How to Register to Vote in Nigeria As A Student


One of the most common questions I get from students who follow me is how to register to vote in Nigeria as a student. I ( will like to answer this question with this blog post.

before then, there are certain things about voting I will like to tell my students about, which are very important.

Firstly, I will like you to know that voting is your right, and it is very important that the youth and students take an active part in it, because the ASUU strike that the students are currently facing (as at the time of this post) is a result of the people who we voted into power.

without wasting much time, let’s dive into the topic of How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student starting with what is vote.

How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student
How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student

What is voting

According to the oxford dictionary, “voting is a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands”.

Let me explain further, According to the above definition of voting, we have come to understand that voting is a way we choose between two or more candidates running for a political post by the individual who they are going to represent at the political office if they win.

It will be nice to highlight the fact that in Nigeria today we are practicing democratic forms of government, which is why we are compelled to select our governmental leader using a voting system.

Therefore, it will not be out of place to discuss a little about what voting means in democratic settings.

What is voting in a democracy?

Voting in a democracy is the act by which citizens participate in the democratic process of voting. Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests. In our country, Nigeria, we have about 15 registered parties (as at the time of this post), which are approved by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

These political parties serve as the umbrella under which the politician running for one post or another projects themselves as the best candidate.

Having understood what voting is, let me now go to the topic of how to register to vote in Nigeria as a student.

How to Register to Vote in Nigeria as a Student

Here comes the big question, how to register to vote in Nigeria as a student.

For you to become an eligible voter, you must have a Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

This voter card is what qualifies you as a student or any Nigerian individual to be able to vote.

So to vote as a Nigerian student, you must have enrolled for the registration of the PVC and collected yours.

How to register to vote in Nigeria as a student is as easy as going to the accredited registration centers or local governments close to where you are currently residing.

Pick a PVC registration, fill it with your correct personal information, and submit it to the INEC official on the ground who will complete the registration process by entering the details you provided on the INEC database system, capturing your biometric data, etc.

After a few months, when the PVC is produced, you will be informed to visit the local government where you applied for it to collect it.

How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student
How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student

Permanent Voters Card registration and collection process

There are two major ways to register for the voter card;

  1. online registration
  2. in-person registration

These are the two main ways by which a student or anyone in Nigeria can register to vote.

These two ways are working, but due to some reasons, I will advise that you go to the accredited registration centers to register, since the first option will still require that you visit the INEC office for capturing after doing the online registration.

Online registration

To use the INEC online registration, it’s open for most people who had their PVC before now but have lost it, damaged it, or want to change or transfer their voting center.

There are usually complications students face during voting because some of the students who may have registered for the Permanent voter’s card (PVC)and had their voting center located at a center close to their schools could not vote due to the fact that they have graduated from school or that their parents asked them to come back home during election period because of the fear of unknown.

for this reseason, if you have had your PVC polling center at the local government close to your school.

first ask your parent if they will allow you to stay at school during the election period,

secondly also ask yourself if you will still be in school during the election period.

if the answer to these questions is yes then go ahead and choose the polling center close to your school.

To validate your PVC, visit the INEC portal, to carry out your online registration.

In-person PVC registration

In-person PVC registration entails that the student should visit the INEC office close to them, the local government, or any accredited registration center close to them to register for a new permanent voter’s card. it’s that easy.

After completing the registration, a temporal voters card slip will be given to you, which you must provide when the PVC is out for collection.

Please keep it safe, I will advise that you make a snap copy of the slip and save it on your phone gallery, to avoid any form f damage.

in-person PVC registration
How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student

INEC Registration Portal Login

If you wish to register online now using The INEC registration portal login, you can click HERE

What are the requirements to register to vote?

To register to vote in Nigeria As a student, there are certain requirements that you must meet before you will be deemed eligible to register to vote.

These requirements include:

  • A citizen of Nigeria;
  • Has attained the age of eighteen (18) years;
  • Ordinarily resident, work in, originate from the Local Government Area (LGA), Council, ward covered by the registration officers of the Commission for registration as a voter;
  • Free from any incapacity to vote under any law in Nigeria;
  • Present him/herself to the registration officer of the Commission for registration as a voter; and
  • Must not be subject to any incapacity to vote under any law in Nigeria.

Am I registered to vote?

To find out if you are registered to vote, you will need to visit the INEC website and click on “registration status”, it will take you to a page where you will check if you are registered to vote in Nigeria as a student.

You can check your voter registration status by clicking this link: >> Register of Voters

You can use your voter’s identification number (VIN) or your name and date of birth to locate your registration.

where do I register to vote in my area?

As a student, you can register in your area by going to any accredited registration center within your local government where you are currently residing.

If you can don’t know where you can locate the registration center near you, visit the INEC website or click HERE to search for the registration center close to you now.

How to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student

RIGHTS OF A Registered VOTER In Nigeria

Chapter 4 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution enshrines the rights of every citizen.

A right is a moral or legal claim to something or to the right to act in a certain way. It describes the items or pursuits to which a Nigerian citizen is legally entitled, free from the threat of retribution, prejudice, or other forms of obstruction.

These rights pertain to the electoral process and include the following:

Right to register:

Every eligible person has the right to register to vote in the general elections of 2019. Any prospective qualifying citizen cannot be refused this privilege, which is protected by the constitution.

To prepare the voter register for the 2019 elections, the Commission has temporarily halted the registration process.

At least 30 days before the elections, the register must be approved, publicized, and made available to Political Parties.

After the general elections in 2019, the Continuous Voter Registration process will start again for eligible voters to register.

Right to vote and be voted for when registered:

Everybody who complies with the law’s conditions is qualified to cast a ballot and be elected. But in order to exercise that privilege, a voter must be in possession of a valid voter’s card, have their name listed on the Register of Voters, and show up at the polling place between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Election Day.

One must meet the legal requirements, which change depending on the kind of elective office being sought after, in order to be a candidate.

A person must declare themselves a candidate for an elective position in order to get votes. Only a political party’s sponsorship will enable this.

Right to recall an elected representative:

A voter has the right to take part in the recall of an elected official. To recall is to call back and revoke the authority granted to a legislator through an election.

The registered voters of the concerned constituency have the power to recall a candidate who has been elected to the Senate, House of Representatives, or House of Assembly.

Right to secrecy (privacy) when voting:

Voters have the right to secretly mark their ballots (make their selections). The voting process during an election is occasionally laden with hazards and bitter confrontations, especially in Africa south of the Sahara. Voters frequently have seclusion and protection in polling places to prevent assault and open attacks.

Right to attend Rallies and Campaigns of Political Parties and Candidates:

In the run-up to the 2019 general elections, voters have the right to attend political parties and campaign events to learn more about the policies that candidates will put in place if they are elected.

This will provide the voter with the ability to select a candidate.

Right to Information About Election:

A voter has a right to information on the election’s specifics, including the time, date, process, etc.


Nigeria is the only country you can call your own, and the future of the country is in our hands, the leaders we choose today, can make or destroy this country, Try to register to vote in Nigeria As A Student so that you can elect to vote a competent man who can have this country at heart to leads us from the consuming economy to the production economy.

vote wisely.

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