Another Guinness World Record Broken By A Nigerian Art Student


According to African Hub on X a Nigerian man known as Chancellor Ahaghotu broke the Guinness Book of Record for the longest painting marathon at 100hrs

According to African Hub, the previous record of 60hrs lasted for 10 years, Chancellor Ahaghotu also created surprising 106hrs during the painting marathon

In the comment, many people appreciate his beautiful work and gave an encouraging words to him

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Chancellor Ahaghotu

Here are the encouraging words from people around the world

Bolakale Akin-:

Congratulations 
The dedication and creativity displayed during this feat, resulting in 106 art pieces, highlight the immense talent and endurance of Nigerian art students

Luchell lloh-:

Congratulations to you.
Africa to the world

Ani Ifunanya – :

Congratulations dear

Depsy :-

Congratulations to him. More wins


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