A Successful Business Is Distinguished By Its Ability to


A successful business is distinguished by its ability to build on the key prerequisites that drive productivity growth. I know lots of things are been emphasized about most successful entrepreneurs and businesses out there.

If you don’t know the real story that surrounds a good business and a successful entrepreneur, you’ll be thinking they just have it on a platter of gold.

What I can assure you is that a successful business is always different from the rest by its ability to implore all the essential features required to build and develop.

In truth, business is not quite easy the way people think. Yes, business is cool and profitable. Most of the top richest personalities we have in this world acquired their wealth through business investments.

One beautiful thing about business is that it also broadens one’s mind and be open to lots of ideas. There are different kinds of businesses out there, but what lies in a successful business is its financial power and credibility.

It takes the strongest mind to take that big step and work tirelessly into ensuring that a solid foundation is been created.

I tell you, “What describes a successful business is not the present gigantic wealth it possesses presently, but its elasticity going further.”

I might be running a business currently and making huge profits from it, but if I don’t utilize the available resources and make proper re-investments, then it’s likely to crash. To me, that’s not a successful business.

Key Features of a Successful Business

Now, I’ll like to explain some key notes here on what distinguishes a successful business, and the ability such businesses possess:

The Ability to Take Risks

Business is a risk, and you’re able to take the available risks will determine how far you’re willing to go in the business. Business is a 50-50 challenge, with a probability of failing upon start.

Mind you, failures in a business are not the downfall of that business, but your ability to take those chances. Fear of failing is the downfall of your initiative and will be the end of the road for you to build on what you want to achieve.

Have a Clear Realistic Vision

The ability of an entrepreneur to have a clear realistic vision for his or her business is another good dimension to achieve profitable growth.

Any business you know of, or that is progressing well, it’s down to a clear vision and the ability of that company to work towards actualizing that vision.

Why some people fail inline business is the fact that the vision they try to implore into their business cannot be achieved. At the end of the day, you’ll end up chasing shadows, cos there’s no way that business plan can be achievable, which may be down to the limited resources available.

Exhibit Great Passion for the Business

The key reason why lots of businesses are not successful is the lack of passion for that business. Passion means your desire and love for what you do.

If you’re a worker and you’re always tasked to do a job outside your field, it can be frustrating sometimes. Maybe you love handling the system as an accountant, and suddenly you’re being moved to a marketer in the company.

I know the frustration on that face, having made to do what you didn’t sign up for.

It’s just the same thing as a business. Some people start a particular business because they feel their friends are doing it, or maybe that particular business is booming in the market when they know that they have zero knowledge about the said business.

The truth of the matter is that you can’t love a business you don’t know, and you can’t have passion for it.

You have experience with electronics, you’ve learned the trade, and you enjoy the fact that you know what you’re doing, but all of a sudden, you decide to switch to the automobile because others are making it from there. Let me tell you, you’ll not get acquainted with the job, and in the long run, your passion for it will evaporate.

So, try to build on your passion for your business, cos when you do, you will never joke with it. And as long as you don’t joke with it, productivity increases at a fast rate, and that leads to the road to success.

Exhibit Patience

This is one of the of every successful business. This determines the success and failure of a business at the first start. It’s very clear that without patience, you’re bound to fail from the very first start even the whole initiative you might possess.

We live in a new world where young people aspire to build a business of their own to get everything well done within just a little time.

All the prominent business people you know of didn’t just get everything at the first shot. It wasn’t an easy smooth sail.

There’ll be challenges; even if it’s not at the early stage, they must surely come at some stage. But how patient enough you are to stand firm, is what will define the stronghold of your business.

Starting a business from the scratch is never easy, irrespective of the huge amount of capital you invest in it. There are so many factors that drive businesses other than the availability of capital and other resources.

Every successful business is taken bit by bit to reach the highest ladder.

Have Good Marketing Skills

Well, you can’t want to start a business if you don’t know how to do marketing.

Wait a minute, how do you expect to make it in business without proper marketing? About 70% of success in a business is its marketing structure.

The ability to properly market your products/goods builds your business popularity.

Currently, there are several social media channels where you can advertise your business, newsletters, TV stations, and radio stations.

So if you want to take it further, you need to let the world know more about your business.

Provide Good Customer Service

Now, this is the main criterion in business, because customers are the major key to the success of a business. Without them, your business cannot prosper.

So, if you’re not customer-centric like you don’t know how to take care of your customers, then you should learn it even though that’s what it’ll take you.

How do you intend to build a business that’s not focused on impressing your existing and prospective customers? It surely doesn’t work that way.

Why these top businesses are prospering is that they put their customers first. Even financial institutions; cannot be able to improve the way they are present without the presence of the customers.

So, providing good customer service to satisfy your customers should be one of your key priorities.

Adapt to Changes

A business’s success is also been driven by its ability to withstand drastic changes in the environment and society at large.

It’s no doubt that there’ll be changes in our society at some point, and customers will always expect more even at the rate of such situations. But if the business is capable of withstanding that challenge, then it’s bound to succeed.

Now, let’s take the pandemic lockdown for instance; it was a very testing time for top companies/businesses because of their inability to meet up with customers’ needs at that time, which was definitely out of their hands.

The ability of such companies to adopt a work-from-home strategy to make sure that all hands are still on-deck wherever they are, to make sure that services are still been rendered.

If your business does not have the necessary strategy put in place to ensure that services are been rendered irrespective of the situation on the ground, then competitors will pounce.

Create Enabling Environment for Employees

Employees at the workplace are the cornerstone of building a good environment. And a good business environment is one of the strategies for improving outputs.

To build a successful business, you’ll need to ensure that the well-being of your employees is well-catered for. A good structure benefits your employees’ morale at work. And when they’re dedicated to working, it improves the overall activities in your company.

I want to share an experience concerning this point; the very first company I worked for as a content writer, I used to get good pay and nice treatment at the early stage. I was overzealous at that time, trying to make sure that I impress my employer more.

I went as far as recommending more hands to the job when there were gaps to fill. I was in love with the job not minding the high level of expectations.

In truth, the job was demanding and can be stressful at times, but I didn’t bother about that. Anyone I introduce to the job gets tired of it even before starting, because of its demands.

Apart from knowing what I’m doing as regards the job, I was passionate about it because I was been treated well. So I fell in love with it irrespective of the challenges.

I fell out of love when there was a change of supervisor. The communication between me and the man was not there, and he wasn’t willing to help bridge that gap.

So, I felt like working alone and fell out of love. My attitude on the job changed, and I wasn’t as active as I used to be. It affected me no doubt, but it affected the business as well because there was nobody at that moment willing to take up my job function.

Even when I try bringing people into the business so I could work with them, it wasn’t working cos they always feel that the job is stressful.

So, now, as you can see, what affects employees equally affects the business directly. The attitude of your employees in business determines the success and failure of the business. So, that is why you must create good working conditions for your employees.

Build Effective Collaboration & Diversity

Good collaboration is another factor that improves and determines business success. When everybody in the workplace are been carried along, and then works together with one aim to foster the development of the business, then the company is already on the path of achievable growth.

In any working environment, one person does not do it alone. It takes two or more creative heads to collaborate and bring in good innovation that’ll help boost the growth of the business.

Even with the collaboration, there should be an avenue for customers to as well voice out their opinion, cos theirs matters as well. When there’s that level of diversity, it will give room for the business to find out loopholes and tackle them as soon as possible.

Big businesses prosper effectively because there’s always a high level of collaboration among the team. Customers are as well given the freedom to express their grievances, and as well make recommendations. With that, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure a high level of improvement.

Provide a Good Unique Value

Last but not least is the ability of the business to provide a good unique value for its customers. The reason why these businesses are out and are different from others is the fact that their products and services are always unique. It’s not comparable, and it’s always of high quality.

So, for your business to be successful just like others, you need creative ideas. You need innovations to stand out. Bring new things to the market, and you’ll see how customers will be trooping to patronize your business.

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How Do You then Set Up a Successful Business?

Now you’ve been able to grasp why a successful business is unique and always different from others. Now, let’s head straight to know the next step you need to take. Now, the question is “How do you then set up a successful business?”

Determine the Scope of Business You Wish to Start

Now, this is the first step you need to take if you want to set up a successful business. Business is not something you can just wake up and decide you want to do. You need to have a strategic plan on what you want to do, the available resources to do what you want to do, and also to determine whether it’ll be feasible where you want to run the business.

For instance; you want to start a big provision store in your locality. Your first should be “Do I know the kind of business I want to open? Is what I want to do profitable? Is it a business I have passion for?” Or is it because you feel like it’s booming and you just want to join the moving train? These are questions that should first pop up in your mind before you make that decision.

You should also look at the available financial and human resources at your disposal before you can start a big provision business. You know this type of business needs like few employees and a good amount of capital.

Draft out a Plan for Your Business

Once you’ve been able to know the type of business you want to do and how viable it is, then the next thing is to draft out an appropriate plan o the business. This is where you have to set out targets and goals for the business.

There are lots of plans to be put in place, such as; financial plans, market analysis, product and services, goals and objectives, tax planning, etc. These are the key things that determine a business, and to foster that growth, you have to strategically plan for all of these.

Set up your Business Structure

Now, this is where you’ll have to determine the structure of the business you want to operate; whether a sole proprietorship (one-man business), a partnership business, a limited liability company or a corporation.

This will enable you to know the number of resources to be involved in business, and it’ll help you have further strategic plans ahead.

Put Appropriate Funds in the Business

Capital is business and business is capital. You need to properly budget for the business and make sure that all the funds are been channeled where they should be. If possible, get a notebook and take down the budget of the business for a start, so that you won’t be confused when funding it.

Most people caught out and get confused when it comes to the necessary finances needed for the business, and they end up spending above the limit.
So when you have a plan, do a market survey to know what and you need, you’ll get the business funding right.

Register Your Business

This is where most business people get it wrong. To them, registering your business is paying more money to the government. I want to tell you that there are lots of benefits that come with you registering your business and getting licenses.

In order not to get into any legal dispute with the government, you need to get your business registered, get the license, and then operate fully. This will enable you to have the full backing of the relevant authorities anytime your business operations seem to get into trouble.

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Get Business Insurances

This might sound similar to registering your business but it’s not. Registering your business comes with its benefit, but getting business insurance comes with a high level of protection for your business.

There are lots of them, such as; liability insurance, product liability insurance, property insurance, business interruption insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, etc.

All these insurances have their distinct protection, and as your business advances, it’s advisable you get as much as you can.

Plan How to Manage your Business Account

There’s a saying that “You don’t mix business with pleasure”. It’ll be an error for you to use your account for your business. Even a worker has a personal and savings account.

So as long as you’re running a business, you need to create a business account for it, so you’ll know how to be channeling your business finances. And also, don’t forget to get bookkeeping for your business.

Boost Your Business Popularity

Your business is all set now, so the next thing is for you to enhance productivity and sales. w do you fasten this? There are several channels you can use to advertise and market your business.

Apart from using communication media to make public announcements about your business, there are social media handles that you can use as well.

If you still want to, you can create a website for your business, write well as regards your products and services, and then sell your business out.

Apart from this, there are still other means by which you can as well build your business market strategy to ensure that people know more about the products you sell or the service(s) you render.

A Successful Business Growth


Business is good if only the right principles and ideologies are been applied. Just like education, business is also all about stages and steps. 90% of business failures we witness are a result of a lack of adopting strategic plans and ideas for the growth of the business.

I believe with the above strategies I have highlighted for you, which a successful business should apply to foster growth, you’ve been able to grasp some key points that’ll help you work on putting the necessary measures in place.


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