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Top Alternatives to Branch Loan App for iPhone Users

The Branch loan app provides a quick and easy way for users to access short-term personal loans completely from their mobile device. Unfortunately, Branch is currently only available for Android phones, leaving iPhone users unable to enjoy its convenient features. This comprehensive guide will explore the top alternative personal loan apps available for iPhone users looking for a similar flexible borrowing experience as Branch right from their smartphone.

branch loan app for iphone free download

Overview of the Branch Loan App

For context, let’s first understand what the Branch loan app offers:

  • Quick personal loans – Users can qualify for up to $1,000 in minutes
  • Convenient access – Loans are entirely accessed through the mobile app
  • Short terms – Loan terms are typically just over a month
  • No collateral – Loans are unsecured, no need for collateral
  • Build credit – On-time repayments are reported to credit bureaus
  • Low fees – No prepayment penalties or origination fees
  • Automatic repayments – Loans are auto-debited from bank accounts

So in summary, Branch provides fast, short-term, small-dollar personal loans completely through its mobile app to help users cover urgent costs or bridge cash flow gaps.

Why Branch App is Not Available for iPhones

Currently, the Branch app is only available on Google Play for Android devices. There are a couple reasons the developers have not yet created an iOS version for iPhones:

  • Development priorities – The Android platform allowed quicker testing and updating during initial launch and growth.
  • Target demographics – Android has significantly higher market share than iOS in several emerging markets where Branch operates.
  • App store policy differences – Google Play has a more approachable policy for personal loan apps compared to Apple’s App Store.

However, given iPhone’s large market share in the US, Branch is likely considering developing an iOS app in the future as they continue expanding.

Best Personal Loan Apps for iPhone Users

Until Branch launches for iOS, here are some of the best alternative personal loan apps iPhone users can try for quick, convenient access to cash:

1. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is a leading financial platform that offers 0% APR Instacash advances of up to $250 as one of its many services.

Key features:

  • $0 cost Instacash advances
  • No credit check or fees
  • Lion’s Share program to earn rewards
  • Additional offerings like credit monitoring, investment accounts, managed portfolios and more


  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Eligibility for Instacash determined upon sign-up

2. Dave

Dave is an award-winning finance app providing users with zero-interest paycheck advances to avoid overdrafts and stay on budget.

Key features:

  • Advances up to $100 before payday
  • Zero fees or interest
  • Automatic balance tracking and budgeting
  • Financial tip articles and videos
  • Side Hustle Job Board for extra income


  • iOS and Android apps
  • 7-day free trial period to test features

3. Brigit

Brigit lets users access $250 advances before payday to stop bank fees and bounced payments through their AI-powered app.

Key features:

  • Get up to $250 in seconds with bank account connection
  • No interest charges or credit checks
  • Automated balance monitoring
  • Files missed payment waivers on user’s behalf
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans


  • iOS and Android apps
  • 14-day free trial available

4. Earnin

Earnin is a community-supported lending app providing cash advances with flexible repayment timelines and voluntary tipping.

Key features:

  • Access up to $500 in advances per pay cycle
  • Custom tipping instead of fees/interest
  • Cash Out any time feature
  • Automatic overdraft prevention
  • Paid Time Off coverage for hourly workers


  • iOS and Android apps
  • Requires proof of income/employment

Benefits of Using Personal Loan Apps on iPhones

Beyond providing needed funds conveniently, personal loan apps offer additional significant benefits for iPhone users:

  • Accessibility – Apps enable borrowing on-the-go directly from your iPhone
  • Speed – Digital applications accelerate loan decisioning and funding transfer
  • Ease of use – Simple swiping interfaces make taking out loans straightforward
  • Cost savings – Lower fees and interest rates on app-based loans
  • Credit impact – Apps like Branch report loan repayment data to bureaus to build credit

By leveraging personal loan apps, iPhone users can enjoy faster, easier, and more affordable loan options.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Loan Apps for iPhones

If exploring loan app options for your iPhone, keep the following key considerations in mind:

  • Loan amount – Choose an app offering loan size that suits your needs
  • Cost structure – Compare interest rates and any fees across apps
  • Eligibility – Ensure you meet the app’s qualifying criteria
  • Speed – Check how fast funds can be accessed in the app
  • Security – Review app’s encryption, data practices and security measures
  • Customer support – Evaluate ease of contacting support within the app

Analyzing these aspects will help you determine the best personal loan app fit for your iPhone.

Tips for a Smooth User Experience on iPhone Loan Apps

Follow these tips for the optimum user experience when borrowing through personal loan apps on your iPhone:

  • Ensure the app is updated to the latest iOS version
  • Check app has access permissions needed for smooth functioning
  • Use FaceID or TouchID for quick, secure login
  • Carefully enter requested information accurately
  • Enable push notifications to get timely alerts
  • Monitor account activity and payments in-app
  • Contact in-app support or chat if any issues arise

Following best practices for using iOS financial apps will facilitate a seamless loan app experience on your iPhone.

The Future of Personal Loan Apps on iPhones

As alternative lending continues gaining popularity, growing user demand will likely compel more loan providers like Branch to expand their services to iOS users. Increased competition may also drive companies to make their offerings available across platforms.

Specifically, Branch has strong incentives to develop an iPhone app to complement its successful Android version as the company continues on its trajectory of growth and expansion into new markets.

iPhone users have lots of innovative loan app options to select from currently. But in the future, we can expect an even more robust suite of borrowing and financial management solutions designed specifically with iPhone users’ needs in mind.


While the Branch personal loan app is unfortunately not yet on iOS, iPhone users have a variety of alternative lending apps to conveniently access advances on-the-go. Apps like MoneyLion, Dave, and Brigit mimic core features like quick funding, short terms, and affordability. Optimizing preferences like loan amount and cost structure can help iPhone users find the most suitable Branch alternative loan app among the growing set of options.

FAQs About Loan Apps for iPhones

Do I need to allow app tracking to use iPhone loan apps?

Loan apps generally do not require enabling app tracking. However, enabling tracking can allow optimal performance.

Can I get a loan app without providing personal information?

Legitimate loan apps require users to provide certain personal, income, and employment information to determine eligibility and prevent fraud.

Is it safe to link my bank account to an iPhone loan app?

Linking a bank account carries some risk, but top apps use bank-level encryption, data security protocols, and fraud monitoring tools to keep your information safe.

Will using an iPhone loan app impact my credit score?

Apps like Branch that report your repayment data to credit bureaus allow you to build credit through on-time loan repayment. Missed payments can negatively impact your score.

Can I repay my iPhone loan app earlier than the due date?

Most loan apps allow early repayment with some limitations. Be sure to check individual app policies regarding prepayments or overpayments.

What happens if I miss a repayment on my iPhone loan app?

Late or missed payments typically incur fees and additional interest charges. Severe delinquency can result in penalties, account closure, and reported credit damage. Communicate with the lender early if struggling to repay.

Are there iPhone loan apps for borrowers with bad credit?

While eligibility criteria differs across apps, some specialized lenders like Possible Finance and Emergency Loan Network accommodate borrowers with poor credit or no credit history.


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