20 Online Daily Income Businesses That’ll Boost Your Finances this Year


Online business is currently the real deal as currently. If you’re not yet on the moving trend, then you need to figure out that it’s time to be more creative so you can sell yourself to the world.

And if you’re in love with online businesses and feel that it’s something you can do if you get the necessary idea, then here are the top 20 online daily income businesses that you can explore…

Online business is simply a daily business being run over the internet (online). It can also be defined as a means of selling goods and services online.

The emergence of digital technologies has created a good atmosphere for people over the world. Whether you have a physical business, running it online is a plus that will undoubtedly add to your daily income.

If you have a phone or a laptop, with an active internet connection and data, why use it only for fun when you can make a good income from it by tapping into any of the online daily income businesses available? Okay, are you thinking of what you can do online to get paid? Or are probably you thinking of how to go about it?

Don’t worry, this article on the 20 online daily income businesses has been specially prepared for you, irrespective of where you are around the world…

List of 20 Online Daily Income Businesses for You

Lots of online daily income businesses are already available in the online market, but I’ve decided to pick 20 out of them, which I believe you can find anyone interesting to do. They’re as follows:

  1. Blogging
  2. Vlogging
  3. Crypto trade
  4. Forex trade
  5. Product sales
  6. eCommerce
  7. Freelance
  8. Content writing
  9. Website design
  10. Application design
  11. Ebook sales
  12. Affiliate marketing
  13. Social media influencing
  14. Social media profile management
  15. Runnig Online Ads
  16. Selling of Gift Cards
  17. Product Reviews
  18. Online Tutoring / Training
  19. Online photo sales
  20. Virtual Top-Up (VTU)

Now, let me break down the top 20 online daily income businesses for you below:


Do you have what it takes to get the attention of the potential audience? Do you have the ability to create fascinating articles; update news, entertainment, etc…Are you up to date and feel like you can update Nigerians on the current trend?

These are questions you should be asking yourself, and if you’re able to answer that, then you can make the most of what you know and what you love by putting it into best practice.

Blogging has been one of the oldest online daily income businesses in the game. Most things you need to do is to write and publish articles and upload photos or other media files that your audiences are interested in.

Many people like to be updated on what is trending, some like reading and watching entertainment news, etc, but the fact is that not everybody is always updated or gets the right channel to stay updated.

So if you’re good with the stuff, you can pull that plug while you make your cool money in your comfort zone.

All you have to do is to create a blog site, try as much as possible to deliver quality and original articles, then wait for it to get approved, and you’re good to go.

There’s what we call “AdSense” in blogging, which is the approval you’ll need to get to make your blog site profitable.


Vlogging is just like a blog, but the difference is that Vlog is a video. Most of these YouTube videos you watch are examples of vlog accounts.

People create video accounts to teach people how to do some stuff and get paid for it. That’s a typical example of a Vlog. And this is something you can explore. But it’s down to one thing which is “Followers”.

So, if video uploads are what you can do, then you need to start a vlog. Create a video account, monetize it, and start creating your interesting videos.

Crypto Trading

Crypto trading has become another viable route, and the pay is quite big as far as you have the idea.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to purchase goods and services, through secure online trading platforms, or otherwise involves buying and selling of coins via exchange. Let me simply put that crypto, theoretically and practically is determined by the activities of demand and supply.

Although the Cryptocurrency market is decentralized, it’s making waves on the digital front, with lots of people trooping in. And as easy as it sounds, as profitable as it may be, trust me, it’s not quite easy.

You’re required to go through training before you can be able to master crypto trading. Most people even pay for experts to teach them how to trade cryptocurrency. But before that, you’ll need to create an exchange account so you can be able to store the crypto tokens in your wallet pending when you want to sell them.

Cryptos are stored on a blockchain (a shared digital register for recorded data). So, whenever you want to send cryptocurrency units to another user, it’s been directly sent to another user’s digital wallet, pending verification.

What this blockchain does is that it stores files on multiple computers across a network. During the transaction process, there’s what is called “Cryptocurrency mining” which is when all transactions are checked and new blocks are added to the blockchain.

There are different cryptocurrencies you can trade on, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Popular platforms such as binance, coinbase, bitpanda, etc, has made it easier to trade crypto on.

So, if you have the zeal to learn crypto trade, there are online courses out there that can help you. While most require a subscription package to teach people, some others out there can teach you for free (but it’s rare).

Forex Trade

Many people always mistake forex for crypto. You can’t fault them, cos I too was confused about the two when I didn’t know much.

Forex is not crypto, and crypto is not forex. Forex, unlike crypto, has to do with trading foreign currencies.

It’s more like investing in currencies’ exchange rates, predicting the rise and fall of these currencies, their demands/purchasing power, the effect of export/import on such currencies, etc.

I can say forex is wider than crypto. It requires rigorous training to master it. But I bet you’ll find someone that’ll teach you forex trade for free.

So if you can learn fast, or you’re good with it, then you got no worries, and trust me, you’ll make hefty profits from it.


Online product sales have become a norm and it’s moving rapidly and taking over physical sales. Don’t be surprised in the next couple of years it’ll be the face of the general market.

eCommerce is taking over the financial market because people can now make monetary transactions using any of these apps, while the charges go to them as their profit.

eCommerce is broad; it has to do with buying and selling goods or services online. Not just physical goods, eCommerce equally involves making transactions online.

There are online marketplaces that have made it easier and more convenient for people to advertise and market their products online without the need of owning a physical shop.

Top marketplaces like Amazon, Jumia, and even Facebook, etc., are already making waves in the game.

Other e-commerce payment platforms in Nigeria, such as Quickteller, Opay, PalmPay, etc., were set up by people, and it’s quite profitable.

Online Product Sales

Another good option to make money is selling products online. If you deal in any product like clothes, phone accessories, electronics, etc, all you have to do is sign up on any of the popular marketplaces I just mentioned in the eCommerce section, and they’ll help you post them online.

Remember, some of them charge for signing up, and there’s a percentage that’ll go to them, especially the popular platforms like Amazon, Jumia, Jiji, etc.

Facebook said they’ll start charging marketers using the WhatsApp Business and Facebook Marketplace features for business a certain small percentage very soon.


How to start Freelancing on Fiverr

Now, this is one of the best profitable online daily income businesses, and I can attest to it.

Freelancer is more like advertising your digital skills online, and always ready to render such service to clients both locally and internationally.

Whether it’s article writing, web design, coding, proofreading, etc…anyone you feel you’re good at, there are always thousands of clients seeking your services.

There are different freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Fiver, Indeed, etc.

All you have to do is to create a good profile, select the digital skill(s) you know how to do best, and then check out online always for potential clients. I’ll be of help if you want to create one.

Content Writing

Are you a writer? Can you write good content? If so, then move away from writing stuff only on papers that have no income for you, and take yourself to the spotlight.

Content writing involves blog writing, article writing, copywriting, etc.

Top companies are seeking people that can be an editor for them, content managers, and content creators; anyhow you want to call it.

If you’re good at this, then you should give it a shot. It doesn’t cost anything to render such service, just your time and commitment.

But mind you, it’s not like the normal writing you do in your journal or notebook. This one requires proper research, cos you’ll have to write about things you’ve never come across.

So you got to make research and get everything right. Even if you’re writing for a company, you’ll need to make research about that particular company.

Ebook Sales

Ebook, unlike content writing, is more complex. Although both are similar in the sense that you write for people and get paid.

But the difference here is that in Ebook, you got to write your book via your system, arrange it well using Microsoft tools like PowerPoint, then sell it online.

There are top online platforms for that Ebooks in Nigeria, such as; Amazon, Payhip, Nairabookstore, Selar, etc.

What these platforms do is that when they place your eBook for auctioning, they take a certain percentage whenever it’s been sold.

If you can be able to market your eBook by yourself via your social media handle, then it’s no problem.

Why these platforms are recommended is that they’re already popular in this kind of business.

Web Design

Do you know about creating websites for businesses and private individuals? If yes, then you’re on the right path to earning a good income online.

We’re in a digital world, and if you look around you’ll see that most top companies now have their websites, financial institutions like banks have their websites, government agencies now have their websites, and lots of others.

Just like these companies and organizations have websites, private individuals are setting up websites for their businesses as well.

So how is it possible that you can’t make it being a web designer? Just imagine the level of income you’re going to make just by designing websites for these top companies and organizations.

So as long as you have the required skill to do this, and get connected to people that’ll be referring you to top companies, then you’ve blown!

Application Design

This is similar to website design, cos those that know about designing websites can do an app design.

These online apps you see and download was designed by people like you, people that have exhibited the knowledge to do so at the highest level.

If you have the skill, or if you can learn the skill, then you can make money from it just like website design.

Most of the companies just like I explained in website design also have their applications as well.

Banks have applications just like they have websites. So whichever one you can learn, it’s still an equal skill as website designing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular and it’s booming. It has to do with you partnering with someone to help them sell their products online, to get a certain percentage as your pay.

If you want to be involved in this business, there are online platforms out there looking for affiliate marketers.

You’ll need to sign up with them, and then advertise their products through your account or link which you created with them, and then sell the products. Whatever you sell, you’ll get your commission.

Social Media Influencing

social media influencing is taking over the internet market as one of the popular online daily income businesses especially for youths

Social media influencer is a common name you must be used to. Even though some might know of it, others might not know what it’s all about, or how it’s done. But if you think it’s just for fun, then you’re wrong, cos social media influencing is an online business.

You might be wondering why people post their videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

Maybe what rings in your mind is that most of these people are just posting for the sake of getting more followers and entertaining their friends, but I want to assure you that it’s not necessarily the case.

Most of these accounts you see have been monetized, and posting these videos for followers to watch, like, and comment on fetches some cash for them.

All these people’s reels you watch on social media, comedy skits, dance videos, etc, are mostly for online money.

Social Media Profile Management

How to become a social media manager

This is another good shot you need to look out for.

Social media profile management is not something hard as long as you have someone that wants you to help manage their social media handles for them.

Most top celebrities and top personalities don’t necessarily log in to check their social media accounts or post and update their fans.

They assign a social media manager to do the job for them while they go about their busy schedules. And with this, you’re getting payments based on the agreement. You’ll be granted access to their social accounts.

You need to be good with English, post-error-free because you know the world is always hanging around such accounts, and then most importantly you need to be good at making research about the person’s competitors, because when you get the necessary updates you need, it’ll help you to use them in creating something when required.

Running online Ads

How to make money running ads

Whenever you’re browsing the internet or watching YouTube videos, you’ll notice adverts about a particular platform or company popping up every time, that’s the work of Ads managers.

You can make money while running ads for top companies and platforms. It’s something that’s been in working for people over time now.

So, if you have the knowledge, and you know you have a good amount of followers on your social handle as well, you can run ads for such companies on your page and still make money.

Sell Gift Cards

Selling Gift Cards online is one of the coolest online daily income businesses I can recommend to anyone.

To be successful in selling gift cards to people, you’ll need to associate yourself with people that do online transactions more often.

There are different gift cards you can sell such as iTunes, Walmart, Amazon card, etc. All these cards are in high demand cos people use them to shop online.

Some people like making payments using gift cards whenever they want to do an online business transaction.

So, if you’re able to get a couple of gift cards to sell, you can be making your cool money as long as they’re good.

You know, sometimes there are gift cards that cannot be used, so the market is not always favorable.

There’s still sites where you can sell your gift cards. A site Cardpool buys from sellers and pays a certain amount of percentage depending on the value of that gift card.

Product Reviews

How to make money by writing reviews

The product reviews business is not very popular, but some people that are into it are earning from it.

Companies pay people to write good reviews about their products.

These companies pay people who know about their products and are always there to reply positively about their product whenever it faces backlash.

You need to make research about that company and its products, be ready to write good about them, and make recommendations.

You’ll get paid as long as you sign up and have an agreement with them.

Online Fitness Training

Make cool cash online by engaging clients on fitness classes

Online fitness training is another good example. So you don’t have to bother about getting a gym house, cos you can stay in your place and conduct a fitness exercise for people online.

Just ensure that you get more people to sign up on your page and you’re good to go.

Selling Photos Online

Another one is online photo sales (selling photos to companies that need them online). For you to be able to do this, you need to be good with photography, that’s a good photographer.

Whenever you browse about something or someone on Google and then click on “Images”, you’ll see photos about that particular stuff.

Some of those pictures you’re seeing were professionally taken by people, who now sell them to companies that want to write a story on that.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean copied images, cos there are the original images out there.

If you know you can do something like that, then it’s a plus for you. All you need is to get signed up with any of these companies and start submitting your pictures.

Virtual Top-Up (VTU)

During my service year, I signed up for an online platform called “Necsmobile Nigeria”.

What I do is purchase data and airtime online from telecommunication companies like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT (now 9MOBILE). When I do so, I now sell to people who need them, especially those that always find it hard to get recharge cards outside or top-up from their bank accounts.

I did make some profit doing that, and it’s something you too can explore.

In addition to selling airtime and data online, you can also subscribe TV deciders for people online and make your money.

I believe there are other companies that offer such out there. So all you need is to get signed up with any of them, ensure you have an active internet connection and you’re good to go.


Surely, there are lots of online daily income businesses you can choose from. All you have to do is to think about your skills, your strength, and how creative you can be.

I assure you, there’s nothing you do physically that you cannot do online to boost your income, as long as you’re good at it.

Apart from the above 20 online daily income businesses mentioned, there are other services you can render online and earn cool cash. All you need is the right skill and talent to push it.

If you’re the type that offers good talk to people, you can do so online, with massive readers locked on your page just to read or hear what you have to say.

Now, let me tell you something; “there’s one secret to online business, and that is trust.” Remember, this is over the internet, and you don’t get the chance to meet people physically to render your services to them or sell your products.

They don’t know you physically, so the little they know you online is what they’re hanging on to. So you must build that trust with them online, before you know it the bond will be strong as if they’ve seen you face to face. That’s one advantage you must not forget.


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