How Much is Palmpay Pos


Palmpay emerges as a standout mobile money operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

Offering a spectrum of financial solutions, PalmPay has become a go-to platform for individuals seeking convenient and secure ways to manage their finances in Nigeria.

PalmPay offers a range of POS (Point of Sale) machines designed to meet diverse business needs. Understanding the pricing structure is crucial for businesses considering the adoption of PalmPay POS machines.

Let’s proceed into the details of PalmPay POS machine pricing, including types of machines, associated fees, transaction costs, factors influencing Pos machine prices, and customers consideration.

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How Much is Palmpay Pos

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Types of PalmPay POS Machines

Conventional PalmPay POS Machine:

  • Purchase Price: N40,000
  • Cautionary Fee/Rental Fee: N20,000
  • Transaction Fee: 0.5% for withdrawals, 1.5% for payments

The conventional PalmPay POS machine provides a cost-effective solution for businesses with the option to either purchase outright or opt for a cautionary fee with a rental arrangement.

The cautionary fee is refundable upon returning the POS machine in good condition.

Android PalmPay POS Machine:

  • Purchase Price: N60,000
  • Advance/Rental Fee: N30,000
  • Transaction Fee: 0.5% for withdrawals, 1.5% for payments

For businesses seeking advanced features and capabilities, the Android PalmPay POS machine comes with a purchase price and an advance/rental fee.

Unlike the cautionary fee for conventional machines, the advance/rental fee for the Android POS machine is non-refundable.

Transaction Fees

Regardless of the type of POS machine, businesses will incur transaction fees for each processed transaction.

The transaction fees are as follows:

  • Withdrawals: 0.5%
  • Payments: 1.5%

Understanding the Pricing Structure

To provide a clearer overview, here’s a summary table of PalmPay POS machine pricing:

Type of MachinePrice to Buy OutrightCautionary Fee/Advance/Rental FeeTransaction Fee
ConventionalN40,000N20,0000.5% for Withdrawals, 1.5% for Payments
AndroidN60,000N30,0000.5% for Withdrawals, 1.5% for Payments
How Much is Palmpay Pos

Note: Prices are subject to change and may vary based on the vendor.

Factors Influencing PalmPay POS Machine Prices:

  1. Model Features:
    • Advanced features in PalmPay POS machines can impact pricing, with more sophisticated models commanding higher costs.
  2. Vendor Variations:
    • Prices may differ among vendors, influenced by discounts, promotions, or specific vendor pricing strategies.
  3. Location Dynamics:
    • Geographical location plays a role, with areas experiencing higher demand potentially leading to price fluctuations.

Key Considerations:

  1. Type Selection:
    • Choose between a Conventional or Android POS machine based on your business needs and budget.
  2. Cost Analysis:
    • Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including transaction fees, to determine the most cost-effective solution.
  3. Transaction Volume:
    • Consider your expected transaction volume, as transaction fees are a percentage of each transaction.
  4. Long-Term vs. Short-Term Needs:
    • Decide whether an outright purchase or rental aligns with your business’s long-term or short-term requirements.

Considerations for Buyers:

  1. Feature Alignment:
    • Choose a POS machine that aligns with your business needs, balancing features and cost.
  2. Vendor Comparison:
    • Compare prices from various vendors, considering their reputation and any additional benefits they offer.
  3. Geographical Factors:
    • Be aware of regional variations in pricing and explore options that provide the best value for your location.
How Much is Palmpay Pos


Palmpay POS machines offer businesses a flexible and efficient way to handle transactions.

By understanding the pricing structure and considering individual business needs, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions to enhance their financial operations.

Whether opting for a conventional or Android POS machine, PalmPay provides a reliable solution for businesses seeking seamless payment processing.


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