How to Transfer Money from Palmpay to Opay: Easy Guide


Moving Money from PalmPay to OPay: A Detailed Guide

Have you ever needed to move funds from your PalmPay wallet to your OPay account but weren’t sure how to go about it? With PalmPay and OPay being two of the most popular mobile money platforms in Nigeria, not having a direct transfer option between them can create hassles.

But don’t worry – you still have several solid options to shift your money.

This comprehensive guide covers various methods, fees involved, processing times, and additional resources to equip you with everything required for a smooth transfer.

How to Transfer Money from Palmpay to Opay


PalmPay and OPay are leading mobile money wallets allowing cashless payments, funds transfer, bills payment and more. Launched in 2019, PalmPay rapidly acquired over 1 million users while OPay emerged in 2018 and gained popularity through its ride-hailing platform ORide.

However, despite their large user bases, direct transfers of funds between PalmPay and OPay wallets is currently not possible. This is because both platforms operate as closed-loop mobile money systems and haven’t yet integrated direct money movement functionality between each other.

But you still have a few good alternatives to move your money:

  • Transfer to a linked bank account
  • Use an intermediary platform like Paga or Cowrywise
  • Cash out from one wallet and deposit into the other

Make sure to evaluate fees, processing times and accessibility before picking the method best suited to your needs.

Method 1: Transfer to a Linked Bank Account

The most straightforward approach is to transfer your PalmPay balance to your bank account and then push it from your bank to OPay. Here are the steps for this process:

PalmPay to Bank Account

  • Log into your PalmPay app and enter the Withdraw section
  • Select Withdraw to Bank and pick your linked Nigerian bank
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm your details
  • Approve the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  • The money will reflect in your bank account within a few hours

Minimal fees apply for transfers to Nigerian banks. You can also cash out at PalmPay agent locations, but that will incur higher charges.

Bank Account to OPay

  • Once the money shows in your bank, log into your bank’s mobile banking app or net banking platform
  • Add your OPay wallet as a beneficiary if not already done
  • Initiate a funds transfer to OPay by entering your OPay-linked phone number
  • Confirm the details and submit the transfer
  • OPay will reflect the receipt of money instantly or within a few hours

Banks charge varying fees for such transfers, so check in advance. Some banks also have daily limits, which you should take note of.

This method is relatively fast and convenient, especially if you have accounts with major Nigerian banks. But it involves a two-step process and fees from PalmPay withdrawal and bank transfer.

Method 2: Use an Intermediary Platform

You can avoid the two-step hassle of bank transfers by using an intermediary platform allowing integration with both PalmPay and OPay.

Popular choices include:

  • Paga: Leading Nigerian fintech platform with over 15 million users
  • Cowrywise: Investment app allowing secure linking of multiple payment sources

Here are the steps to use them:

PalmPay to Paga

  • Open your PalmPay app and enter Pay Bills
  • Select Paga and enter your registered Paga phone number
  • Confirm details and submit the transfer request
  • Approve the OTP confirmation message
  • Paga will reflect the receipt of money instantly or within an hour

PalmPay charges minimal fees for transfers to Paga.

Paga to OPay

  • Log into your Paga mobile app or use the USSD code 840150#
  • Go to Money Transfer and select OPay
  • Enter your OPay-registered phone number
  • Confirm details and send money
  • OPay will receive the funds instantly or in a few hours

Paga also charges small transfer fees, so account for both PalmPay and Paga charges.

Using Paga as an intermediary platform simplifies the process into a single transaction. But you lose a percentage of your money as fees.

PalmPay to Cowrywise

  • Open your PalmPay app and withdraw to your linked Cowrywise account
  • Minimum transfer is ₦100 with no fees
  • Takes 1-2 working days to reflect in Cowrywise

You first need to link your PalmPay wallet within Cowrywise app.

Cowrywise to OPay

  • Inside Cowrywise, go to Move Money and select Withdraw
  • Pick OPay as destination and enter registered OPay number
  • Review details and confirm withdrawal
  • OPay will receive money instantly or within 24 hours

Cowrywise charges 1% fee for withdrawals above ₦1,000.

The Cowrywise method is also straight-forward but slow due to longer processing times. Evaluate if that works for your transfer needs.

Method 3: Cash Out and Deposit

If bank and intermediary transfers seem complicated or expensive, you can simply cash out your PalmPay balance and deposit it into OPay. Here is how:

Cash Out PalmPay Balance

  • Open your PalmPay app and enter the Withdraw section
  • Select Cash Out at Agent or Cash Out at ATM
  • Pick a nearby agent location or ATM for withdrawal
  • Confirm your details and request the cash out
  • Visit the agent or ATM to collect the cash

Charges apply for agent or ATM withdrawals. Also, ensure agent has enough liquidity before placing request.

Deposit Cash into OPay

  • Inside your OPay app, go to the Top Up section
  • Choose Bank Deposit or Agent Deposit options
  • Select a nearby branch or agent outlet based on your location
  • Visit the location and deposit your cash to add it to OPay wallet

No charges for cash deposits. But it takes effort to withdraw and then deposit the cash.

This method works if you want to avoid online transactions and associated fees. But it requires physical travel and can be time-consuming.

Key Considerations for Transferring Funds

  • Transaction Fees: Every transfer method will incur some charges, either from platforms like PalmPay, Paga or Cowrywise or banks. Account for these deductions before sending your money.
  • Processing Time: Bank transfers can take over 24 hours, while agent withdrawals or deposits happen instantly. Understand the turnaround times for each avenue before use.
  • Convenience: Assess options like location, travel needs, registration requirements etc. based on your preferences for smooth, hastle-free transfer.
  • Limits: Transfer or withdrawal limits apply for some methods, so check if the amount you wish to shift falls within set bounds.
  • Security: Use only official apps and channels to maintain safety of your money during the transition process between entities.


Transferring funds from PalmPay to OPay requires a few extra steps since direct wallet-to-wallet shifts aren’t available yet. But opting for a linked bank account transfer or using intermediaries like Paga or Cowrywise offer relatively straight-forward alternatives. Even cash out and deposits through agents or branches is an option.

Evaluate different methods against factors like fees, speed, accessibility and security to choose what works best for your situation. With mobile penetration expanding exponentially in Nigeria, hopefully soon direct transfers between prominent platforms like PalmPay and OPay will be enabled for easier money movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PalmPay and OPay?

PalmPay and OPay are leading mobile money platforms in Nigeria that allow digital payments, funds transfer, airtime purchase and other financial transactions through a smartphone app.

Can I transfer money directly from PalmPay to OPay?

Unfortunately, you cannot yet make a direct funds transfer between your PalmPay wallet to your OPay wallet. Both operate as closed-loop systems and haven’t integrated this functionality.

What fees are involved in transferring from PalmPay to OPay?

Every transfer method charges small fees – PalmPay or banks for send amount, Paga or Cowrywise for receiving amount. Cash deposit and withdrawals also have associated charges.

How long does it take to receive money in OPay from PalmPay?

Transfer speed varies for different methods. Bank account route takes upto 1 day, Paga and Cowrywise transfers are usually faster within few hours. Agent cash out and deposit is instant.

Is it safe to transfer money from PalmPay to OPay via intermediaries?

Using official Paga or Cowrywise apps or channels linked to your PalmPay and OPay accounts enables secure shift of your funds through valid processes without risk.

Can I transfer money from PalmPay to OPay if I don’t have a bank account?

Yes, you can use Paga or Cowrywise without needing a bank account. You can also simply cash out your PalmPay balance and deposit the physical cash into OPay through supported agent locations.



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