“I will never adopt someone’s child again” Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko revealed


Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has revealed the real reason she cannot adopt someone’s child again after rumors circulated on social media alleging her possible separation between her and her adopted daughter, chinyere.

Early this year, Destiny Etiko adopted her passionate fan, chineye who she ignored during a public set-up trend.

Things didn’t go well between the nollywood actress and chineye, Destiny Etiko got rid of her after an unknown feud sparked between them.

During the meet-up, she secretly zoom off the premises to avoid being asked about the conflict between her and her adopted daughter.

In one of her video showing how she posted in her page, a fan evolved the real truth of her zooming off after she had stopped to express her gratitude to her fans

One of the fan suggested that the actress may have zoomed off fast to avoid falling victim of adopting another fan.

The fan wrote;

“lolzz… Destiny no wan adopt again, she jejely drive the go front”

The nollywood actress immediately responded in a stylish way and broke the bond. She shared the reason she has stopped adopting any of her fan. In her words she wrote;

“my sister, since there are lots of disrespect and ingrates…Am done o”

See her response below;

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The reason why the argument broke out was later revealed after the actor posted the video on his Facebook page with a caption.

I don’t understand why i cannot talk to Judy and she’ll listen to me. I’m getting tired of this whole thing. I found this video she made and I had to post it.

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