Jaiz Bank USSD Code


Jaiz Bank has revolutionized the way customers manage their finances through the introduction of a user-friendly USSD code.

This code, *773#, serves as a gateway to a plethora of banking transactions, offering unparalleled convenience at your fingertips.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code
Jaiz Bank USSD Code

Getting Started: Dialing into Financial Efficiency

To embark on this seamless financial journey, dial *773# from your mobile phone.

The simplicity of the USSD code ensures that banking tasks are just a few taps away.

Upon dialing, you will be prompted to enter your account number and PIN, ushering you into a world of financial empowerment.

The Power of *773#: A Transactional Arsenal

1. Checking Your Account Balance: Keeping Tabs on Your Finances

To check your account balance, effortlessly enter 1 and press #. Witness the magic unfold as your current financial standing is displayed promptly.

2. Making a Transfer: Transcending Boundaries with Ease

Enter 2 and press # to initiate a transfer. Whether it’s to a friend or a family member, Jaiz Bank ensures that your funds move swiftly and securely.

3. Paying Bills: Streamlining Your Financial Responsibilities

No more queues or paperwork. Enter 3 and press # to pay your bills seamlessly. Jaiz Bank’s USSD code transforms bill payments into a hassle-free experience.

4. Buying Airtime: Instant Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Enter 4 and press # to recharge your phone instantly. Stay connected without the need for physical vouchers or cards.

5. Recharging Your Data: Navigating the Digital Landscape

Enter 5 and press # to recharge your data swiftly. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing with the convenience of Jaiz Bank’s USSD code.

Unlocking Additional Insights

– For All Jaiz Bank Customers: A Universal Solution

The beauty of the USSD code lies in its inclusivity.

Whether you’re on MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile, *773# is at your service.

– Free of Charge: Financial Accessibility for All

Worried about hidden costs?

Fret not.

The Jaiz Bank USSD code is free to use, ensuring that financial empowerment comes without a price tag.

– Round-the-Clock Accessibility: Banking Without Constraints

No need to check the clock.

The USSD code is at your disposal 24/7, allowing you to conduct transactions at any time that suits you.

Pro Tips for a Seamless Experience

  1. Fortify Your PIN: Ensure your PIN is robust and challenging to guess, safeguarding your financial privacy.
  2. Guard Your PIN: The importance of confidentiality cannot be overstated. Keep your PIN to yourself to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Beware of Phishing Scams: Stay vigilant against scams aiming to extract your PIN. Jaiz Bank will never ask for sensitive information through unofficial channels.
USSD Code*773#
Transactions– Check account balance,
Make transfers,
Pay bills,
Buy airtime,
Recharge data
AccessDial *773# from your mobile phone
CredentialsAccount number and PIN
Additional Details– Available to all Jaiz Bank customers,
Free to use,
Exercise caution against phishing scams
Tips for Use– Set a strong, confidential PIN,
Avoid sharing PIN,
Beware of phishing scams
Customer SupportVisit Jaiz Bank website or call customer service number
Benefits– Convenient and quick transactions, Universal access across mobile networks, Free of charge
Security Measures– Second-level authenticator for transactions above N500,000.00
Jaiz Bank USSD

What is the daily transfer limit for Jaiz Bank?

For those wondering if there is a daily transfer limit one can carry out in a day from a Jaiz bank account then this section has the answer to that question.

One of the most recent banking moves announced by CBN was the introduction of daily transfer limits by banks as directed by the CBN.

One crucial aspect that defines your financial freedom with Jaiz Bank is the transfer limit.

In this part of this post, I look into the daily transfer limit one can carry out from a Jaiz Bank account.

The Basics: Daily Transfer Limit

By default, Jaiz Bank sets a daily transfer limit of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000.00) for all users.

This limit encompasses a variety of transactions, from routine transfers to bill payments, ensuring a baseline security for your financial activities.

Elevating Your Limits: JaizMobile Plus App

For those seeking a higher daily transfer threshold, Jaiz Bank introduces the JaizMobile Plus app.

Within this app, users have the power to elevate their daily transfer limit to an impressive N500,000.00.

This feature caters to individuals with a more substantial financial flow, offering increased flexibility in managing their funds.

How to Increase Your Limit within JaizMobile Plus:

  1. Download the JaizMobile Plus App: Head to your app store, download the JaizMobile Plus app, and follow the simple registration process.
  2. Access the Transfer Limit Section: Navigate to the app’s settings and locate the transfer limit section.
  3. Adjust Your Limit: Follow the prompts to increase your daily transfer limit up to N500,000.00.

Beyond N500,000.00: Seeking Bank Approval

For those with financial requirements surpassing the N500,000.00 limit, Jaiz Bank encourages you to reach out for a personalized solution.

Requests for limit enhancements above N500,000.00 will undergo a thorough review process, ensuring that your financial needs align with the bank’s security protocols.

Second-Level Authentication: Ensuring Security

It’s important to note that any single transaction exceeding N500,000.00 will trigger the second-level authenticator.

During the limit increase process, you would have selected this additional layer of security.

This feature adds an extra step to your high-value transactions, fortifying the protection of your funds.

A Call for Caution: Be Informed, Be Secure

As you explore the enhanced transfer limits provided by Jaiz Bank, it’s crucial to exercise caution.

Understand the responsibility that comes with higher thresholds and ensure that your financial decisions align with your security priorities.

Jaiz Bank not only offers a seamless digital banking experience but also empowers you with the flexibility to tailor your transfer limits according to your financial needs.

Whether you’re a frequent billpayer or a seasoned investor, Jaiz Bank’s commitment to user-centric solutions ensures that your financial journey is both convenient and secure.

What Exactly Makes Jaiz Bank Better Than Other Banks

the unique features that make Jaiz Bank a compelling choice for those seeking ethical, transparent, and socially responsible financial services.

Guided by Shariah Principles

Shariah Compliance: A Foundation of Integrity

Jaiz Bank operates as a non-interest bank, aligning its operations with the principles of Islamic finance.

This commitment means the bank neither charges nor receives interest.

Moreover, Jaiz Bank avoids investments in businesses deemed harmful to society, such as those associated with alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

This adherence to Shariah principles establishes a foundation of financial integrity and responsibility.

Ethical Banking Practices

Transparency and Fairness: A Commitment to Customers

Jaiz Bank takes pride in its commitment to ethical banking practices.

The bank ensures transparency about fees and charges, empowering customers with clear and understandable financial information.

Importantly, Jaiz Bank refrains from engaging in predatory lending practices, providing a secure and fair financial environment for its clientele.

Sharing Profits for Mutual Success

Profit Sharing: A Unique Banking Experience

Jaiz Bank introduces a refreshing approach with its profit-sharing products and services.

Customers have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits generated by the bank’s investments.

This mutual benefit fosters a sense of partnership between the bank and its customers, creating a financial ecosystem where success is shared.

Socially Responsible Banking

Community Impact: Beyond Banking

Jaiz Bank goes beyond traditional banking by actively participating in social responsibility initiatives.

The bank supports various charitable and community projects, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

By choosing Jaiz Bank, customers become part of a financial institution that values its role in community development.

Innovative Products and Services

Mudarabah, Musharakah, Ijara: A Banking Revolution

Jaiz Bank introduces a range of unique products and services not commonly found in conventional banks. These include:

  • Mudarabah: A partnership financing model where the bank provides capital, and the customer contributes labor, with profits shared based on a predetermined ratio.
  • Musharakah: A joint venture financing arrangement where both the bank and the customer contribute capital to a project, sharing both profits and losses.
  • Ijara: A leasing contract where the bank purchases an asset and leases it to the customer, who pays rent for the asset’s use.

Jaiz Bank isn’t just a financial institution; it’s a paradigm shift in banking.

By choosing Jaiz Bank, individuals align themselves with a banking experience rooted in Islamic principles, transparency, profit-sharing, and social responsibility.

If you seek a bank that not only safeguards your finances but also contributes positively to society, Jaiz Bank stands as a beacon of ethical and innovative banking.

Explore the possibilities that go beyond banking norms with Jaiz Bank.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Financial Odyssey

In conclusion, the Jaiz Bank USSD code is not just a set of numbers; it’s the key to unlocking unparalleled financial convenience.

As you navigate the world of banking through your mobile phone, remember the power that lies in *773#.

Embrace the future of banking – simple, secure, and at your fingertips.

Should you seek further guidance, visit the Jaiz Bank website or reach out to the dedicated customer service team.

Your financial journey has never been more accessible.


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