10 Outstanding Content AI Article Generators That’ll Enhance Your Writing


In this article, I’ll be highlighting the benefits of using AI article generators in anything you’re working on, as well as providing you with the 10 outstanding content AI article generators you should consider.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, freelance content writer, web copywriter, or email marketer, using any of the best content AI article generators is the sure deal to perfect your projects.

When I started writing blog posts, everything was all about using my initiative. Most times, I used to get a couple of things wrong, cos you need to perfect your write-ups for them to rank.

But ever since I started getting to learn more about content AI article generators, and what they can do, I kind of felt very much relief. These computer-based platforms make my work easier and perfect.

So, I’ve drafted out the best 10 out of a host of content AI article generators we have out there, which I want you to try out.

Benefits of Using Content AI Article Generators for All Users

Whether you’re a web content writer, freelance writer, blogger, scriptwriter, or student, content AI has all the features to give you what you need.

For freelance content writers; using any of the best content AI article generators helps to properly arrange your content, put the headings where they are supposed to, arrange the paragraph adequately, and also help you with the listings.

Most importantly, you do all these kinds of stuff within just a few minutes, more than what you ought to spend if continues using the traditional way of writing.

For web copywriters; using content AI helps you create perfect landing pages, eCommerce texts, social media texts, etc. Let’s take eCommerce for example; all you just need is the brand name and the product review texts, and leave the rest for the content AI.

For email marketers; content AI helps you in terms of creating good confirmation emails, email notifications, email subjects, etc.

Let’s take for instance, if there are lots of emails for you to send or reply to, you don’t need to continue creating new mail patterns all over again as this will result in time wastage. All you need is to change the subject/title and tweak a couple of words and sentences and you’re good to go. Everything will be handled perfectly for you.

The Ten Best Content AI Platforms

Now that you’ve seen or read through a tip of what content AI article generators have installed for you as a digital writer, now it’s time we draft out the ten best content AI article generators for you:

Copy AI

Another good one you can see is Copy AI. It is free and enables you to create top-notch content for your website, blog posts, or articles within a short time. It also put some necessary corrections to your write-ups and crosschecks grammatical errors and sentences.

It makes use of GPT-3 technology to generate its content, making it a perfect fit and high probability of giving you plagiarism-free content.

One other thing that makes it unique is that it supports more than 25 languages, so this is not a problem as long as it supports your language.

Most importantly, you don’t necessarily have to log in before you can be able to use Copy AI.

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Jasper AI

Jasper AI is out there as one of the best content-generating tools, which is so special and enables you to write within a few minutes and you can write a text of more than 1,500 words easily.

DJasper offers more than 50 templates for you to choose from depending on what you’re writing. And just like the Copy AI, it also supports more than 25 languages.

Jasper AI offers about three payment plans (Starter Plan) which start from $29 per month, (Boss Mode Plan) which starts at $59 and (The Business Plan) which starts at $89. Each of these plans has distinct access to different tools Jasper has to offer.

Simplified AI

Unlike Jasper AI, this one is a free AI generator tool. It helps to rewrite paragraphs and sentences for your articles and blog posts.

It’s unique in its way because unlike helping you write perfectly, it also offers graphic design tools, a video editor, and other animation tools to help you create perfect templates.

If you don’t want to go through the process of creating templates, you can get samples as well.

Although Simplified AI does not support 25 languages, you still got about 20 languages to select from.


QuillBot is another free AI content generator available for you to download, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to pay for a plan before you can use it.

It comes with a plagiarism checker which detects and helps to fix your texts to ensure that it’s free from plagiarism.

And not only about rewriting your texts, it also checks grammatical errors for you to make sure that your sentences stay in line.

Apart from the free package, there are about 3 flexible offers for you; the Annual Plan which costs just $4.17 per month, the Semi-Annual plan which costs $6.66 per month, and the Monthly Plan which costs $9.95 per month.

Shortly AI

Shortly is another cool writing tool that also helps you create high-quality content. It’s regarded as one of the first AI tools to adopt the use of the GPT-3 technology.

Although Shortly AI is nice and easy to use, unlike some others, it doesn’t come with templates and it also supports only the English Language.

Shortly AI offers a Monthly Plan ($79 per month) and a Yearly Plan ($65 per month).


Scalenut is easy to use and there’s a free plan available for you also. It makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms which makes it possible for you to create contents that are simple to read by your audience. Most importantly,

Scalenut has over 40 templates you can choose from to create any kind of content you want.

After your 7-day free trial, you’ll have to subscribe to any of the paid plans to get access to some features. The plans are; Individual Plan ($29 per month), the Growth Plan ($79 per month), and the Pro Plan ($149 per month).

Frase IO

Frase IO also makes use of GPT-3 technology which helps to improve your writing and audience readability. It offers more than 10 templates to help you create different kinds of content.

Frase IO offers free tools for you to help create your content, but there are paid plans which come with different optimization tools


Rytr helps you rewrite the content and have the opportunity to create more versions from the original content. It has both a plagiarism checker and a grammar checker, making it easy to develop high-quality content.users

Rytr supports about 29 languages for users.


Growthbar is one of the best AI tools in the market. It comes with built-in SEO features which make it undoubtedly perfect for SEO.tha

It has a kind of keyword tracker which makes it possible to see popular keywords and their track records in website traffic.

Another cool stuff about this tool is that it has a Blog Marketplace which enables users to get in touch with top AI writers out there.

In terms of pricing, Growthbar has the Standard Plan ($48 per month), the Pro Plan ($99 per month), and the Agency Plan ($199 per month) with lots of distinctive high-quality features.


This I can say is one of the most affordable AI content-generating tools out there, and it hasn’t been on the social market for a long time, unlike some others.

Apart from the Free Trial plan, it has a Short-form plan ($15 per month) and a Long-form Plan ($19 per month). Whichever plan you choose has its distinct features.

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As I told you before, there’s no way to perfect your writing than using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You have a host of them you can choose from above (be it Copy AI, Jasper AI, Simplified AI, or any of the best content AI article generators). These content AI writing tools are super-cool, faster, and provide quality results.

But always make sure you input your initiative so you don’t rely solely on system-generated content always.


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