Lady Pulls Down Parents Old House And Build New One After Traveling Abroad For Years


A young beautiful lady has put a smile on her parents face after working as maid and build a small apartment for her parents.

In a video circulating on TikTok, the girl who worked as a maid and security personnel flaunt the apartment she just built for her parents

According to gistreel, the young lady, was able to save money from her little job as maid to build the house for her parents.

In the viral video on she posted on her TikTok page, the beautiful young lady said, “I built this thatched house for my parents when i was working as a house help. Then built this when i was a security guard. Got a good job and helped my parents educate my siblings.

“Then i met my forever love who helped me build this amazing house for my parents. She continued; it has always been my dream to change the lifestyle of my parents. Thank God i didn’t give up on this dream. I’m living proof that God works in a mysterious ways.

In her post some social media users have praised her on her achievements

@iknowher3 said: “They are beautiful just like you wish everyone else was like that on the earth ”

@zitankem said; “congratulations dear, I tapped into this blessing, may my mum be alive to experience this from me.”

@pulewhite said; “congratulations sis. Have cried because you have motivated me 100pest my husband is dead and some people told me to sell it because i won’t manage.”

@nyamushagyepallon also said; “oooh good. Help me en tell me how much you put there bambi help me even i what to build that good house for my parents tell Bambi”

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Nigerian – US base singer and dancer korra Obidi has surprised her fans online after she shared a video of herself dancing on stage.

The mother of two was indeed invited to perform in a stage at a conference created by middle-aged man and woman. The dancer was seen dressed in a shimmery mini gown and she grab the microphone and started performing her song in the stage.

At a point in the video, she walked down from the stage and started showcasing her twerking dance, but some of the audience didn’t show interest in her display.

On sharing this video on her Instagram page, some of her followers gave out their opinions

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