No Man Has Ever Attracted Me In My Life, I Don’t Know What It Feels Like – Temmie Ovwasa Revealed


A popular singer, songwriter and Artist, Temmie Ovwasa who is popularly known as YBNL princess, revealed why she does not get attracted to men and that she doesn’t know how it feels to love a man.

In an interview with Doyin on her podcast, the singer revealed this after she was asked how she identifies herself. Temmie said, “I’m a lesbian. That means I am not sexu@lly attracted to men at all, i have never felt sexu@l attraction to men in my life. I don’t know what it feels like ”

The singer revealed that being a gay is something that is inherent and no one can change it, she also said that she went to several deliverance sessions when she was 18, but nothing changed. She continued saying that one can suppress sexuality just to please people, but it will not change anything about how to identify themselves.

You can watch the video Here

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