I’m still going to sin again, one man for all women- Portable says after welcoming child with Actress


According to News Hub creator, Nigerian singer, Portable welcomes a son from an actress by name Ashebi, he took to his social media platform to announce that he is the man of all women.

In his post he said “ Oba Ba Lori oungbogbo, One man for all women, one women for all man, King zazuu
I’m a sinner who is probably going to sin again,Lord forgive me🙏
Make money before you love”

The entertainer said God is the greatest,dropping a message that he is for all women,and an advice as well that we all should make money before love.

His post got some fans and celebrities talking in his comment section

Singer Samklef said: God said be fruitful and multiply,one women can’t do it alone,don’t worry God has approved it

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Some of the villagers in India were left amazed after a baby cow with Two faces was born. The incredible incident happened like a miracle to the face of the villagers.

It was posted by Daily Mail, in between the end of last month, in a village of jalalpur, Uttar Pradesh, This bizarre moment was described as a divine miracle by the owner.

The baby calf was put to birth with four eyes, two noses one tongue and only has one body, but the calf also has a joined mouth and two ears. Many villagers considered this as a divine miracle, as it was the first time happening to them.

According to Punch Newspapers , some of the audience in their post didn’t hold back and gave out their opinions

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