Getting a part-time job as a student

Leaving Nigeria to travel abroad for study now looks like the sure deal in paving the way for a better future career opportunity over there. The reason is not far-fetched…as a graduate here in Nigeria, it will be difficult to get that dream job you desire abroad, so the best you can do is further ahead over there and then draft your job applications. So, while embarking on your academic journey, there are a couple of cool jobs you can do abroad.

Having seen the rate of migration to foreign countries (most specifically the UK) over the years, there is a need for me to develop this article to specifically point out menial jobs you can do abroad. This is given the fact that most of us when we travel over there for studies, it becomes quite difficult to cope with daily expenses throughout our academic studies.


There’s no doubt that getting a couple of menial jobs you can do abroad, and combining them with your academics can be quite challenging. That’s why you need to put into consideration the kind of job you’re looking for, so it does not inconvenience your academics.

Another factor is even getting the menial job; for a start, you should be conversant with the areas and routines in your new environment or the environment you’re seeking for the job placement. And noteworthy, you should be able to have to zeal to work in a demanding workspace. Cos you know….it’s your academics vs your job, with even little or no time for yourself.

I was engaging with my friend who is currently in the UK running his MSC…It was difficult for him to get a simple menial job that could probably support him through his one-year academic program. Surely, there are lots of things one needs to take care of with funds; from tuition fees (being that he wasn’t on scholarship), then down to paying his bills, getting that perfect menial job was something really important.

There are lots of these jobs that are available, which I did suggest to him (one that should be convenient). He got in touch with one, and currently, the idea happened to be quite helpful.
So, the essence of compiling this article is to equally share with you similar ideas I shared with him, which came to fruition.

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There are probably lots of interesting options for you, which will undoubtedly not disrupt your academic activities. It’s all about having proper plans in place in line with your school calendar…


Working in bars or restaurants on night shifts is one of the menial jobs you can consider. Most of these places start focusing the majority of their activities around the evening, which can pitch in with your school closing hour.

Let’s even say that you get to work in a bar or restaurant that opens both day and night…these places usually have shift hours, and night activities are always the key hours they make more sales. So, it can be quite easy for you to mix that up with your academics, since you only go for school studies during the day.
One key note for you while applying for this job is your ability to communicate effectively with your customers.

If you’re traveling to the UK for instance, being fluent in English is the most important requirement for you. Traveling abroad to a non-English-speaking country will require you to be fluent in their language, or at least be able to communicate effectively with the locals, to be considered for such job positions.


Freelancing is one of the most convenient jobs one can take. It’s something that people do remotely all around the world without any need for physical presence. Now, imagine that you’re an active freelancer and got the chance to study abroad, you’ll probably have zero issues with jabs that’ll keep up with your daily expenses.

With a freelance account, you can offer services to foreign individual clients and companies based on your tech expertise. There are lots of skills you can find on freelance platforms, such as; content creation, article writing, web design, social media management, SEO expert, etc….so you’re never short of service options.
To start making cool cash rendering these services and still putting your school schedule right on track, there are popular platforms out there that you can sign up on, such as; Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


Working in a nightclub can be a bit challenging health-wise, based on the schedule of your academic activities. This is because your job routine will be strictly at night, and you have to have limited rest for the next school day. But if you feel it’s something you can pull through, then it can be quite considered.

Working in the School Environment

There are school environments that present better opportunities for their students to fill in specific job roles even while schooling.

Think about school areas like Libraries, Laboratories, cafeterias, etc…these places offer you the opportunity to work seamlessly while studying. Working in the school Library or Bookstore gives you more avenues to study with key academic materials made available in such areas. If you’re working in any of these fields, you can easily manage your lecture hours with your work hours…it’s just a kind of agreement and understanding between you and the employer based on the schedules.


Studying abroad offers way better opportunities, especially if it’s a developed country. Unlike here, there are far better job opportunities over there, loads of companies who’ll be willing to hire you given the fact that you boost a CV that shows evidence of your certification in that particular country. Another key factor to consider is the level of pay, which can be pretty good when you consider the exchange rate.

Working abroad as a student can be a real deal, but you need to ensure you strike a balance between the job and your academic activities, so it doesn’t clash. That was why I emphasized the need for you to ensure you work on part-time shifts on school close hours.

Again, in order not to overwork yourself and not have time for your studies during exams, you need to try and request a leave from your workplace when it’s exam period, so you can fully concentrate.

So, watch out for a space, and come out of your comfort zone. There are lots of cool jabs that can seamlessly take care of your bills while studying abroad.



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