How To Check CashBack On PalmPay

How to Check Your Cashback on PalmPay

PalmPay is a leading financial technology platform that offers innovative digital payment and banking solutions to consumers across Africa. One of the key benefits of using PalmPay is the ability to earn cashback and rewards on transactions like bill payments, airtime purchases, and payments at select partner merchants.

But with various cashback programs across the PalmPay ecosystem, it can get confusing to keep track of your earnings. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the main ways to check your accumulated cashback and rewards within the PalmPay app.

How To Check CashBack On PalmPay

PalmPoints Loyalty Program

PalmPay has its own loyalty program called PalmPoints, where you earn points for activities across the app. These PalmPoints can then be redeemed for airtime, data, shopping vouchers, or simply converted to cash in your PalmPay wallet.

Here is how to check your PalmPoints balance:

  1. Launch the PalmPay app on your device and tap on the “Me” tab located at the bottom toolbar.
  2. Scroll up and look for the PalmPoints section, usually visible immediately under your profile name.
  3. This section displays your current PalmPoints balance, number of points earned, number of points redeemed or expired, and number of points available for use.
  4. Tap on the “PalmPoints” button to see a more detailed breakup.
  5. Within the PalmPoints section, you will see tabs that give you a historical overview of:
  • Earned: Points earned over different time periods.
  • Redeemed: Details on points redeemed by you for rewards.
  • Expired: Points that have crossed their validity period.
  • How to Earn: Ways to earn additional PalmPoints.

Reviewing these various tabs frequently can help you track how you are accumulating points and where they are being redeemed or expiring due to inactivity.

Maximizing PalmPoints

Here are some tips to maximize your PalmPoints earnings:

  • Activate bonus point categories related to your spending patterns.
  • Maintain an active account with transactions at least once a month.
  • Participate in seasonal promotions and activations.
  • Set transaction alerts to receive notifications when you earn high points.
  • Redeem points before expiry to keep your balance active.

With regular monitoring and optimization, PalmPoints can become a valuable source of cashback and perks on PalmPay.

Bill Payment and Airtime Cashback

Outside of PalmPoints, PalmPay also offers cashback directly on certain bill payments and airtime purchases. The cashback usually reflects as an instant discount on the transaction itself.

Here is how to check cashback earned on bill payments and airtime top-ups:

  1. Within the PalmPay app, go to the “Transactions” section visible on the home screen or under the “More” tab.
  2. Filter or scroll through the list to locate your transactions tagged as “Bill Payment” or “Airtime Top-Up”.
  3. Click on any individual transaction to view its details.
  4. If the transaction was eligible for cashback, you will see the cashback amount displayed clearly within the transaction breakdown. This could show as “Cashback” or “Discount Earned”.
  5. For additional clarity, you can toggle between the transaction overview and expanded views using the bottom button to see a consolidated cashback value if applicable.

Pro Tip: Bookmark or favorite your frequently used billers and airtime providers within PalmPay for quicker access and tracking.

Maximizing Bill Payment and Airtime Cashback

You can earn maximum savings by:

  • Checking for limited-time cashback campaigns on supported bill payments or recharges.
  • Paying attention to any activation criteria for cashback eligibility.
  • Considering pre-paid plans or bulk payments for services with recurring cashback offers.
  • Referring new users to use supported billers and service providers via your referral code.

By consistently reviewing transactions and fine-tuning spending on PalmPay, the cashback from bill payments and airtime can really add up over time.

Historical Savings Report

For a broader overview of the savings achieved on PalmPay from cashbacks and reduced transaction fees compared to alternatives, there is a dedicated “Historical Savings” section accessible to users.

Follow these instructions to check your cumulative savings:

  1. Launch the PalmPay app and enter the “Bill Payments” section.
  2. Look for the “Historical Savings” option visible alongside top bill payment categories.
  3. Tap on Historical Savings and toggle between the different time period views.
  4. This consolidated report showcases your net savings from:
  • Cashback earned across bill payments and supported transactions.
  • Lower transaction charges compared to other platforms on the same payment volumes.
  1. It helps assess PalmPay’s contribution in reducing your monthly household expenses over the long term.

This builds visibility into how the increased transaction convenience and rewards translate into tangible financial savings for consumers. The higher cumulative savings you accumulate, the better PalmPay performs as a money management tool.

Recommendation: Target transferring at least 50% of your monthly expense volumes to PalmPay to maximize savings potential.

Additional Tips for Tracking Cashback

Here are some additional tips to track and optimize your overall cashback earned on PalmPay:

Limited-Time Cashback Campaigns

  • Keep an eye out for notifications and in-app banners related to special limited-time cashback offers. These are often valid on first-time transactions or capped at a discount amount.
  • Such seasonal promotions also target new sign-ups and inactive users, so your eligibility and cashback rates can vary.

Review In-App Promotions Section

  • PalmPay has a dedicated “Promotions” section listing all applicable offers in one place for easy discovery. Often cashbacks are tagged as special promo codes that require manual activation prior to payment.

Analyze Transaction History

  • Make it a habit to analyze your PalmPay transaction history at least monthly. Look for cashback trends across frequent bill payments and mobile recharges. Check if reward rates vary for new milestones or activity criteria.

Contact Customer Support

  • If you are unable achieve clarity on any pending or missing cashbacks, use the in-app chat function for dedicated customer assistance. Share any related transaction details and screenshots for quick resolution.

By consistently monitoring your earnings across PalmPay rewards programs, you can optimize your spending patterns to maximize monetary benefits over the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common doubts related to checking cashback earnings on PalmPay:

Q: Why don’t I see cashback earned on some transactions despite meeting all conditions?

A: This can happen if there is an activation delay due to technical issues during high-traffic campaigns. Contact support if the cashback does not reflect within 48-72 hours for assisted credit. Also check whether cashback caps have been implemented per user or category.

Q: How long does it take for my PalmPoints balance to update after I complete an activity?

A: PalmPoints usually get credited instantly or within an hour after your eligible transaction is complete. If 24 hours pass without an update, reach out to customer support by tapping Profile > Help & Support within the app.

Q: Where do I get my cashback payouts – wallet/bank account?

A: By default, any monetary cashbacks get deposited into your PalmPay wallet that can then can be transferred out per your convenience. But some loyalty programs allow you to accumulate point-based rewards that can only be redeemed for vouchers, gifts, donations etc within the app.

Q: Can I still redeem expired PalmPoints?

A: Unfortunately PalmPoints expire after 365 days of inactivity and cannot be claimed after validity. Try to actively redeem your rewards within a year for maximum utilization. Consider it as an incentive to stay engaged with the platform!

Still have questions? Reach out to for personal assistance on tracking your cashbacks or maximizing loyalty benefits on PalmPay.


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