure that the facilities, faculty and course content are recognized and approved by the NBTE.
  • Check if the polytechnic has partnerships or collaborations with reputed companies for industrial training and placements.
  • Compare the fees charged, course structure and facilities to other recognized polytechnics offering similar programs.

Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi Requirements.

The polytechnic reportedly requires applicants to meet the following general admission criteria to be eligible for their ND programs:

O’Level Qualification

Applicants are required to have a minimum of 5 credit passes in relevant subjects at maximum 2 sittings in WASCE/SSCE/NECO/GCE O’Levels or equivalent examinations recognized by the NBTE. The 5 credits should mandatorily include English Language and Mathematics.

Specific Subject Requirements

In addition to the general requirements, applicants need to meet course-specific O’Level subject requirements depending on their program of interest, such as:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics for Science Lab. Tech.
  • Mathematics, Economics, Commerce for Accountancy
  • English, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Government for Business Admin.

Minimum Age

The polytechnic reportedly requires applicants to be at least 16 years of age before they can be admitted into any ND program.

Awaiting O’Level Results

Provisional admission can supposedly be granted to applicants awaiting their O’Level results, subject to meeting all other stipulated admission requirements.

Additional Requirements

Along with the general requirements, the polytechnic purportedly has some additional admission requirements:

UTME Score

In addition to qualifying O’Level exams, applicants may have to meet a minimum score of 150 in the UTME examination conducted by JAMB for their chosen course. But there are complaints over lack of transparency in cutoff marks.

Post-UTME Performance

Applicants are reportedly required to take part in the post-UTME screening conducted by the polytechnic, comprising of a written exam and oral interview. But concerns exist over the objectivity of the process.

Departmental Entry Requirements

Individual departments allegedly set additional entry requirements for their programs such as specific subject combinations, higher credit pass grades etc. But this information is not publicly disclosed.

Physical Fitness

Applicants may have to provide a medical certificate attesting to their fitness to cope with the demands of academic work. But, standards of evaluating physical fitness are unclear.

Application Process

The application process for admission to the polytechnic supposedly involves:

  • Purchase of forms: Forms are allegedly available online or from the campus.
  • Submission of forms: Forms have to be filled and submitted along with credentials before the deadline.
  • Screening: Applicants are required to participate in the post-UTME screening exercise.
  • Provisional admission: This is offered subject to fulfilling all criteria.
  • Payment of fees: Prescribed fees must be paid to confirm provisional admission.

Seeking Reliable Information

To assess the suitability of programs offered at Novelty Polytechnic and validate their claims, prospective students can contact the following authoritative sources:




Phone: +234 803 327 4489

National Universities Commission



Phone: +234 817 967 6229


While Novelty Polytechnic claims to offer various ND programs, it is crucial for prospective students to thoroughly research the standards of education provided by this institution. Given the ongoing allegations, applicants are advised to independently verify all details of programs, faculty qualifications, accreditation status, lab facilities, student feedback and other parameters directly with authoritative bodies like NBTE before seeking admission. This helps ascertain if the academic and training quality meets the required criteria to merit your time and investment. Stay informed and vigilant when evaluating programs offered by Novelty Polytechnic, Kishi.


Are all programs at Novelty Polytechnic accredited?

It is unclear. Interested candidates should check accreditation status of specific programs directly with NBTE.

What are the popular courses offered at the polytechnic?

Some popular courses are reported to be in computer science, accounting, business administration, mass communication and electrical engineering.

Does the polytechnic have adequate facilities?

There are allegations of insufficient lab equipment, workshops and other training facilities. It is wise to verify facilities.

What is the qualification criteria for faculty?

Details of faculty qualifications are unclear. Prospective students should check if lecturers meet NBTE requirements.

Does the polytechnic provide industrial training?

Details of industrial partnerships are unknown. Students are advised to check if there are arrangements for internships/industrial training.

What is the admission process?

The admission process reportedly involves qualifying exam, post-UTME exam and interview. Candidates should check directly with the polytechnic for latest admission information.

Where can I find the polytechnic’s contact information?

The official website is Interested candidates should find contact details here to get their questions answered.

What is the fee structure?

Full details are currently unavailable. It is best for interested candidates to get comprehensive fee information directly from the polytechnic.

Is hostel facility available?

Details about hostel accommodation are unclear. Prospective students should independently verify availability and quality of hostels.


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