Bolt driver bought fuel at a surprising rate in nigeria


A Bolt driver has surprised many after giving testimony of cheap rate he bought fuel

A Nigerian pastor known as Pastor Okezie J Atani shared his experience with a bolt driver who told him how he bought fuel at cheaper rate in Bovas. Bovas is an energy company in Africa owned by Bamidele O. Samson.
The man of God also blessed and recommend the company.

He said on his Twitter account –

The Bolt driver who took me home said he had to go to Mararaba to buy fuel. He bought fuel at BOVAS filling station at N195. I was not surprised. That’s the BOVAS culture. BOVAS is owned by a very honest Nigerian couple known for their integrity.


The husband, Arc. (PDG) Bamidele O. Samson is Board Chairman and co-owner while the wife, Dr. Victoria A. Samson ( BOVAS: Bamidele O Victoria A Samson) is Managing Director and co-owner. This couple have never joined the oil marketers cabal to sabotage Nigerians, ever. It’s

never happened.
May they always be content with the godly profits they make. May they remain prosperous, and May their Seeds be forever blessed! Let’s make Nigerians know and appreciate their patriotism!

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