How to Talk to PalmPay Customer Care: Support and Assistance

How to Contact PalmPay Customer Service

With over 5 million users across Nigeria and Ghana, PalmPay aims to make financial services accessible via mobile devices. Being a pioneer in digital payments, queries and issues are inevitable. PalmPay offers multiple channels for users to reach their helpful customer care team.

This guide covers PalmPay’s various customer contact points, recommended mediums to use, response times to expect, and tips for quick resolution.

How to Talk to PalmPay Customer Care

Overview of PalmPay

Launched in 2019, PalmPay is a fintech platform that offers payment solutions through an intuitive mobile app. Core services include:

  • Money transfers
  • Airtime/data purchase
  • Bill payments
  • PalmCredit loans
  • PalmSave savings

The PalmPay app lets users conveniently undertake financial transactions, earn interest, and manage personal finances. While focusing on Nigeria initially, PalmPay expanded to Ghana in 2021.

Why Contact PalmPay Customer Service

Common reasons to contact PalmPay customer care include:

  • Transaction issues
  • Failed transfers/payments
  • Incorrect charges
  • Forgotten PINs
  • Account suspension
  • App technical problems
  • Loan eligibility queries
  • Savings interest clarification

Having dedicated customer service ensures users’ concerns and problems are addressed efficiently by PalmPay.

PalmPay Customer Service Channels

PalmPay offers various channels through which users can reach out to their supportive customer care team:

Phone Support

The primary PalmPay customer care number is:

  • ๐Ÿ“ž 018886888 (for Nigeria)
  • ๐Ÿ“ž 0800725644 (for Ghana)

Lines are open from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. Call center agents assist with:

  • Account verification
  • Transaction disputes
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Suspicious activity alerts

Email Support

Users can send email queries to PalmPay customer care at:

Emails are best for less urgent queries, detailed questions, and document attachments.

Social Media Support

PalmPay customer service teams are available on popular social media channels:

  • ๐Ÿฆ Twitter – @PalmPayCare
  • ๐Ÿ˜„ Facebook – @PalmPayGlobal
  • ๐Ÿ“ธ Instagram – @palmpay_ng

While social media allows conveniently reaching PalmPay’s audience, response is slower with public visibility. Direct messages get quicker responses.

Office Visits

For pressing account issues, visiting the PalmPay office should provide immediate assistance.

  • ๐Ÿข 20 Opebi Rd, Opebi 101233, Lagos – for Nigerian users

In-person verification or transactions may be required for complaints with documentation.

In-App Chat

The PalmPay app and website are expected to soon add real-time chat support for instant queries.

No matter where users are located in Nigeria and Ghana, multiple mediums facilitate contacting PalmPay for assistance.

Best Channel by Issue Type

To optimize issue resolution, use the appropriate customer care channel as per concern type:

Issue TypeSuggested Channel
Login problemsIn-app chat > Call
Failed transfersCall > Email
Bill disputesEmail > Call/Chat
Account closureOffice visit> Call
Interest queriesEmail > Social
General FAQsSocial media > Email

Matching the degree of urgency, need for documentation, location dependency and public visibility to the appropriate channel ensures fastest clarification.

Response Time Expectations

On average, here’s when to expect a response after contacting PalmPay customer support:

ChannelFirst ResponseResolution
Calls<2 minutes<20 minutes
In-app chat<5 minutes<30 minutes
WhatsApp / Social<6 hours<48 hours
Email<24 hours<3 days
Office visitsInstant<1 hour

Note that the above response times may vary depending on support traffic volumes and case complexity.

Tips for Smooth Customer Support

Follow these tips for seamless issue resolution when engaging PalmPay customer care:

  • Have account details handy – Registered number, email, transaction history
  • Take screenshots – Visuals better demonstrate issues
  • Note reference IDs – Ticket number, support agent’s name
  • Follow instructions fully – Completely cooperate with diagnostic steps
  • Ask for next steps if unresolved – Know what happens if issue persists
  • Save important chats/emails – Retain communication records

Thoroughly explaining issues and cooperating with support agents enables quick diagnosis and resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon does PalmPay customer service respond to queries via social media?

PalmPay aims to respond within 6 hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram direct messages. But less urgent social media queries may take up to 48 hours for complete resolution.

What details should I provide when contacting PalmPay care?

Have your registered PalmPay number, account email, transaction screenshots or descriptions, previous communication records, and any exact error messages ready to help agents investigate effectively.

Can I call PalmPay India if I face app issues while travelling overseas?

No, PalmPay customer care numbers are specifically designated for Nigerian and Ghanaian users. Contact them only via digital channels like social media or email when travelling internationally.

Does PalmPay offer 24/7 support on any channel?

No, phone and in-person support is limited to 8am – 8pm. But you can reach PalmPay via digital channels like emails, Twitter/Facebook messages, in-app chat 24/7 – with slightly longer response times outside working hours. Live in-app chat coming soon.


PalmPay enables quick, affordable payments and financial services via mobile apps tailored to African users. Their ever-helpful customer support teams are available across various channels like phone, email, social media, mobile chat apps, and in-person.

Matching your issue urgency and documentation needs to the appropriate channel optimizes resolution speed. Proactively providing complete details to support agents also facilitates prompt diagnosis.

As PalmPay continues expanding digital financial access, maintaining strong customer service promotes trust and loyalty in these virtual payment technologies.

So reach out to PalmPay’s assistance channels for any queries – and seamlessly undertake secure financial transactions from your phone!


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