How to Get Your 5-Digit PIN for First Bank Transfers: Quick Guide

How to Get a 5-Digit PIN for Quick and Easy First Bank Transfers

Having a 5-digit personal identification number (PIN) can make transferring funds and accessing other services through First Bank Nigeria’s Quick Banking platform quick and easy. With just a few steps, you can register for and start using a PIN for seamless transactions right from your phone.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the step-by-step process to get a 5-digit PIN registered with First Bank. We will also provide additional information on using the PIN, resetting it if needed, applicable transaction limits, and other key details to help you maximize the convenience of Quick Banking.

How to Get Your 5-Digit PIN for First Bank Transfers

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting a 5-Digit First Bank PIN

Getting a PIN registered for First Bank’s Quick Banking requires dialing a simple USSD code, selecting the card you want to use, creating a new PIN, and confirming it. Here are the detailed steps:

1. Dial *894#0# to initiate Quick Banking registration

The first step is to dial *894#0# on your phone. This USSD code initiates the Quick Banking registration process with First Bank.

When you dial the code, your call will be directly connected to First Bank’s system. This allows you to interface with their platform right from your phone’s dial pad.

Dialing *894#0# can be done on any type of mobile phone. You don’t need to have smartphone capabilities or mobile internet access. This makes Quick Banking highly accessible and convenient.

Once you dial the code, First Bank’s system will prompt you through the subsequent steps to complete your registration.

2. Select the debit card and enter its 4-digit PIN

After dialing *894#0#, First Bank will provide you with a list of your debit cards that are already linked to your bank account. This list will only show the last 4 digits of each card number, for security purposes.

You need to select the specific card that you want to register for Quick Banking. This allows the system to link your new Quick Banking PIN to that card.

Once you select the card, you will be prompted to enter the existing 4-digit PIN associated with that debit card. This verifies that you have the card in your possession.

If you don’t recall your card’s PIN, you can request First Bank to reset it by calling their customer service or by visiting a branch.

3. Create a new 5-digit PIN for Quick Banking transactions

After identifying your card, First Bank will prompt you to create a new 5-digit PIN that will be used for Quick Banking transactions specifically.

When creating this PIN, choose a number that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Avoid obvious numbers like birth dates, phone numbers, or repeating digits.

The PIN should be confidential and known only to you, as it will allow access to your First Bank account for transactions. Make sure to choose a PIN you can recall easily.

Many people find choosing a 5-digit PIN that forms a pattern on the keypad makes it more memorable. Or, pick 5 numbers of personal significance. Just avoid picks that are too obvious.

4. Confirm the new 5-digit PIN

To complete the registration process, First Bank will ask you to re-enter the same 5-digit PIN you just created. This confirms the number and locks it in.

Be sure to accurately enter the exact same PIN again when prompted. If the two entries do not match, you will have to restart the registration.

Once the 5-digit PIN is confirmed successfully, you will receive an SMS or on-screen message from First Bank indicating your Quick Banking registration is complete.

And that’s it! With those 4 simple steps, you can get a dedicated PIN registered for convenient Quick Banking transactions.

Using the 5-Digit PIN for Quick First Bank Transfers & Services

Now that you have a Quick Banking PIN set up, here are some of the ways you can use it to easily access services and transfer funds:

Money Transfers

One of the most popular uses of Quick Banking is to instantly transfer money to other First Bank accounts.

To make a transfer, dial 894Amount*Recipient’s Account Number# using your registered PIN when prompted.

For example, to transfer N5,000 to a recipient with account number 0123456789, you would dial 8945000*0123456789#.

You can transfer to both First Bank account holders as well as other banks (subject to transfer limits). You will be notified if the transfer is completed successfully.

Airtime Recharge

Quickly recharging your own mobile airtime is easy with Quick Banking. Just dial 894Amount# to recharge your connected phone number.

You can also recharge other phone numbers by dialing 894Amount*Phone Number#. This is useful for helping family and friends.

Balance Inquiry

To check your First Bank account balance instantly, dial 89400#. The system will text your available balance after you enter your PIN.

Monitoring your balance is important to stay on top of your spending and avoid overdrafts. Quick Banking makes this simple without having to log into internet or mobile banking.


In addition to just your balance, you can check your recent transaction history by requesting a mini-statement.

Just dial 894000# and enter your PIN when prompted. First Bank will text back a mini-statement showing your most recent deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and more.

Mini-statements help you keep tabs on your spending activity without having to wait for paper statements. It can also help you identify any fraudulent transactions early.

And More…

Beyond transfers, airtime, balance, and statements, First Bank’s Quick Banking can be used for many other transactions like paying bills, purchasing prepaid electricity units, checking forex rates, and more.

Explore the full range of available options by dialing *894# and selecting from the menu. The 5-digit PIN provides easy access to carry out transactions seamlessly.

Additional Important Information About Your Quick Banking PIN

Here are some other important details to keep in mind about your 5-digit First Bank PIN for Quick Banking:

Resetting Your PIN

If you ever forget your Quick Banking PIN or want to change it for any reason, you can easily reset it.

Just dial 8940# and follow the menu prompts to enter your card PIN, prior Quick Banking PIN, and then create and confirm a new 5-digit PIN.

Resetting can also help if you believe your existing PIN has been compromised and you want to revoke access.

Cardless Transactions

Your Quick Banking PIN gives you access to transfers, airtime purchase, statements and more without physically needing your debit card.

As long as you have your phone, you can carry out transactions by simply dialing codes and entering your PIN. This makes Quick Banking extremely convenient and accessible.

However, note that for cash withdrawals, you will need your physical card at an ATM. But many other transactions are cardless.

Transaction Limits

For security and risk management, First Bank does impose some daily limits on the number or value of Quick Banking transactions.

For example, you may only be able to transfer up to N200,000 per day or recharge up to N20,000 of airtime daily. These limits help reduce fraud risk.

Check First Bank’s website or speak to a branch representative to learn the specific limits applicable to your account and transactions. Knowing the limits helps you plan your activities accordingly.

First-Time Registration Process

The first time you register for a Quick Banking PIN, you will need to complete the steps above using *894#0# and your debit card details.

However, subsequently, if you ever need to re-register your PIN after a reset, First Bank may allow you to use simplified steps that only require your linked phone number rather than debit card details.

Check with your branch on the process if you need to re-register a PIN after already activating Quick Banking previously. The requirements may differ.

How to Get Your 5-Digit PIN for First Bank Transfers


In summary, with just a few quick steps to dial a USSD code, select your card, create a 5-digit PIN, and confirm it, you can start enjoying convenient Quick Banking with First Bank Nigeria.

The PIN gives you fast, 24/7 access to money transfers, airtime purchase, balance checks, mini-statements, and other services right from your phone’s dial pad.

Be sure to pick a PIN that is private, secure, and memorable. With the right precautions, Quick Banking can make managing your First Bank account transactions a breeze.

Reach out to First Bank via phone, email or chat if you need any assistance with initially registering for or using your 5-digit Quick Banking PIN. Their customer service team would be happy to help you maximize this convenient platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have a smartphone or internet to use Quick Banking?

No, you can use Quick Banking even with a basic phone without internet. All it requires is dialing USSD codes and entering the PIN when prompted. No smartphone or mobile data is necessary.

2. Can I register for Quick Banking without a debit card?

Unfortunately, you need an active First Bank debit card in your name to initiate registration. The PIN gets linked to your specific card. However, once registered, you can transact cardlessly.

3. What happens if I enter the wrong PIN multiple times?

After a few wrong PIN attempts, your access may be blocked for security reasons. Contact First Bank to unblock and regain access. Avoid saving PINs where they can be visible to others.

4. Is there a cost for using Quick Banking?

First Bank does not currently charge for registering or transacting via Quick Banking. However, your normal account fees would apply, like transfer charges to other banks.

5. How soon can I start using my PIN after registering?

Once you complete the registration steps and receive the confirmation message, your PIN is active immediately. You can start transacting right away using the dial codes.

6. If I reset my PIN, will my transaction limits also reset?

No, resetting your PIN does not impact your limits. Limits are based on your account standing and risk profile, not your specific PIN.

7. Can I register multiple debit cards for the same Quick Banking account?

No, usually only one card can be linked to a Quick Banking profile. But if you have multiple accounts, you can register different cards for each account.

8. Is there a way to deactivate or temporarily block my Quick Banking PIN?

Yes, you can request First Bank to temporarily disable your PIN if your phone is stolen or PIN compromised. Reach out to their customer service team.

9. What should I do if I notice suspicious transactions on my mini-statement?

Immediately get your PIN deactivated and card blocked by calling First Bank. Also visit a branch to fill out a dispute form for the fraudulent transactions.

10. How do I check what my current transaction limits are for Quick Banking?

Call the customer service number on the back of your First Bank card and they can provide your applicable daily limits based on your account standing.


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