Man Revealed What Happened To His Father, After Killing A Creature In Their Compound


A Twitter man known as @tinny_vanilla share how he lost his beloved father after a crab in their compound.

The gentle man said that his father had earlier warned him not to kill any living thing he sees around.

He also further to say that he usually kills anything he sees crawling around because he didn’t like them.

According to the man, he had killed a crab that was crawling into their compound late at night and the next morning his father was found dead.

In his words he said;

“My dad has always instructed me not to kill any living thing i see around, 11pm 8th April 2010, I saw a crab walking inside the compound so I killed it.

The next morning my dad was dead already, he explained.”

Tinny said he keeps wondering how it happened and why killing crab affected his father.

This post also generated comments that got people asking questions and also gave their own views

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Read comments below;

Desola__xn reacted: “in Yoruba, crab signifies life. Once her father instructed her she have found herself and listen to him because it’s not easy to see something and let it go. It can be draining sometime so that was why your father died but normally he should have resurrected.

Ewai_bekee reacted: “This crab thing and port harcourt people na 5/6 funny how it always turns out to be true. But why una dey always choose crab? Why not dog at least em fit run for him life small.

Popsaylala reacted: “did you let your family members know?

Nothenyoruba said: “sorry for your loss but I really need to read the full story ”

Blossom _bie commented: “your dad was the crab or not? I’m not tying to be insensitive, I just don’t get it.”

Black _shuga10 said; @shapeshifting, heard stories from my grandmother about them

Alvanjenkins commented; if you from the south south, you can’t really doubt this but there’s more to this. Where’s the full story?

Wurld_famous said; it just happened to be coincidence. The crab wasn’t your dad, your dad wasn’t the crab

Temiajii posted; I’m just imagining how the man struggled for his life when you were killing the crab. Probably said “stop my son” really sad. It is well.

Mima_gift; please don’t be hard on yourself, it was just your dad’s time to go.. Had nothing to do with the crab.

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