Uyo City Polytechnic, Uyo Courses And Requirements.


Uyo City Polytechnic, located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, is one of the leading polytechnics in the country. It offers a wide range of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs across various disciplines to equip students with skills and knowledge for employment, entrepreneurship, and further studies.

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Engineering Programs

Engineering programs are among the most popular at Uyo City Polytechnic due to high demand for engineering skills in Nigeria. The polytechnic offers ND and HND programs in the following engineering fields:

Electrical/Electronics Engineering

The Electrical/Electronics Engineering program provides training in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of electrical and electronic devices and systems. Students take courses in basic electronics, digital electronics, microprocessors, electrical machines, power systems, instrumentation, and control systems. With an HND, graduates can work as electrical technicians, electronics technicians, telecommunications technicians, etc. The program also equips students for further education in fields like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, mechatronics, etc.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering focuses on integrating computer sciences and electronic engineering to design and develop computer systems and related technologies. The program equips students with skills in areas like computer architecture, embedded systems, operating systems, data communication, microprocessor systems, software engineering, etc. Graduates can pursue careers as computer hardware engineers, systems engineers, network engineers, software developers, etc. The HND program prepares students for further studies in computer engineering or related fields.

Petroleum Engineering

This program provides training in the design, development, and maintenance of systems related to the production of oil and gas. Students take courses in geology, drilling engineering, reservoir engineering, production technology, project management, etc. Graduates can work in roles like drilling engineers, production engineers, project engineers, etc. in the oil and gas industry. The HND qualification enables further education in petroleum engineering and related master’s programs.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program equips students with skills in the design, testing, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Courses cover engineering materials, solid/fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing technology, machine design, hydraulics, project management, etc. Graduates can pursue careers as mechanical technicians, maintenance engineers, production engineers, etc. in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and other sectors. An HND qualifies graduates for higher degrees in mechanical engineering or related fields.

Science Programs

Uyo City Polytechnic offers ND and HND programs in science-related disciplines to produce skilled technicians and technologists for Nigeria’s industrial and technology sectors.

Science Laboratory Technology

This program provides training in laboratory testing and analysis procedures required in chemical, biological, food processing, oil and gas, and other science-based industries. Students take courses in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, instrumentation, quality assurance, industrial safety, etc. Graduates work as laboratory technicians/technologists, quality control technicians, etc. An HND prepares students for higher degrees in fields like biochemistry, microbiology, food science, etc.

Industrial Chemistry

Students learn about chemical processes and systems required for manufacturing, petrochemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and other industries. The curriculum covers inorganic/organic chemistry, chemical engineering principles, analytical methods, industrial safety, etc. Graduates can work as process technicians, chemical analysts, production supervisors, etc. Further studies after an HND could lead to careers like chemical engineers, biochemists, food scientists, etc.

Business and Management Programs

Uyo City Polytechnic offers ND and HND programs in various business and management fields to produce graduates equipped with business skills tailored to Nigeria’s economic environment.

Business Administration and Management

One of the most popular programs, this equips students with knowledge and skills in business principles, accounting, marketing, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, financial management, etc. Graduates can work as business managers, marketing executives, accountants, human resource officers, administrative officers, etc. An HND prepares students for further studies in business, accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, etc.


Students take courses in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, corporate governance, accounting systems, business law, etc. Graduates are equipped for careers like accountants, tax consultants, auditors, finance officers, etc. in the corporate sector as well as accounting firms and financial institutions. Further education after an HND can lead to becoming chartered accountants, finance professionals, etc.


The marketing program provides training in areas like consumer behavior, sales, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, marketing research, international marketing, strategic marketing, etc. Graduates work as marketing officers, sales executives, brand managers, customer relationship officers, etc. An HND prepares students for higher degrees leading to marketing management and leadership careers.


This program equips students with statistical knowledge and analytical skills valuable in both public and private sectors of the economy. The curriculum covers descriptive and inferential statistics, probability, statistical computing, sample surveys, research methods, etc. Career prospects include statisticians, data analysts, survey researchers, etc. in organizations or research/policy institutions.

Public Administration

Students take courses on public policy, governance, development administration, financial management, human resource management, public relations, etc. Graduates can work in government ministries and agencies, nonprofits, NGOs, etc. An HND enables further education in fields like public policy, governance, international development, etc.

Office Technology and Management

The program provides training in office administration procedures, record management, stenography, communications, computer applications for the office environment, etc. Graduates can be employed as secretaries, administrative assistants, office supervisors, stenographers, etc. in both public and private sector organizations.

Social Sciences and Humanities Programs

Uyo City Polytechnic also offers ND/HND programs in the vital fields of mass communication and library science.

Mass Communication

Students take courses in areas like broadcasting, print journalism, public relations, advertising, photography, graphics design, media law and ethics, new media, etc. Graduates can work as reporters, broadcasters, public relations officers, photographers, editors, social media managers, etc. An HND prepares students for further studies in mass communication, journalism, public relations, etc.

Library and Information Science

This program equips students with skills in library management, cataloging, reference services, records management, ICT applications in libraries, etc. Career prospects include working as librarians, information managers, library assistants, archive managers, etc. in schools, universities, public libraries, corporate libraries, etc. Further studies can lead to becoming information scientists.

Other Programs

Some other popular ND/HND programs offered at Uyo City Polytechnic include:

Hospitality Management

Students gain skills and knowledge in hotel operations, restaurant and food services management, tourism and events management, customer service, etc. Graduates can work in hotels, restaurants, resorts, event management firms, etc. An HND prepares students for higher degrees leading to managerial careers in the hospitality industry.

Quantity Surveying

This program equips students with skills to estimate costs, evaluate tenders, manage contracts, and provide expert advice on construction costs and procedures. Graduates work as quantity surveyors, cost engineers, estimators, project managers, etc. in construction and property development firms. Further studies can lead to becoming chartered quantity surveyors.

Uyo City Polytechnic, Uyo Admission Requirements

To gain admission into the ND and HND programs offered at Uyo City Polytechnic, students must meet certain minimum entry requirements:

ND Admission Requirements

  • Senior Secondary School Certificate with passes at credit level in at least 4 subjects including English Language and Mathematics
  • Minimum of credit pass in 3 other subjects relevant to the intended ND program

HND Admission Requirements

  • ND qualification in a relevant program with a minimum of Lower Credit grade
  • Minimum of Lower Credit in the ND project report

In addition to the basic entry requirements, some programs like Engineering, Sciences, etc. may specify credit passes in certain science, technical, or mathematics subjects for admission.

The polytechnic also conducts screening tests, interviews etc. during the admission process to select qualified candidates. Applicants may be required to present official copies of academic credentials and take an entrance examination.

Application Process

Applications are invited through advertisements in national dailies, as well as on the polytechnic website at and information bulletin. Here are the key steps in the application process:

  • Purchase the postgraduate application form from the polytechnic accounts office or download from the website
  • Complete all sections of the form accurately and submit before the deadline with required documents.
  • Take part in the screening exercise if shortlisted, including any tests, interviews, etc.
  • Check admission status online after the selection process using registration number.
  • Accept the offer of admission within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Proceed with registration, documentation, and payment of fees.

The polytechnic may introduce additional requirements or updates to the application process, so prospective applicants should check the latest information before applying. Early application is advisable as student intake is limited for programs.

FAQs on Uyo City Polytechnic

Here are some common questions and answers about Uyo City Polytechnic:

What are the eligibility criteria for part-time programs?

To enroll in part-time ND or HND programs, candidates must meet the basic ND/HND entry requirements. Relevant work experience is usually required for part-time admission.

What is the process for inter-polytechnic transfer?

Submit a transfer application form to the intended department. If approved, obtain a transcript from the previous polytechnic and apply as a new student at Uyo City Polytechnic. Some credits may be transferred based on HOD approval.

Can I combine ND and HND programs?

Yes, HND programs are designed to be combined with the related ND program to allow students to progress conveniently from ND to HND at Uyo City Polytechnic.

What facilities are available on campus?

Facilities include lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, computer centers, library, sports complex, clinic, cafeteria, bookshops, and divers’ hostels for male and female students.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

The polytechnic offers some scholarships and financial aid based on criteria like academic merit, sports excellence, disability, and hardship cases. Students should enquire at the student affairs office.

What student support services are available?

Services like academic advising, counselling, career guidance, mentoring, are offered through the Dean of Student Affairs office to assist students during their studies.

Are IT certifications included in the curriculum?

Select programs incorporate opportunities for students to obtain relevant IT certifications from global providers like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle etc. during their program.

How do I obtain the NYSC exemption certificate?

To get the NYSC Exemption Certificate, submit an application form along with your educational credentials to the NYSC Exemption office at the polytechnic after completing your HND.


In summary, Uyo City Polytechnic provides students access to career-oriented National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programs focused on developing technical skills and professional competencies relevant to Nigeria’s development goals. Students are equipped for employment and entrepreneurship as well as further education. By meeting the admission criteria and program requirements, prospective students can benefit from the quality technical education offered at this leading polytechnic.


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