You Have No Right to Drive my Car, Yul Edochie Drag Judy out of His car – video

Yul Edochie and Judy’s saga continues as the Nollywood Actor shared a recent video on his Facebook page, the two couple recently got into argument about a video posted online.

Yul Edochie was seen in newly posted video asking his wife, who permitted her to drive his car, the Actor was angrily shouting at Judy to step out of his car.

This misunderstanding developed when Yul posted previous video with caption, “am tired of this whole thing ”

In the viral video, they had an argument over a friend he borrowed his car and damaged it without informing him about it, it became issues for the couple when Judy sided with his friend.

Yul Edochie posted another video today, with a caption “Judy wants to drive out with my car after saying it’s game on. Will i allow it? She hasn’t seen anything yet, This is just the beginning.

In the video going viral, Yul Edochie was heard say, “ where are you taking my car to?? Come out!! Did you tell me before taking my car? The video lasted for 5mins.

Some of his fans still don’t believe about there misunderstanding Saga, they believe it is an staged game.

Here are some comments in the video.

Comrade phil said, “ Baba, since you have officially decided to join the Facebook marriage pranksters despite our advice, do well to do it properly nau. Get a camera guy to hold the phone while you and your new babe act out the roles. No stress yourself like this because of zuckerberg pay per views money. No dey fall your hand like this Sir.

Cyprain Nwako said: “If she didn’t take your car, is it my car she should take? You guys should keep on playing with our data…we are all yours. Connect with me for your sound relationship guide.”

Azubuike Ihemeje said: “

You’ve finished switched roles with Odogwu and Aisha

The later has just moved into nollywood after their Pranks got casted

Now, you’ve taken over their show

Welcome our newest fake marital pranksters on the block!👏👏”

Muhammad Adeiza said: “

The prank is just too clear
Sorry for those your followers who have issue with emotional feeling”

Oge Nsimah said: “

Did you know that Yul is still a superstar?
Your insult only makes him richer…
I advise you people to hold your emotions and catch a premium cruise like him.”

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Am tired of this whole thing – Actor Yul Edochie shared a video of him and wife in exchange of words.

Recently occupied in social media as Actor Yul Edochie shared a video of him having an argument with wife Judy in their home. 

In the viral video, the two couple was heard arguing over a friend he borrowed his car, and damaged it. It was noticed that his friend did not inform him after damaging his car.

In some reactions, some social media users believe that the couple were merely acting. 

Yul Edochie shared the video on his Facebook page. He wrote;

“I don’t understand why i cannot talk to Judy and she’ll listen to me. I’m getting tired of this whole thing. I found this video she made and i had to post it. 

Watch the video below

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