Opay Terminal Features


In the fast-paced world of digital transactions, having a reliable and efficient Point of Sale (POS) system is crucial for merchants.

OPay, a leading mobile money platform, has emerged as a game-changer in the financial services industry, offering a suite of services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses.

In this post, I look into the world of OPay POS terminals, exploring their features, benefits, and how they can empower merchants to thrive in the digital economy.

Opay Terminal Features
Opay Terminal Features

The OPay Terminal Advantage

1. Diverse Financial Services

OPay stands out for its comprehensive range of financial services.

From seamless money transfers to convenient bill payments, airtime/data top-ups, and merchant payments, OPay has it all.

The platform has successfully integrated various financial functionalities, providing merchants with a one-stop solution for their transaction needs.

2. Introducing OPay POS Terminals

a. OPay Mini POS: Flexibility Redefined

The OPay Mini POS is a compact and portable device designed to meet the demands of merchants seeking flexibility and affordability.

Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those without extensive training can effortlessly operate the device, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

b. OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal: Power and Versatility

For those looking for a more robust solution, the OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal steps in.

With advanced features such as a built-in printer and Android app compatibility, this terminal offers a higher level of functionality.

It’s a powerhouse for businesses aiming to elevate their payment processing capabilities.

3. Secure and Reliable Transactions

Security is a top priority for OPay, and their POS terminals are no exception.

Merchants can rest assured that transactions conducted through OPay POS terminals are secure and reliable.

The peace of mind that comes with a trustworthy payment system is invaluable for businesses operating in today’s dynamic market.

4. Key Features for Business Growth

a. Instant Transaction Settlement

Merchants benefit from instant fund settlement, allowing them to offer real-time transfer services to their customers. This swift transaction processing sets OPay apart, giving businesses a competitive edge in the market.

b. Low Transaction Fees

OPay takes pride in offering some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, starting as low as 0.5% per transaction. This cost-effectiveness can significantly contribute to a business’s bottom line, making OPay an attractive choice for merchants seeking financial efficiency.

c. No Guarantee Deposit Required

Unlike many other POS providers, OPay eliminates the need for a guaranteed deposit to acquire a POS terminal. This removes a financial barrier for merchants, making the onboarding process smoother and more accessible.

d. Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees

Transparency is key, and OPay ensures that merchants only pay for the services they use.

There are no hidden fees, allowing businesses to budget effectively and avoid unpleasant surprises in their financial statements.

e. Incentives for Merchants

As a cherry on top, OPay offers various incentives to its merchants.

From welcome bonuses to cashback rewards on airtime and data top-ups, these incentives sweeten the deal for businesses partnering with OPay.

How do I get an OPay terminal?

OPay, a prominent mobile money platform, provides merchants with two convenient ways to apply for their POS terminals.

In this section, I will walk you through the seamless process, ensuring you can quickly integrate an OPay terminal into your business operations.

Applying Through the OPay Mobile App

1. Download the OPay Business App

Start by downloading and installing the OPay Business app, available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This user-friendly app is a gateway to a range of financial services, including the coveted POS terminal.

2. Sign In or Create an Account

If you’re already an OPay user, sign in using your existing credentials.

For newcomers, creating a new account is a breeze and only takes a few minutes. Your account serves as the foundation for managing your POS terminal.

3. Navigate to “My POS”

Within the app’s main menu, locate and select “My POS.” This section is dedicated to managing your POS-related activities and is where you’ll initiate your application process.

4. Apply for POS

Click on the “Apply for POS” option.

This will open up a form where you’ll need to provide essential information.

This includes details about your business, contact information, and your preferred delivery location for the terminal.

5. Submit Your Application

Once you’ve filled out the necessary information, hit the submit button.

Your application is now in motion, and the OPay team will review it promptly.

Applying Through the OPay Website

1. Visit the OPay Website

Navigate to the OPay official website.

The website provides a comprehensive platform for various OPay services, including POS terminals.

2. Access the “Merchants” Section

Click on “Merchants” in the top menu bar.

This will lead you to a page where you can explore the services tailored for businesses.

3. Get an OPay POS

Scroll down to the “Get an OPay POS” section on the page.

Here, you’ll find an “Apply Now” button that initiates the application process.

4. Fill Out the Required Information

Similar to the mobile app process, you’ll need to provide information about your business, contact details, and your preferred delivery location for the POS terminal.

5. Submit Your Application

Click the submit button, to finalize your application.

The OPay team will promptly review your details and reach out to you for the next steps.

Finalizing Your Application

Once your application undergoes review, an OPay representative will contact you to facilitate the final steps.

This includes confirming your details and arranging the delivery of your POS terminal to your preferred location.

In a world where efficiency is key, integrating an OPay POS terminal into your business is a strategic move.

By following these simple steps through either the mobile app or website, you are on your way to unlocking seamless and secure digital transactions for your customers.

Embrace the future of payments with OPay – where convenience meets innovation.

How much is POS terminal?

Considering all the benefits of having an Opay terminal to help your business run speedy transactions it is also essential to understand the pricing structure associated with OPay POS terminals.

Unveiling the Costs

1. OPay Mini POS: Affordable and Flexible

OPay Mini POS

The OPay Mini POS, a compact and portable option for merchants, comes at an attractive price point of ₦10,000.

This budget-friendly terminal is ideal for businesses seeking a flexible and cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

2. OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal: Power and Functionality

OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal

For businesses with more extensive transaction needs, the OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal offers advanced features at a price of ₦30,000.

This higher-tier terminal comes equipped with a built-in printer and the ability to run Android apps, providing businesses with a powerful tool to enhance their payment processing capabilities.

A Quick Overview

To make the decision-making process more straightforward, here’s a summarized table of the prices for the two OPay POS terminals:

POS TerminalPrice
OPay Mini POS₦10,000
OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal₦30,000
Opay Terminal Features

It’s crucial to note that these prices are subject to change, reflecting the dynamic nature of the market and technology.

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to visit the OPay website or get in touch with OPay customer support.

Making an Informed Choice

As you contemplate integrating an OPay POS terminal into your business, understanding the cost implications is a key factor.

The OPay Mini POS, with its affordability, suits businesses looking for a straightforward and economical solution.

On the other hand, the OPay Android/Smart POS Terminal, while at a higher price point, brings advanced features and capabilities to businesses with more extensive transaction requirements.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital payments, OPay continues to provide businesses with tools that empower them to thrive.

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Mini POS or the feature-rich Android/Smart POS Terminal, OPay ensures that your investment translates into enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Embrace the future of digital transactions with OPay and take the next step towards transforming your business operations.

Opay Terminal Features


In conclusion, OPay has positioned itself as a reliable and affordable choice for merchants seeking a top-notch POS terminal.

The combination of user-friendly interfaces, low transaction fees, and a plethora of features makes OPay an attractive proposition for businesses looking to thrive in the digital age.

If you’re a merchant aiming to enhance your payment processing capabilities and better serve your customers, OPay is undoubtedly a worthy partner on your journey to success.


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