What is Wrong in Using Your Parents To Find a Spouse ー Reno Omokri


Popular Twitter influencer and former politician, Reno Omokri has advised his followers on Twitter about relationships and marriage.

In a recent post he tweeted on his account on Twitter, he said there’s no different when a person using dating app to find a partner and a person who uses his/her parents to find a spouse.

On his Tweet he said, “If you can use dating apps to find a date, what is wrong with using your parents to find a spouse? Do you trust an algorithm more than the people who gave birth to you and know you best? Arranged marriages are not such a bad idea. Especially when you look at the statistics. They are way more successful than non arranged marriages. They often start without love and end with love, which is often the reverse for other marriages. Yes, it is old fashioned for your parents to assist you in your search for a spouse. But old fashion has lasted precisely because it works.”

This trigger many reactions on from some senior colleague on his Twitter page,

Olujoke hassani said, “Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. What works for A might not for B based on personality. I don’t think it can work on this present world. The only thing parents can do is to make findings about the guy or gal their kids brought home, the kind of background etc not finding spous”

Iac@ow said; “I concur. Marriages start from the parents in the past before the couple were joined in matrimony. Where I come from, in the past, it was during Sallah period that parents introduced their children to one and other for conjugal blessings.”

Theonlyuyai said; “Sorry, mister. But, this one no follow. My mama or papa no fit know my spec. Make them mind their business.”

Saheed Alabi said; “Honestly there is nothing wrong in our parents facilitating our marriage. What is bad is them enforcing someone on us.”

See his Tweet

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