Airtel Subscribe Code: Easy Ways to Subscribe

Getting the Right Airtel USSD Subscription Code for Your Needs

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes are a powerful way to manage your Airtel mobile account. With just a few taps, you can check your balance, top up airtime, subscribe to plans, and much more. But with so many codes floating around, how do you know which one to use?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the major types of Airtel subscriptions, the available USSD codes, and tips to get the most out of your account. Whether you’re pre-paid or post-paid, looking for data or voice, we’ve got you covered. By the end, you’ll be a pro at using USSD codes to maximize the value you get from Airtel.

Airtel Subscribe Code


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Prepaid USSD Codes

If you’re on a Airtel prepaid plan, these codes help you check balances, top up, and activate plans.

Check Balances

To check your airtime balance:


To check your data balance:


With these two codes, you can quickly see how many voice minutes or data MBs you have left for the month. Monitoring this helps avoid surprise outages or overage charges.

Top Up Account

To add more airtime or data to your prepaid account:


This code lets you instantly add airtime or data by redeeming a top up PIN. Airtel offers various denominations from as low as 100 MB data or 100 minutes talk time. PINs can be purchased at retail outlets or via the Airtel app and website.

Once redeemed, the additional airtime or data will be reflected in your account balance. This enables hassle-free self-service top ups anytime.

Activate Bundles

Prepaid bundles give you allowances of airtime, data, and SMS valid for 1 day to 30 days. To activate a bundle:


Airtel offers prepaid bundles for budgets of all sizes. Some popular examples include:

  • Daily bundle – 100 MB data + 20 minutes for $0.50
  • Weekly bundle – 500 MB data + 60 minutes for $2
  • Monthly bundle – 1.5 GB data + 200 minutes for $5

Bundles save you up to 50% compared to pay-as-you-go rates. And the allowances don’t expire until the end of the validity period, even if you don’t use them fully each day.

Postpaid USSD Codes

For Airtel postpaid customers, here are helpful management codes:

Check Bill Amount

To check the amount due on your latest postpaid bill:


This gives you visibility into how much you need to pay to avoid account suspension or penalties. Bill amounts can vary each month depending on usage, so it’s good to check.

Get Bill Payment Reminders

To set up bill payment reminder SMS alerts:


Bill dates can be easy to forget. With this code, Airtel will SMS you reminders leading up to your due date so your account stays current.

Share/Gift Data

To share data from your plan with other Airtel numbers:

501[receiver’s mobile number]*[amount of data]#

For example, to gift 100MB to the number 123456789, you would enter:


This enables account owners to easily allocate data to family members or teams on the same postpaid account. It also allows gifting data to prepaid users.

International Roaming USSD Codes

When you travel overseas, these codes help you manage roaming on your Airtel mobile:

Activate Roaming

To activate international roaming before leaving your home country:

14300 [country code]#

For example, to activate roaming in the U.S., you would enter:

14300 1#

This ensures your Airtel SIM card can connect to networks abroad and avoids a non-working SIM upon arrival.

Check Roaming Rate

To check the roaming rate for the country you’re visiting:


Rates vary by country, so it’s good to check before use. This informs you of the per minute, message, and data rates to expect while roaming.

Deactivate Roaming

To deactivate international roaming and avoid charges:

14300 [country code] *00000#

For example, when leaving the U.S., you would enter:

14300 1*00000#

This stops roaming so you won’t rack up expensive usage fees after departing the visited country.

USSD Tips & Tricks

Get the most mileage out of Airtel USSD codes with these expert tips:

  • Set up notifications – Many codes allow you to configure balance and usage alerts via SMS or email. This enables you to monitor your account easily.
  • Store codes in your phone – Save frequently used codes as contacts in your phone for fast access when needed.
  • Bookmark a code reference – Print or bookmark a cheat sheet of key codes to avoid memorizing them all.
  • Use voice commands – Try saying the USSD code aloud rather than typing if your hands are occupied.
  • Check for new codes – Airtel introduces new codes over time, so check their website periodically for the latest options.
  • Clear the line first – Hang up any call before entering a code, since they can’t be executed mid-call.

Learning the USSD codes for your Airtel plan unlocks quick account access and management via your mobile phone. With this guide’s codes and tips, you can become a pro in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using USSD codes?

USSD codes offer several key benefits:

  • Convenience – Access account features quickly without calling customer service
  • Self-service – Monitor usage, top up, or change plans independently
  • Works anywhere – USSD works without mobile data or wifi connectivity
  • Availability – USSD menus are available 24/7 for instant account access
  • Speed – Transactions complete in real-time once initiated
  • Security – No account number or login details needed to use USSD

How do I find USSD codes for my specific Airtel plan?

The fastest way is to dial *121# from your Airtel mobile. This will bring up the USSD menu with all codes relevant for your prepaid or postpaid account.

You can also find plan-specific codes on the Airtel website under the Self Care or My Airtel sections after logging into your account. Support agents can also provide applicable codes.

Can I save or print USSD codes for easy access?

Yes, you can save or print USSD codes for convenient reference when needed. Some helpful ways to do this:

  • Save codes as contact names in your phone labeled by function
  • Create a screenshot of codes to view offline
  • Write down codes on paper kept in your wallet
  • Print out a USSD code cheat sheet to bookmark
  • Download a USSD code app with your provider’s codes
  • Add notes in your phone for quick access to commonly used codes

How do I cancel an incorrect USSD transaction?

If you notice a mistake or incorrect entry after executing a USSD transaction, you can cancel it by hitting the # key immediately which acts as a cancel command. However, if you end the USSD session, the transaction cannot be cancelled.

You’ll have to wait for the incorrect transaction to complete, then contact customer support to request a reversal or credit as applicable. Provide details on the error to resolve it faster.

Can I get a text message confirming my USSD transaction?

Yes, most USSD menus offer an option to request confirmation SMS messages for transactions. After initiating a top up, plan change or other request, choose the menu option to enable confirmation messages.

You can also dial *121# and navigate to Messaging to activate confirmation texts for certain transactions. Receive at-a-glance text confirmations for peace of mind.

Do USSD codes work on landlines or only mobiles?

USSD codes only work on mobile phones. They access menus and account features via your SIM card, which landlines don’t have. You’ll need an active Airtel mobile number and SIM to utilize USSD codes.

Can I use USSD codes while roaming internationally?

Yes, Airtel USSD codes will work in most countries where Airtel has roaming partnerships. However, subscribing to plans or topping up may not work abroad. Best practice is to check balances and account details only.

For transactions, use the Airtel app or wait until you are back in your home country on the Airtel network. Some USSD codes also enable checking roaming rates and managing roaming itself.

How do I check data usage with USSD?

To check remaining data balance:


To get data usage so far this month:


To get data usage for a specific time period:


Replace the YYYYYMMDD values with your desired start and end dates. This returns data consumption between those dates.

What happens if I enter a wrong or invalid USSD code?

When you enter an incorrect or invalid USSD code, you’ll typically get an error message saying “Incorrect command” or “Invalid input”. The USSD session will then end without performing any action.

If you get an error message, double check the code and try again. Having a code reference sheet can help avoid typos. If issues persist, contact customer support for assistance troubleshooting.

Where do I find USSD codes for plans offered by Airtel?

Airtel’s current promotional and standard plan offerings along with their USSD subscription codes can be found:

  • On the Airtel website under Products & Plans > Prepaid Plans or Postpaid Plans
  • In the My Airtel mobile app under Products > Plans
  • In Airtel retail stores and partner outlets
  • By texting ‘PLAN’ to 121 from your Airtel number
  • By dialing *121# and selecting “Plans & Bundles”

New and customized plans may have unique activation codes provided upon signup.


We hope this guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview of how to use Airtel USSD codes to supercharge account management. Save time, stay informed and maximize the value you get from your Airtel mobile services.


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