Fountain University School Fees for All Courses 2024/2025

A Comprehensive Overview of Fountain University School Fees for All Courses

Fountain University is a leading private university in Nigeria with campuses in Oshogbo and Osogbo. The university offers a wide range of accredited programs across undergraduate, postgraduate and professional disciplines. As a private institution, Fountain University charges tuition and other related academic fees. This comprehensive guide examines the school fee structure for all courses at Fountain University.

fountain university school fees for all courses


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About Fountain University

Established in 2007, Fountain University is approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and runs over 50 academic programs in fields like:

  • Management and Social Sciences
  • Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Law
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Basic and Allied Health Sciences

With two campuses at Oke-Ola and Oshogbo, Fountain University has modern infrastructure, facilities and a serene learning environment.

The university charges reasonable fees to deliver quality education and aims to make education accessible through scholarships.

Undergraduate School Fees

The undergraduate school fees per session at Fountain University are outlined below:

Management and Social Sciences

  • Accounting – N850,000
  • Business Administration – N850,000
  • Economics – N850,000
  • Mass Communication – N850,000
  • Political Science – N850,000
  • International Relations – N850,000
  • Tourism and Hospitality – N850,000

Arts and Humanities

  • English Language – N850,000
  • History and International Studies – N850,000
  • Islamic Studies – N850,000
  • French – N850,000
  • Arabic – N850,000

Basic and Allied Health Sciences

  • Nursing – N935,000
  • Medical Laboratory Science – N935,000
  • Public Health – N850,000

Engineering and Technology

  • Computer Science – N850,000
  • Cyber Security – N850,000
  • Software Engineering – N850,000
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering – N850,000
  • Mechatronics Engineering – N850,000
  • Civil Engineering – N850,000

Natural and Applied Sciences

  • Microbiology – N850,000
  • Industrial Chemistry – N850,000
  • Physics with Electronics – N850,000
  • Biochemistry – N850,000
  • Mathematics – N850,000
  • Statistics – N850,000


  • Law – N850,000

The undergraduate fees cover tuition, registration, examination charges, identity card, and basic medical care. Additional faculty-specific charges may apply.

Postgraduate School Fees

The postgraduate school fees at Fountain University per session are:

  • PGD Programs – N500,000
  • Masters Programs – N650,000
  • MBA Program – N850,000
  • M.Sc Programs – N800,000
  • PhD Programs – N1,000,000

Postgraduate fees cover similar items as undergraduate fees. Programs like MBA and M.Sc attract slightly higher fees due to higher operational costs.

Professional Program Fees

Fountain University offers professional courses in:

  • ICAN – N600,000 per session
  • ANAN – N500,000 per session
  • CITN – N500,000 per session

These programs are self-sponsored. The fees cover tuition, exam registration and study materials.

Part-Time Program Fees

Fountain University also offers part-time undergraduate degree programs in select disciplines. The fees are:

  • Management & Social Sciences – N200,000 per session
  • Arts & Humanities – N200,000 per session
  • Sciences – N250,000 per session

Part-time students pay lower fees but must complete the degree within a maximum 5 year time frame.

Payment Structure

The fees at Fountain University are payable according to the following schedule:

  • 40% at start of first semester
  • 30% at start of second semester
  • 30% before examinations

Additional Costs

Beyond tuition fees, students should budget for:

  • Registration/verification fee – N20,000 annually
  • Accommodation – N70,000 – N200,000 per session
  • Textbooks & stationery – N20,000+ per session
  • Transportation, feeding, utilities – variable costs

New students must also pay an acceptance fee of N30,000 and alumni dues of N20,000.

Fee Discounts

Fountain University offers the following tuition discounts:

  • 5% discount for 2 students from same family
  • 10% discount for 3 students from same family
  • 15% discount for online/part-time students paying full fees upfront

The university also provides scholarships and financial aid for deserving students with proven need.

Fountain University Contact

Here are some resources where you can find more specific information about school fees for all courses at Fountain University:


Fountain University delivers quality higher education at reasonable fees across diverse programs from undergraduate to doctoral level. By understanding the fee structure comprehensively, students and parents can financially prepare for studying at this reputable Nigerian university.


Do all programs pay the same tuition fees?

No, some programs like Nursing, Medical Lab Sciences, MBA and M.Sc pay higher fees than standard due to higher operational costs. All other programs pay the base rate.

What is covered under the tuition fees?

The tuition fees cover your instruction, assessments, basic medical care, ID card and associated administrative costs. Additional student levies apply.

When should I pay my tuition fees?

Fees are paid per session – 40% at start of first semester, 30% for second semester, 30% before exams.

Does Fountain University offer scholarships?

Yes, Fountain provides scholarships and financial aid to students with academic merit and proven financial need. Enquire directly regarding applications.

Can I pay tuition fees in installments?

Yes, Fountain allows payment of tuition in 3 installments per session as per the set payment schedule. Installments must be cleared on time.


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