“I Will Pay You N6.9 Million”: Business Man Looks For Olden Days Sewing Machine to Buy, Video Goes Viral Read


A businessman who says he buys olden-days iron products has come on TikTok to look for an old sewing machine. He said he is willing to pay as much as N6.9 million if anyone provides the sewing machine that meets his specification

Some people have dismissed the man’s claims of paying such a huge amount, but others say they have the machine

PAY ATTENTION: Join Legit.ng’s Twitter Spaces to Embrace Equity in the Media Sector. A TikTok user has posted a video saying he is looking for an old sewing machine to buy.

He posted a video using his TikTok handle, @olakanmiegolddeni, explaining the type of sewing machine he wants.

The man’s TikTok bio says he buys used old items at reasonable prices. But some people said the prices he is offering for the items are too mouthwatering to be true. Read more: https://www.legit.ng/people/1534136-i-pay-n69-million-business-man-olden-days-sewing-maching-buy-video-viral/

But the man has insisted that he will pay a whopping $15,000, which is an equivalence of N6.9 million if he sees the sewing machine.

According to the video he posted, the old sewing machine he wants to buy is the type that is magnetic.

This means the sewing machine should be able to attract other iron objects to itself like a magnet. The video has sparked reactions among TikTok users. Some said they have the machine at home. Read more: 


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