Story: How Tobi Passed his exam without Studying His books


This story can be used in school assemblies, in church, or before starting a lecture. The story is about a boy named Tobi who is always too lazy to read his book but still finds a way to pass his exams.

How Tobi Passed his exam without Studying His books
How Tobi Passed his exam without Studying His books

This is the story of Tobi and his exam:

Tobi was a high school student who was always a bit lazy when it came to studying. He preferred to spend his time playing video games or hanging out with friends instead of printing books. Because of this, he often struggled in class and had to work harder to achieve.

Despite his lack of motivation, Tobi always successfully passed his exams. But as he neared the end of his high school career, he knew he had to step up his game to get into a good college.

When the final exams approached, Tobi’s friends pressured him to study early and do everything possible to do well. But Tobi just couldn’t be motivated. Every time he sat down to study, he found himself distracted by something else.

As the day passed and exam day approached, Tobi’s stress level began to rise. He knew he was in trouble and began to panic.

But then something unexpected happened. On the day of the exam, Tobi woke up energetic and focused. He sat down at his desk and began going through his notes with a determination he had never felt before.

To his surprise, the material seemed to stick to him much more easily than usual. He passed the exam and answered every question with confidence and ease.

When the results came, Tobi was shocked that he not only passed the exam, but also got an A!
He couldn’t believe it.

He barely studied, yet he managed to get one of the highest grades in his class.
While celebrating with friends, Tobi realized that sometimes a little stress can be useful. It forced him to focus and work hard, and it paid off in the end.

From then on, Tobi promised himself to always do his best, no matter the task.

Moral Lessons

The moral of this story could be that even if you don’t always feel motivated or put in the effort, you can still achieve success through hard work and determination.

The story suggests that sometimes a little stress or pressure can be good because it can make us focus and put in the effort necessary to achieve our goals.

It also emphasizes the importance of persistence and the idea that if we keep trying, we will eventually overcome any challenge that comes our way.


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