Reactions As Chef Hilda Baci sued by event planner for allegedly collecting N3m for a meet and greet Event


A post in Twitter by Theo Abu has be circulating on social media lately. According to Theo, he said

“So, Hilda Baci collected 3m for an event from Vybebyanns.

Because of backlash and drags from Twitter people over 25k gate fee to see Hilda, she hurriedly put out a statement to deny the event.

Now, Ann’s Concept wants to seek redress in court.”

Many of his followers reacted,

Kelechi said: “Lmao 藍 make them drag her”

Jagaban said; “Small fame of 3 weeks controversy don full everywhere ”

Femi Visual said; “Another side of the story says, hilda only agreed on meet and greet with people but not for the company to collect 25k from people”

Akin Akinwale said; “

So why did she deny the 25k entry fee? What’s actually happening?

I want to hear her side of the story

Peter Ademu–Eteh said; “Maybe she didn’t get it oh, you know how banks behave 藍藍藍”

This is how Portable was dragged till no one drag him again.

So Hilda Baci should just try and maintain this moment

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In a statement which was released on Twitter by the Reportera News Nigeria on 12 June 2023. Continue reading Here


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