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Getting Help from Moniepoint Customer Support

As a leading fintech platform in Nigeria, Moniepoint aims to provide exceptional customer service and support. With over 12 million users, queries and issues are bound to arise. Moniepoint offers various channels to contact their customer support team and get timely assistance.

Getting Help from Moniepoint Customer Support

Why You May Need to Contact Support

There are many reasons you may need to reach out to Moniepoint’s customer service channels, including:

  • Account verification issues
  • Forgotten passwords or PINs
  • Questions about charges or transactions
  • Transfer problems
  • App technical issues
  • Suspected fraud or unauthorized activities
  • Complaints about services
  • General inquiries

Having a dedicated customer support team allows Moniepoint to promptly resolve concerns, improve services, and enhance user satisfaction.

Main Channels to Contact Moniepoint Support

Moniepoint offers customers multiple convenient ways to reach their support team. Here are the primary methods:

In-App Live Chat

The fastest and most direct way to contact Moniepoint is via the in-app live chat feature.

How to access in-app chat support:

  1. Open your Moniepoint app
  2. Tap the chat icon on the bottom toolbar
  3. Choose the issue category for your query
  4. Start chatting with Moniepoint’s chatbot Miguel or a live agent

The chatbot can solve common issues automatically while live agents are available 24/7 to address complex questions. With chat transcripts saved directly in the app, this is the most efficient contact method.


Sending an email to Moniepoint’s customer support team is easy. Just email them at with:

  • Your full name
  • Registered phone number
  • Clear description of your issue
  • Previous communication details
  • Any error messages

Adding the necessary details in your initial email enables faster resolution. You’ll typically get a response within 24 hours.

Helpline Calls

For urgent assistance, call Moniepoint’s helpline numbers:

  • 07003556633
  • 0700MONIEPOINT (070066674368)

Helpline support is available from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. Call agents can guide you through troubleshooting, account security steps, or recent transactions.

WhatsApp Chat

Moniepoint also offers customer assistance over WhatsApp chat at 07003556633. Key highlights:

  • Get support via instant messaging
  • Available 24/7
  • Uploads like screenshots can help explain issues
  • Save important chat transcripts

With 97% of Nigerian internet users active on WhatsApp, this presents a convenient and familiar contact channel.

Social Media Support

Moniepoint maintains official profiles on leading social networks:

  • Facebook – @Moniepoint
  • Twitter – @MoniepointCare
  • Instagram – @moniepoint_official
  • YouTube – Moniepoint Nigeria

Follow or send them a direct message on social media for assistance. Response times may be longer but it’s a handy alternative contact method.

Website Contact Form

On Moniepoint’s official website, you’ll find a contact form under the Help Center section.

How to use the website contact form:

  1. Go to Moniepoint Contact Page
  2. Fill in your name, registered phone number, email
  3. Select issue category (e.g. account, payments)
  4. Provide issue details in the long message box
  5. Optionally attach relevant images
  6. Click submit

Fill the web form with as much helpful information as possible for quick resolution. You’ll get an email update when your ticket is received and then ongoing case updates.

In-Person Branch Visit

For pressing account issues, visiting your nearest Moniepoint agent location or Ecobank branch is advised. Bring:

  • Valid ID documents
  • Registered phone
  • Transaction records or screenshots
  • Previous communication

Branch agents can assist with:

  • Identity verification
  • SIM replacements
  • Account freezing or closure
  • Urgent withdrawals
  • Suspicious activity

Although less convenient than digital channels, physically visiting a Moniepoint agent provides dedicated in-person account support.

What Details to Provide Moniepoint Support

To receive prompt help from Moniepoint’s customer service, provide:

  • Full name: So they can locate your account
  • Registered phone number: To verify identity
  • Previous communication: Reference numbers, names of agents spoken to
  • Transaction details: Dates, amounts, sender/receiver info
  • Screenshots: Visuals often explain issues better
  • Error messages: Copy exact wording of errors

Supplying accurate details gets your issues prioritized for faster turnaround. Hazy queries take more time to investigate.

When to Expect a Resolution

How quickly can you expect resolution from Moniepoint’s customer support?

ChannelFirst ResponseResolution Goal
ChatbotsInstant<5 minutes
In-app chat<1 minute<15 minutes
WhatsApp<5 minutes<2 hours
Helpline calls<1 minute<30 minutes
Email<1 hour<24 hours
Social media<1 hour<48 hours
Website tickets<1 hour<48 hours
In-person visitsInstant<3 hours

Response and resolution times depend on query complexity but Moniepoint aims to solve most issues within 48 hours. Urgent cases are prioritized via faster mediums like calls and chat.

Moniepoint Support Options Comparison

Contact MethodAvailabilityResponse TimeResolution CapabilityOther Benefits
In-App Chat24/7< 1 minHighLive agent, transcripts saved
Email24/7< 1 hourMediumDetailed issue capture
Helpline8am – 8pm< 1 minHighCall recordings
WhatsApp Chat24/7<5 minsMediumVisual issue demonstration
Social Media<1 hourLowPublic broadcast
Website Form24/7<1 hourMediumAttach files & updates
In-PersonBranch hoursInstantHighIdentity verification

This comparison table lets you easily determine the optimal channel to use based on your specific customer support needs from Moniepoint.

Tips for Smooth Support Experience

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth process when engaging Moniepoint’s customer service:

  • Have account details ready: Registered number, email, password/PIN
  • Take screenshots: Capture error messages or transaction screens
  • Describe issues clearly: Concisely explain your problem
  • Follow agent guidance: Cooperate fully with troubleshooting steps
  • Save reference numbers: Note ticket/case IDs for follow-up
  • Clarify if issues persist: Ask what next steps are if not resolved
  • Give feedback: Rate interactions so Moniepoint can improve

By being prepared, communicative, and cooperating with support agents, you enable faster diagnosis and resolution of your issues.

Customer Support Contact FAQs

What are Moniepoint’s customer support working hours?

Phone and in-person support is available 8am to 8pm daily. Digital channels like chat, email, social media run 24/7 with some response lag outside working hours.

How do I track status for my issues via email/web tickets?

Every ticket generates a reference number. Email updates are sent when tickets are received and for status changes. You can reply to ticket emails for any followup.

What details should I have before contacting customer support?

Have your registered account details, transaction history screenshots, previous communication, and exact error messages ready to help agents troubleshoot faster.

Can I speak to an agent via in-app chat support?

Yes, the chatbot provides automated responses for common issues while live agents join the chat to assist with complex questions.


Moniepoint strives to make customer support easily accessible to its millions of users across Nigeria. By offering various contact channels like in-app chat, calls, WhatsApp, email, social media, and an online webform, users have flexibility to reach support easily.

Providing complete details about issues upfront enables faster resolution. Support teams are available nearly round the clock to diagnose and troubleshoot account problems. With multiple mediums, availability, proper issue documentation, and dedicated agents – Moniepoint is committed to delivering excellent customer service.


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