BVN Update Portal: How to Update Your BVN Information in Nigeria

How to Update Your BVN Information in Nigeria

Your Bank Verification number (BVN) contains important personal details like your name, date of birth, address and contact information. It is crucial to keep your BVN updated with any changes in this information to avoid issues with your bank accounts and transactions.

While there is no direct way to update your BVN online instantly, you can modify your information by submitting the required documents through your bank.

This comprehensive guide outlines the step-by-step process and requirements for updating your BVN data with different banks in Nigeria.

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Overview of Updating BVN

First, let’s look at some background on why BVN updates are necessary:

  • Your BVN is issued once using the information you provided during initial bank account opening.
  • Over time, details like your residential address, marital status, phone number or name may change.
  • If your current personal information does not match your original BVN records, it can lead to problems with KYC verification, account access and failed transactions.
  • Banks regularly audit customer BVNs and may restrict services if a mismatch is found.
  • Therefore, you must keep your bank informed about changes to personal details linked to your BVN.
  • The process for updating may vary slightly across banks but involves visiting a branch and submitting supporting documents.

General Requirements for Updating BVN

While specific requirements may differ slightly across banks, generally you will need:

  • Valid government-issued ID – National ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license or international passport. Provide the same ID type linked to your original BVN.
  • BVN slip – Printout of your current BVN details from the bank.
  • Proof of changes – Relevant documents confirming your new information e.g. marriage certificate, utility bill etc.
  • BVN modification form – Available at bank branch or website. Must be completed and signed.
  • Processing fee – Some banks may charge a small fee for updating your BVN, usually ₦200 – ₦500.
  • 2-3 weeks processing time – Updating your BVN is not instant. Allow time for banks to verify documents and modify records.

Keep all documents ready before visiting your bank to avoid delays. Also set aside adequate time to complete the process.

Updating Specific BVN Information

The specific requirements for updating different types of personal information are:

Phone Number or Email Address

  • Visit your bank branch with ID card and BVN slip.
  • Provide new phone number and/or email address to the customer service officer.
  • The bank will verify your details and update the contact information.
  • No additional documents required since contact details are not embedded in BVN.

Residential Address

  • Visit your bank branch with ID, BVN slip and proof of new address.
  • Acceptable address proofs: Recent utility bill, tenancy agreement, house ownership documents.
  • Staff will verify proofs and update your address in the BVN system.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks processing time before using new address for transactions.

Marital Status

  • Obtain BVN modification form from bank and fill with details. State change in marital status.
  • Provide marriage certificate or court affidavit as documentary proof.
  • Submit form and documents to branch. New surname will also be updated if applicable.
  • Only visit branch after marriage – banks will not pre-update maiden name changes.

Date of Birth

  • Extremely rare but if your DOB is wrongly entered in BVN:
  • Get BVN modification form and fill details along with copy of birth certificate.
  • Explain the nature of correction required in DOB to bank staff.
  • Banks will likely conduct stricter background checks before approving DOB change.

Name Change

  • Reasons like marriage, divorce or sworn affidavit for correction:
  • Fill BVN modification form providing explanation for name change.
  • Attach marriage cert, divorce decree, sworn affidavit or court order as proof.
  • Banks thoroughly verify claims of erroneous names before approving changes.
  • Name updates take the longest processing time – over 1 month in some cases.

Visit branch soon after any major personal information changes rather than waiting several months. Delayed updates can cause transaction failures which are complex to resolve later.

How to Confirm BVN Update

After submitting documents to modify your BVN details, always remember to:

  • Obtain confirmation receipt from the bank acknowledging your update request and documents provided.
  • Follow up after 2 weeks if you don’t receive an SMS or email confirming completion of update.
  • Check changes reflect in bank accounts – New address should display in statements, name on ATM card etc.
  • Confirm via BVN Validation – Recheck your data using 5650# or on the NIBSS website.
  • Request rectification if modifications don’t reflect after the stated processing time.
  • Update changed information across all banks you have accounts with, not just one.

Thoroughly verifying successful BVN updates across channels prevents lingering inconsistencies that can frustrate transactions.


Your Bank Verification Number serves as your unique identity across the Nigerian financial system. It is crucial to keep your personal details on BVN accurate and current by informing your bank about any changes.

While you cannot alter your BVN information directly, submitting the required documents at your bank branch will ensure the details are modified through the proper process. Confirm that changes like new contact details, residential address, marital status or names are fully updated by checking bank records, NIBSS validation and your credit profile.

Staying diligent about keeping your BVN updated will prevent unnecessary account restrictions, KYC failures, and transaction reversals or errors. Make this a priority whenever you experience major life events.


Can I update my BVN online or only at the bank?

BVN updates are only possible by visiting your bank branch in person and providing original copies of supporting documents. No banks currently offer online BVN modification.

How long does it take to update each BVN detail?

Name and marital status changes take the longest at 4-6 weeks. Address and contact details are quicker with 2-3 weeks processing. Follow up if no confirmation after the defined period.

My BVN has a spelling error. How do I correct it?

Submit a BVN correction form specifying the letters to be modified along with an affidavit sworn stating the accurate spelling of your name. The bank will verify and update the correction.

My bank is unable to update my BVN. What should I do?

If your bank branch seems unable to handle the BVN update even after escalation, you can approach NIBSS directly along with your documents to request data modification.

Can I update my BVN if I no longer use the bank where it was issued?

Yes, visit any active bank branch with your documents and they should be able to facilitate the update which will reflect across all your linked bank accounts.

How can I protect my BVN from unauthorized changes?

Closely monitor bank communications for any notifications about changes made to your BVN. Report immediately if any uninitiated or fraudulent modifications occur.

I hope these tips help you maintain accurate and up-to-date personal records for smooth banking transactions! Let me know if you have any other BVN-related questions.


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