Federal University Gashua School Fees For All Courses


If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Nigeria, specifically at the Federal University Gashua (FUGASHUA) for the 2023/2024 academic session, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the courses offered at FUGASHUA and their corresponding fees for the upcoming academic year.

Federal University Gashua

Federal University Gashua

Introduction to Federal University Gashua

Federal University Gashua, often referred to as FUGASHUA, is a reputable institution of higher learning located in Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria.

Known for its commitment to academic excellence and its diverse range of courses, FUGASHUA is a popular choice among students seeking quality education in Nigeria.

Here’s the information summarized in tabular form for easier reference:

FacultyProgramsTuition Fee
Faculty of AgricultureAgricultural Economics and ExtensionN34,700
Animal ScienceN34,700
Crop/Soil and HorticultureN34,700
Fisheries and AquacultureN34,700
Forestry and Wildlife ManagementN34,700
Faculty of ArtsArabic StudiesN34,700
English LanguageN34,700
History and International StudiesN34,700
Religious StudiesN34,700
Faculty of EducationEducational FoundationsN34,700
Guidance and CounselingN34,700
Home Economics and ManagementN34,700
Science EducationN34,700
Technical and Vocational EducationN34,700
Faculty of Management SciencesAccountingN34,700
Business AdministrationN34,700
Faculty of ScienceBiological SciencesN34,700
Computer ScienceN34,700
Faculty of Social SciencesPolitical Science and International RelationsN34,700
Additional FeesFeesAmount
Acceptance FeeN10,000
Caution FeeN2,000
Library FeeN2,000
Health Insurance FeeN2,000
Development FeeN2,000
Hostel Accommodation and Mess FeesFeeAmount
Hostel Accommodation Fee (for new students)N100,000
Mess Fee (for new students)N50,000
Federal University Gashua School Fees For All Courses

Please note that the tuition fees listed are for regular students, and self-sponsored students may incur higher fees.

Federal University Gashua

Faculty of Agriculture

1. Agricultural Economics and Extension

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. Animal Science

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. Crop/Soil and Horticulture

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

4. Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

5. Forestry and Wildlife Management

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Agriculture at FUGASHUA offers a wide array of programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for successful careers in agriculture and related fields.

Whether you’re interested in economics, animal science, crop and soil management, fisheries, or forestry, FUGASHUA’s Faculty of Agriculture has something to offer.

Faculty of Arts

1. Arabic Studies

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. English Language

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. History and International Studies

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

4. Linguistics

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

5. Religious Studies

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Arts at FUGASHUA is dedicated to nurturing the talents and academic pursuits of students interested in the arts and humanities.

With a diverse range of programs, this faculty encourages students to explore their passion for languages, history, and cultural studies.

Faculty of Education

1. Educational Foundations

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. Guidance and Counseling

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. Home Economics and Management

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

4. Science Education

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

5. Technical and Vocational Education

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Education at FUGASHUA is dedicated to producing well-rounded educators who will shape the future of Nigeria’s education system.

Whether you aspire to be a teacher, counselor, or educational administrator, FUGASHUA’s Faculty of Education has a program tailored to your goals.

Faculty of Management Sciences

1. Accounting

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. Business Administration

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. Economics

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

4. Entrepreneurship

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

5. Marketing

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Management Sciences at FUGASHUA prepares students for careers in the dynamic world of business and management.

Whether you have a passion for accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, or marketing, this faculty offers the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Faculty of Science

1. Biological Sciences

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. Chemistry

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. Computer Science

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

4. Mathematics

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

5. Physics

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Science at FUGASHUA is at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation.

Whether you’re passionate about biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics, this faculty provides a platform for you to explore the wonders of the natural and computational sciences.

Faculty of Social Sciences

1. Political Science and International Relations

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

2. Sociology

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

3. Psychology

  • Tuition Fee: N34,700

The Faculty of Social Sciences at FUGASHUA offers programs that delve into the complexities of human society, politics, and behavior.

Whether you’re interested in political science, sociology, or psychology, this faculty equips you with the knowledge to understand and contribute to our ever-changing world.

Additional Fees

In addition to tuition fees, students should be aware of the following fees:

Acceptance Fee

Upon gaining admission to FUGASHUA, all students, whether fresh or returning, are required to pay an acceptance fee of N10,000.

This fee confirms your acceptance and reserves your place at the university.

Caution Fee

Another mandatory fee for all students is the caution fee, which amounts to N2,000.

This fee is essential to maintain the safety and well-being of students within the university environment.

Library Fee

To access the resources and facilities of FUGASHUA’s library, students are required to pay a library fee of N2,000.

This fee contributes to the upkeep and expansion of the university’s library, ensuring that students have access to a wide range of academic materials.

Health Insurance Fee

The health insurance fee, totaling N2,000, provides students with access to medical services and ensures that they can receive necessary healthcare while pursuing their education at FUGASHUA.

Development Fee

FUGASHUA charges a development fee of N2,000 to support ongoing improvements and advancements in the university’s infrastructure and academic programs.

This fee plays a vital role in enhancing the overall educational experience for all students.

Furthermore, if you plan to reside in the university hostel, you should budget for the following:

  • Hostel Accommodation Fee: N100,000 (for new students)
  • Mess Fee: N50,000 (for new students)

These Accommodation and Mess fees are relevant only for students who opt for university hostel accommodation.

These fees are applicable to all students, regardless of their chosen faculty or course of study. It’s important to note that the tuition fees mentioned above are for regular students.

Self-sponsored students may incur higher fees.

Please note that these fees are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit the university’s official website https://fugashua.edu.ng

The tuition fees for all courses are the same for fresh and returning students.

However, the acceptance fee and caution fee are only payable by fresh students.

The library fee, health insurance fee, and development fee are payable by all students.


Choosing the right course of study and understanding the associated fees is a crucial step in your academic journey.

Federal University Gashua (FUGASHUA) offers a diverse range of programs through its various faculties, ensuring that you have the opportunity to pursue your passion and career goals.

Additionally, being aware of the mandatory acceptance and caution fees, as well as optional accommodation and mess fees, will help you plan your finances effectively for the upcoming academic session at FUGASHUA.

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