University of Ilorin School Fees For All Courses


If you’re planning to embark on an academic journey at the University of Ilorin for the 2023/2024 academic session, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the courses offered and the associated school fees.

In this guide, I’ll take a closer look at the courses available at the University of Ilorin and provide insights into the tuition fees.

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University of Ilorin fees

University of Ilorin fees

Diverse Course Offerings

The University of Ilorin offers a wide range of courses spanning different faculties.

Here’s a glimpse of the courses available:

University of Ilorin Fees Structure

The University of Ilorin has a uniform school fees structure across its various faculties.

However, I advise that prospective students should always check the school’s website for changes, as changes may occur at any time.

University of Ilorin Fees

Here is a summary of University of Ilorin School fees:

FacultyCourseTuition Fee (N)
AgricultureAgricultural Economics and Farm Management18,300
AgricultureAgricultural Extension and Rural Development18,300
AgricultureAnimal Production18,300
AgricultureCrop Protection18,300
AgricultureAquaculture and Fisheries18,300
AgricultureHome Economics and Food Science18,300
AgricultureForest Resources Management18,300
ArtsArabic Studies18,300
ArtsEnglish Language18,300
ArtsHistory and International Studies18,300
ArtsPerforming Arts18,300
Business and Social SciencesAccounting18,300
Business and Social SciencesBusiness Administration18,300
Business and Social SciencesEconomics18,300
Business and Social SciencesGeography18,300
Business and Social SciencesMass Communication18,300
Business and Social SciencesPolitical Science18,300
Business and Social SciencesSociology18,300
EducationAdult Education18,300
EducationAgricultural Science and Education18,300
EducationArts Education18,300
EducationCounselling Education18,300
EducationEducational Administration18,300
EducationEducational Foundations18,300
EducationGuidance and Counselling18,300
EducationHuman Kinetics and Sports Education18,300
EducationLibrary and Information Science18,300
EducationMathematics Education18,300
EducationScience Education18,300
EducationTeacher Education18,300
EducationVocational and Technical Education18,300
EngineeringAgricultural and Bioresources Engineering18,300
EngineeringChemical Engineering18,300
EngineeringCivil Engineering18,300
EngineeringComputer Engineering18,300
EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering18,300
EngineeringGeological Engineering18,300
EngineeringMechanical Engineering18,300
EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering18,300
EngineeringPetroleum Engineering18,300
EngineeringSurveying and Geoinformatics18,300
EnvironmentEstate Management18,300
EnvironmentUrban and Regional Planning18,300
Life SciencesBiochemistry18,300
Life SciencesMicrobiology18,300
Life SciencesPlant Biology18,300
Life SciencesZoology18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesApplied Geophysics18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesChemistry18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesComputer Science18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesGeology18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesMathematics18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesPhysics18,300
Mathematical and Physical SciencesStatistics18,300
Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacy18,300
Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine18,300
University of Ilorin School Fees for all courses

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Economics and Farm Management (N18,300)
  • Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (N18,300)
  • Animal Production (N18,300)
  • Crop Protection (N18,300)
  • Horticulture (N18,300)
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries (N18,300)
  • Home Economics and Food Science (N18,300)
  • Forest Resources Management (N18,300)

Arts Faculty

  • Arabic Studies (N18,300)
  • English Language (N18,300)
  • French (N18,300)
  • History and International Studies (N18,300)
  • Linguistics (N18,300)
  • Performing Arts (N18,300)
  • Religions (N18,300)

Business and Social Sciences

  • Accounting (N18,300)
  • Business Administration (N18,300)
  • Economics (N18,300)
  • Geography (N18,300)
  • Mass Communication (N18,300)
  • Political Science (N18,300)
  • Sociology (N18,300)

Faculty of Education

  • Adult Education (N18,300)
  • Agricultural Science and Education (N18,300)
  • Arts Education (N18,300)
  • Counselling Education (N18,300)
  • Educational Administration (N18,300)
  • Educational Foundations (N18,300)
  • Guidance and Counselling (N18,300)
  • Human Kinetics and Sports Education (N18,300)
  • Library and Information Science (N18,300)
  • Mathematics Education (N18,300)
  • Science Education (N18,300)
  • Teacher Education (N18,300)
  • Vocational and Technical Education (N18,300)

Engineering Faculty

  • Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering (N18,300)
  • Chemical Engineering (N18,300)
  • Civil Engineering (N18,300)
  • Computer Engineering (N18,300)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (N18,300)
  • Geological Engineering (N18,300)
  • Mechanical Engineering (N18,300)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (N18,300)
  • Petroleum Engineering (N18,300)
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics (N18,300)

Faculty of Environment

  • Architecture (N18,300)
  • Estate Management (N18,300)
  • Urban and Regional Planning (N18,300)

Faculty of Law

  • Law (N18,300)

Life Sciences

  • Biochemistry (N18,300)
  • Microbiology (N18,300)
  • Plant Biology (N18,300)
  • Zoology (N18,300)

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Applied Geophysics (N18,300)
  • Chemistry (N18,300)
  • Computer Science (N18,300)
  • Geology (N18,300)
  • Mathematics (N18,300)
  • Physics (N18,300)
  • Statistics (N18,300)

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Pharmacy (N18,300)

Veterinary Medicine

  • Veterinary Medicine (N18,300)

Additional Fees

The additional fees that students at the University of Ilorin may be required to pay can vary depending on their course of study and other factors, but some common additional fees include:

  • Acceptance fee: N5,000
  • Accommodation fee: N15,000 per semester
  • Medical fee: N5,000 per semester
  • Registration fee: N5,000 per semester
  • Examination fee: N2,000 per semester
  • Laboratory fee: N2,000 per semester
  • Library fee: N2,000 per semester
  • Student union fee: N1,000 per semester
  • Sports fee: N1,000 per semester

This means that the total amount of additional fees that a student pays could range from around N20,000 to N30,000 per year.

It is important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual amount of additional fees that a student pays may be higher or lower depending on their circumstances.

Students are advised to contact the University of Ilorin directly for more information on additional fees.


In conclusion, as you consider pursuing your academic goals at the University of Ilorin, remember to stay informed about the tuition fees for your chosen course and be prepared for potential additional expenses.

This knowledge will help you plan your academic journey more effectively and avoid any financial surprises along the way.

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