How To Repay Easybuy Loan: Easy Steps

A Comprehensive Guide to Repaying Your Easybuy Loan

Easybuy offers one of the most popular quick loan apps in Nigeria with over 500,000 active customers. Their loans provide fast access to financing but must be repaid responsibly.

In this guide, I’ll outline the step-by-step process for repaying your Easybuy loan using their mobile app, website, banks, ATMs, USSD, and more. I’ll also share tips to help manage your repayments effectively.

How To Repay Easybuy Loan

Repaying Through the Easybuy Mobile App

The Easybuy app for Android and iOS offers the simplest way to make your loan repayments. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the App

If you haven’t already, download the Easybuy app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free and works on smartphones running Android 5.0+ or iOS 11+.

Register using your phone number if you don’t have an account. Existing users can login directly.

Step 2: Login to Your Easybuy Account

Open the app and log in using your registered phone number and 4-digit app PIN.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, use the “Forgot PIN” option to reset it.

Step 3: Navigate to Loan History

Once logged in, you will see the main dashboard. Tap on “Loan History” to view your pending and completed loans.

Step 4: Select “Repay Loan”

Choose the current loan you want to make a repayment for. Tap on “Repay Loan” to proceed.

Step 5: Enter Repayment Amount and Method

On the repayment screen, enter the amount you wish to repay and select your preferred payment method.

Easybuy offers multiple options:

  • Bank Transfer – Follow prompts to transfer from your bank account.
  • Card Payment – Pay with a saved debit/credit card or add a new one.
  • USSD – Dial *561# to register and pay with your phone.
  • Pay with Cash – Visit partner banks listed in the app.
  • Pay with ATM – Use Quickteller enabled ATMs.

Make the payment and you will receive a confirmation message upon successful repayment through the selected method.

Repaying via the Easybuy Website

You can also login to your Easybuy account and make repayments through their website:

  • Go to¬†
  • Click on “Login” and enter your phone number and app PIN.
  • Go to “My Account” and click on “Repay My Loan”.
  • Follow the same payment options as on the mobile app.

The website allows you to manage your full Easybuy account, including viewing statements and repayment history.

Alternative Repayment Options

In addition to the app and website, Easybuy offers various other repayment channels:

Bank Transfer

Make a direct transfer to Easybuy’s bank accounts provided below using their name and unique loan number as transfer reference:

  • Guaranty Trust Bank – 0041137579
  • Access Bank – 0082236327
  • Fidelity Bank – 6310002808


Dial *561# on your mobile phone, select “Loans” then “Pay Loan” and follow prompts to pay via USSD menu.

Partner Bank Branches

Visit any Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, GTBank, or other partner bank branch. Inform them you want to repay your Easybuy loan by making a PAYDIRECT bill payment. Provide your phone number as customer reference.


Use any ATM with Quickteller. Select bill payment, choose “Others”, input biller code “04354101” and your phone number.

Debit/Credit Card

Call 01-888-9800 to speak with a customer service agent and provide your debit or credit card details for payment.

Over the Counter

You can pay with cash at Easybuy offices and branches nationwide. Locations can be found on their website.

Tips for Managing Your Loan Repayments

Here are some tips to repay your Easybuy loan responsibly:

  • Set up automatic payments from your salary account to avoid late fees.
  • Make repayments frequently, even if small amounts, rather than one lump sum.
  • Pay more than the minimum when possible to reduce interest costs.
  • Track repayment progress in the app and your account statement.
  • Contact customer support if you anticipate payment issues before defaulting.
  • Take advantage of loyalty benefits like discounted interest for consistent timely repayments.
  • Avoid late repayments to maintain a good credit standing with Easybuy.
How To Repay Easybuy Loan


Easybuy offers flexible repayment options through multiple channels – app, website, banks, ATMs, USSD, cards and cash. Choose the method that is most convenient based on your circumstances. Setting up automated payments and making regular installments is advisable.

Consistently repaying your Easybuy loan will ensure you maintain access to future financing options with them and other lenders. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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