Blaqbonez has expressed his belief that genuine love is hard to find in Lagos.


In a recent conversation with popular podcaster Fay Fay, Nigerian hip-hop artist Blaqbonez, whose real name is Emeka Akumefule, boldly stated that he believes there is no “true love” to be found in Lagos State.

Blaqbonez candidly shared his perspective, revealing that he has witnessed instances of true love in Nasarawa and Adamawa states, and to some extent in Akwa Ibom state. However, he firmly maintained that he has never personally experienced genuine love within Lagos.

It is worth noting that Blaqbonez publicly introduced his girlfriend, Gbemi Daniel, in February of last year. He took to his social media platforms to express that he felt it was unfair to keep their relationship hidden from the world, as she had been there for him when no one else was. Accompanied by a heartfelt video compilation showcasing their romantic moments together, Blaqbonez expressed the beauty of love and gratitude for his partner.

Through his remarks on love and his personal experiences, Blaqbonez has shed light on his perspective regarding the presence or absence of true love in Lagos State.

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