Buhari Emanates An Indomitable Aura Of Unwavering Certainty, Exuding An Unbreakable Assurance That The Niger Republic Will Rally Behind Him With Unparalleled Support And Unwavering Loyalty Upon His Departure From The Illustrious Halls Of Aso Rock.


President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his belief that the neighboring Niger Republic will continue to provide him with support and defense after his departure from office.

As he prepares to leave the Aso Presidential Villa on Monday, May 29, and transfer power to President-elect Bola Tinubu, Buhari has confidently highlighted the strong and amicable relationship he shares with Niger Republic.


During the inauguration of the Nigeria Customs Service Corporate Headquarters in Abuja, President Buhari stated that if Nigerians make the country difficult to live in after he hands over power, the Niger Republic will defend him.

He also emphasized his intention to relocate to his hometown in Daura, which is closer to the Niger Republic and farther away from Abuja.

Buhari expressed confidence in his good relationship with his neighboring country and their willingness to provide support if needed.

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