Things People Do that Ruin their Relationships with Others

  1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. Wait for sometime and call back later, If they don’t pick up your call, presume they have something important to attend to; continuous phone calls will likely make your partners see you as Insecure and abusive.
  2. Return money that you have borrowed even before the person that borrowed you remember or ask for it. It shows your integrity and character. Same goes with Books, Chargers and Household Utensils.
  3. Never order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is giving you a lunch/dinner.
  4. Don’t ask awkward questions like ‘Oh so you are married ?’ Or ‘Don’t you have kids’ or ‘Are you a Virgin?’ Or Do you have a car? For God’s sake it isn’t your problem;
  5. If you take a Cab or Bus with a friend and he/she pays now, try paying next time;
  6. Respect different shades of opinions. Remember what’s 6 to you will appear 9 to someone facing you. Besides, second opinion is good for an alternative and avoid been argumentative;
  7. Never interrupt people talking. Allow them to pour it out. As they say, hear them all and filter them all;
  8. If you tease someone, and they don’t seem to enjoy it, stop it and never do it again. It encourages one to do more and they may feel uncomfortable with you.
  9. Say “thank you” when someone is helping you.
  10. When someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. You never know what’s next;
  11. If a colleague tells you they have a doctors’ appointment, don’t ask what it’s for, just say “I hope you’re okay”. Don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you their personal illness. If they want you to know, they’ll do so without your inquisitiveness;

12 If a person is speaking directly to you, staring at your phone is rude;

  1. Never give advice until you’re asked;
  2. Mind your business unless anything involves you directly – just stay out of it;
  3. After reading a good message sent to you by a friend try to say “Thanks for the message”.
    16.Don’t ignore someone or give them the silent treatment. It’s important to communicate and address issues in a healthy way.
  4. Don’t constantly talk about yourself or your own problems without showing interest in the other person. It can make them feel unimportant and unappreciated.
  5. Apologise when you are wrong

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